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The 10 Best Email Marketing Software/Tool of 2019

Best Email Marketing Software/Best Email Marketing Tool: Have you ever wondered if email marketing campaigns are really effective? Yes, they are, but above all when they are done well. Even, they are considered one of the online Best Email Marketing Software that has better conversion and impact. For this, we have made a list of 10 Best email marketing tools that we consider the most functional and useful. But, as always, we’ll keep the best one.

Best Email Marketing Software/ Email Marketing Tool

Before getting into the mess, it is important to make clear that an email marketing strategy must be well developed, directed and organized to be really effective.

And, what is email marketing? It is one of the ways to do internet marketing that consists of sending emails to a list of subscribers with information or promotions that are of interest and usefulness for them.

Best Email Marketing Software
Best Email Marketing Software

Have you ever received a newsletter or e-bulletin that you thought was useless or boring and you simply deleted it? Surely, and for this reason, we want to tell you about the virtues of email marketing tools and the mistakes that many make. For what? Simple: so that you can make good use of this resource and get success instead of having your emails rejected and become part of the feared SPAM.

Best Email Marketing Software

The Good Thing of Email Marketing

The main virtue of email marketing is that, if you make good use of it as we said before, you can achieve a loyal and long-term relationship with your subscribers. This extended relationship gives you many possibilities to grow your community and increase your sales.

Direct to the Entry Tray

Your subscribers receive the information directly in their email through the email marketing tools. It is a face-to-face communication that has emerged from the recipient’s initiative to subscribe to your contact list to receive information from your website, brand or product periodically.

Do not you think it’s great? People have been so interested in what you do that they have signed up to tell you more about you. When you work in a digital environment, this is one of the best news you can receive.

Beyond an Email

A well-constructed email campaign generates important interactions on the part of the recipients or recipients. When you receive a call to action, they will not only read your email, but just click you can make a purchase, or redirected to your website, your promotions page or your e-commerce. The best thing about all this? Which are actions that contribute to the increase of your sales, traffic on your website and your online reputation?

Adaptable to Your Needs

These emails are not just a plain and simple message. The email marketing tools allow you to create different types of newsletters or electronic bulletins that may have different characteristics for specific purposes. You can create a newsletter with the most recent posts you have posted on your blog, or with your latest promotions, or maybe make a combination of both. You can also include an invitation to subscribe to your webinars. By the way, we have a list of 10 best webinars platform that may interest you.

In your email marketing campaign, you can set the frequency of emails that best suits your goals. Thus, you can send a weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletter. Everything depends on what you decide.

Easier Than Conventional Marketing

Perhaps what takes more time when you develop an email marketing campaign is to think what content you will spread among your subscribers. Otherwise, you can rest assured that Email Marketing Software is made to facilitate the entire process of creating and sending campaigns. And how long does it take to send an email? In minutes, thousands of subscribers can receive the information you want.

Results and Roi

The Email Marketing Software allows you to, among other things, know who have read your newsletters and who clicked on the links you’ve added. They give you the possibility to observe the interactions of the recipients, in this way it is possible to measure the impact of your campaign, see if it has really been effective and correct the failures on the fly.

With all the data provided by the Email Marketing Software that you use, you can make a real valuation of your return on investment (ROI, Return On Investment, for its acronym in English). Determine how much money this tool has cost you and how long it has taken you to create your email campaigns to see if this method is profitable for you. We repeat something important: email marketing is always profitable, you just have to use effective messages to attract the attention of subscribers.

Recommended and Visible at Any Time

If you strive to create an interesting, attractive and useful newsletter, it is very possible that your recipients share it with their acquaintances, that is, make them a recommendation to check your content or your offers. These “recommendations” help grow your list of subscribers and followers, which never hurts.

Another good thing about email marketing is that the recipients decide when to take the time to read your message, they receive the information when it suits them best. It is a point in favor, it is not a content that is going to be lost in a timeline, but it remains in the inbox until it is read or deleted.

In addition, today campaigns made with best email marketing tools are planned thinking of the variety of mobile devices from which you can read an email. Thus, these emails adapt to the way each user interacts with their tablet, mobile or any device. It is not about creating email campaigns made in HTML friendly with mobile, but we are talking about a better experience of interaction with a newsletter.

Bad Uses of Email Marketing

Once we have talked about all the good things, we want to mention some of the most common mistakes that are made in email marketing campaigns. Yes, we talk about those bad uses that cause your emails to end up in the trash.

  • Do not overwhelm your subscribers.  If someone has been interested in you and has subscribed to your newsletters, it is because they want to know about you, but with the measure. It is important to establish a periodicity that allows the recipient to get a little less or just digest the content of your previous newsletter. It has not happened to you that when you receive multiple emails from the same issuer you get fed up with them and pass them by? The same goes for your recipients.
  • Always useful content.  Those who subscribe to periodically receive any information whatsoever, are really interested in reading content that will help them or generate some benefit. Any other useless information will go straight to the bin.
  • Send your campaign to unsubscribed people.  The most serious email marketing error you can commit. Some think that this might work for them to generate interest in the users or make themselves known, but it rarely works that way. The subscribers are volunteers. Even if you attract or hook them, they are the ones who decide whether or not they want to know about you, your product or brand.

Always remember to offer an email to which the recipients can respond and also always leave at hand the possibility of unsubscribing from your list. In the end, this is an indicator of the effectiveness of your campaigns: if people leave you can be because you’re not doing things right. Now yes, to what we came.

Best Email Marketing Software


This is a tool that automates marketing processes via the internet and many consider it perfect for managing online businesses. In principle, because it is useful to organize your business data, it tells you the growth of your subscriber list, the links to the latest newsletters sent, the most visited pages of your website, the sales generated with your email campaigns, between Other relevant information for your business.

On the other hand, are you interested in segmenting your subscribers to send them specific campaigns? Ontraport is the most useful tool to do it. It works according to the behavior of your subscribers and groups them according to the clicks they have made on your newsletters. The tool is very good in ROI data management and also facilitates the sale because it offers the subscriber accessible payment methods with just one click.

The possibilities of message automation offered by this tool is immense. Based on the behavior of your subscribers you can automate messages that will reach them once they have met certain conditions. For example, to automate the sending of an email as soon as the person has subscribed to the list, or days later.

Although its operation is a little less friendly than other email marketing platforms, its website shows a very detailed and useful manual on how to develop good and effective email marketing campaigns.

The tool has three purchase plans: the basic costs $ 79 per month for a maximum of one thousand contacts, the next $ 279 for 25 thousand subscribers and the last one for 100 thousand contacts reach $ 597.


It is a sales automation platform designed for SMEs, that is, small and medium enterprises. It works to have an organized database and account for sales. It has a CRM where the databases to which the email marketing campaigns are sent are stored.

It is a very good tool for e-commerce so it works for online stores. Automated sales are accounted for by the software. InfusionSoft allows you to create automated email sequences based on the preferences and behavior of subscribers.

This tool has five monthly payment plans that range from $ 199 for 2500 contacts to $ 599 for 20 thousand subscribers.

Here we leave you more information about Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft, an Inbound Marketing software.

#3. MailChimp

Yes, MailChimp, one of the most popular and known perhaps for having a free version up to 2000 subscribers. It offers the benefits of creating subscriber lists, programming specific tasks, personalizing newsletters with templates/templates that are editable thanks to its HTML editor.

MailChimp has a mobile application for iOS and Android, as well as integrating with different CMS services such as WordPress and Magento. At the same time, you can link to Google Analytics and it offers you the advantage of downloading the data of your campaigns that include the percentage of the opening of the emails sent, the clicks on the links and the percentage of bounce. It also gives you statistics on the impact of each email and tells you what is the best time to send the campaigns.

Payment plans range from $ 20 for Growing Business to $ 199 a month for Pro Marketer.


Aweber offers you detailed statistics of the behavior of your recipients and lets you know which of them have considered you spam. It is one of the oldest and most professional, this platform has more than 15 years in the email marketing tools market.

With this tool it is very easy to create campaigns, it has templates in HTML. In addition, the tool has a free gallery of high-quality images that you can include in your newsletters.

It facilitates the management of the subscribers and with it it is possible to program massive actions. The service can be integrated with different CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, among others. It also has an application for Android and iOS.

Monthly payment plans start from $ 19 for 500 subscribers, up to $ 149 for 25 thousand contacts.


The first: it has more than 500 templates to create the most original newsletters within its email creator that are considered one of the most powerful. It has more than 1000 images in stock to add to the campaigns and in turn an editor of these.

It offers statistics in real time so you can measure the impact of your campaigns. Subscribers can import them from other servers or from a hard drive. It has a mobile application for iOS and Android and can be integrated with Google Analytics.

It offers a free trial month and the cheapest monthly payment plan is € 12, which allows you up to 1000 subscribers. The most expensive payment plan reaches € 799 per month and allows 100 thousand or more subscribers.


The tool is designed for those who are not experts in marketing, so it is sold as a very easy to use platform for the creation of newsletters and management of subscribers.

With this platform, you can keep your customers loyal by sending them automated newsletters on special dates such as on their birthdays. The tool promotes a closer and constant contact with the recipients through telephone, email or chat.

You have a free trial version for the first 60 days. It has plans paid from 20 to 40 dollars. It has its mobile application for iOS and Android, it is also integrable with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.


A platform that offers support and security to all its clients, as well as a free version for NGOs. It is sold as a profitable email marketing tool that stands out mainly because it has a free version of up to 3,000 subscribers and 15,000 emails, which has made it the most popular platform among bloggers.

Mailrelay is characterized by having a very simple HTML editor and free templates. You can program the campaigns, have an automatic management of casualties, detailed statistics and, although it is free, it does not contain advertising.

In its detailed statistics, it tells you how many subscribers opened the emails, where they clicked, from which operating system, etc. The tool can be integrated with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, and Magento. You can also add a subscription form to the client’s website.

It has two types of paid plans: the Standard and the Enterprise. The first have prices from € 28 to € 1176 per month. The Enterprise from € 36 to € 1646 each month.

#8. DRIP

This email marketing tool is sold as one of the easiest to use and stands out for the way it segments subscribers through labels that identify and characterize each recipient. In this way each subscriber appears only once and does not duplicate in different lists.

Drip has a function called Workflow Builder that allows you to automate the entire journey of the client, from subscribing to your campaigns until you make a purchase. This automation can be used based on segmentation and make campaigns more specific and effective.

The tool tracks the activity of each subscriber while offering you specific statistics of the behavior of the recipients. For example, I give you a detailed report of where each one clicked.

It has a version of $ 1, yes one, that allows you to send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers. The basic plan costs $ 41 a month, with two months free, and works for 2500 contacts. The Pro plan also has two months free and costs $ 83 per month for 5000 users. We still do not know the cost of the High Volume plan because to buy it it is necessary to contact a Drip seller.


The application to send emails, bulk SMS and do marketing automation Mailify offers one of the best email marketing services in Spanish. This application of French origin has an intuitive editor, EmailBuilder, with which you can design newsletters easily thanks to its “drag & drop” system. The application also allows creating automated email sequences such as welcome messages, birthday message or update message, etc. With Mailify you can create a multichannel strategy, boosting your emails with massive SMS messages for a comprehensive strategy.

The app allows you to manage and segment contact lists and know your results in real time, you can also integrate it into different CMS such as PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Google Analytics, API, etc.


On its website, this tool is promoted as being as powerful as Infusionsoft, but as easy to use as MailChimp. It focuses on email marketing, combined later with electronic commerce and is designed for the use of bloggers and their needs.

Automation is also possible with this platform. Newsletters are created for each campaign and the program is sent automatically. It is also used so that when a subscriber makes certain action, the system automatically sends him an email.

The statistics are detailed and inform where each subscription arrives. You can also create record forms to embed them on your website.

The tool has a scale of personalized prices according to the specific number of subscribers. Thus, it ranges from $ 29 per month per 1000 subscribers to $ 3999 per 900 thousand contacts.


Our favorite and the one we currently use because it gives us the best tools and possibilities. The first: it allows us to create emails with fresh and dynamic content adapted for each group of recipients. Active Campaign lets you segment your subscribers and schedule actions based on their behavior.

With this platform, you can send personalized content based on demographic data, interaction, and visits to your website made by the recipient. Thus, it is possible to send them automated emails that respond to the interests of each one, which means that clicks on campaigns multiply and ROI is maximized.

The Active Campaign tool works perfectly for sales management of small businesses and for marketing. So if you are starting a business, this is the email marketing tool that you could use for luxury.

One of the facilities it provides is the automation of campaigns and the sending of certain emails for a segment of people. I’ll explain it with an example: suppose a subscriber clicks on a certain link and promotion, then it is included in a group where everyone has done the same actions and automatically receive an email adapted to their interests. It has become clear?

And to be surprised, with Active Campaign you can choose any subscriber from your list and look at the history of emails that you have opened, which ones you responded to, which sections of your web page you visited, among other very useful data to improve the reach of your email marketing campaigns. 
Active Campaign offers integration with other services such as Salesforce, LeadFormly, QuoteRoller, Xero, Calendly, Acuity Programming, Evernote, GoToWebinar and many more.

This tool has a minimum cost of $ 9 per month and its trial version of 14 days.

We hope you have been clear that your subscribers are GOLD, and therefore you have to take care of your email marketing strategy, this is the key to have put in this post these 10 email marketing tools, and we tell you which we bet. So you know, do not let your newsletters end up in the SPAM tray, make them take your online strategy to the top.

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