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The 10 Best Webinars Platforms/Software in 2019

Best Webinars Platforms/Best Webinars Software Are you looking for the best of all Best Webinars tools? Do not read this post and by Webinar Jam, it is the best value for money, no doubt. But if you still want to analyze them all, here is a complete list to save you the hundreds of hours that we have been investigating and testing.

Best Webinars Platforms/ Best Webinar Software

If you are one of those who are looking for new formats and platforms to contribute quality content to the community, surely you have already been interested in the webinar. It is a very powerful tool to generate a more interactive communication with those who have similar interests to yours.

Before getting fully into the subject and talk about the Best Webinars Platforms, we tell you that video marketing is one of the most used formats today because it allows better feedback. As proof of this, we have the increase of Facebook Live and the stories on Instagram or Snapchat, just to cite a daily example.

As a result, the webinar has become a very effective tool within this format and that is why many brands have signed up to this trend and are taking advantage of it.

Now, we ask ourselves: what is a webinar? How does it work? What are the benefits? What tools for webinars are needed? If you do not have the answer, to all or some of these questions, we invite you to continue reading and we will take care of clarifying each of your doubts.

What is the Webinar?

We can define webinar as a  software that allows you to make your own online conference. For us to understand, the tools for webinars provide you with a platform from which you can transmit live a web chat, workshop or seminar for at least two people and as many as possible (the more you have greater reach). As a curious clarification, the name webinar arises from the combination in English of the words Web and Seminar.

Best Webinars Platforms
Best Webinars Platforms

The webinar is a very versatile tool since it makes it possible to establish direct and live contact, it allows the organizer to explain in detail what he wants to transmit and thereby obtain higher conversion rates than with any other online tool.

Regarding the operation of the Best Webinars Platforms, we must say that it is quite simple: one or several people are in charge of giving the conference, workshop or online seminar in real-time, with a specific date and time, and while the assistants can do questions and interact with them simultaneously via chat.

A webinar can be just a classic online exhibition in which you share your screen with a PowerPoint or a round table of experts on a topic that answers questions from the attendees.

What is the Purpose of a Webinar?

Now we start good and interesting. A webinar has several purposes and when you decide to do one, you should always be clear about which one you are going to choose: informative, formative or commercial.


If you control a topic, nothing better than organizing a webinar and transmit the content of value to your target audience through talks. This will make your personal brand acquire a value and help position you online.

Something similar you do if you have a blog and write posts because you generate quality content and transmit it through words. But how many people read an entire post of your blog? Sorry to be cruel but controlling that data is practically impossible.

When using some of the Best Webinars Platforms it will be much easier to know how many people are really interested in your topic (since they will voluntarily sign up for your presentations). And, in case you think it’s not enough, you’ll also know how many people actually attended. To finish, you can have the data of who stayed until the end (this is your conversion point).

If you had less assistance than you expected, do not be scared, this does not mean that people are not interested in your talk. The truth is there are many reasons why it could have been missing. Remember that it is a talk scheduled over time and unexpected incidents may arise. The good thing is that for these people who could not attend there is still an alternative: the webinars can be recorded and sent later.

Remember that a webinar allows you to answer all the doubts at the moment the assistant and maybe even change your mind. This feedback in real-time allows you to reinforce your brand as an expert on the subject and thus make your online positioning significantly improve.

Courses, Training, and Monetization

Online courses? We all know them and we know that the most popular are those taught in video format. These courses are very good, but many times the participants have doubts that they can not clarify at the moment and this can lead to demotivation and to not finish the course program.

This is stated by all the figures related to Open Massive Online Courses or MOOCs where the level of abandonment is very high.

And if we add to that the courses with technology themes, to name a few, are quickly obsolete due to the constant evolution of this, the webinars become the perfect tool to counteract it because with them you will gain an update and you will always be a day.

Although for many the best is a middle ground: on the one hand they teach a video course, but they also organize webinars where live question and answer sessions are held. These live sessions come as a glove as they help in the feedback, and encourage and encourage participation.

In this, the webinar tool is similar to attending a face-to-face class because, if there are several students with the same question, it can be solved at one time. And in turn, this will make the students get feedback with the comments and questions of the other attendees. This avoids mass emails and hours answering similar questions.

Commercial Purposes

The formative and informative functions mentioned above have been very good, but the vast majority use webinars to promote products and services that they wish to sell or failing to attract more leads. The word ” FREE” is the key in this aspect because what we will do is expose for free the “how-to”  or “how to do” of a course, a book, an e-Commerce, a face-to-face conference, a workshop, but with In order to promote a product with commercial value.

In this case, what is involved is to do a bit of inbound,  impart quality content and add value to those attending the webinar, such as “tools to be an influencer on Twitter” to end up promoting a course of Twitter This can be extrapolated to any subject.

The conversion in these webinars is usually quite good since the attendees are potential clients who are interested in your topic, it is very unlikely that followers from another market will join, so you will be addressing your target.

Another aspect to take into account is the possibility of conducting a collaborative webinar. For example, two companies with a similar target audience unify forces and make a presentation with brutal content, and at the end, both have the opportunity to share potential customers.

If you have been upset with this last thing, think about a wedding: wedding dress, groom’s suit, catering, honeymoon. Every aspect of a wedding is the responsibility of a different professional, but all focused on the same goal: a ceremony to remember. So, why not participate in a joint webinar? Have you thought about how many benefits could you give to everyone separately and collectively?

So do not miss the opportunity and start to rethink all the benefits that could give you to use a tool for webinars with topics related to your product or brand. You will take to each device a quality content that the participants will value, because you will give a personal touch, with the opportunity to resolve doubts and comment on the content that you present.

Advantages of Using a Webinar

When doing or attending a webinar two things are really essential: a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Today more than half of the planet has both. Therefore, those who participate in a webinar save money since they can be integrated into this from their home or office, without having transportation costs, to name an example.

Being able to participate in a webinar from the comfort of your home or wherever you also save time. You do not need to consider in your agenda the additional time it takes you to arrive or leave a place and that is already gain in the current world where it seems that 24 hours a day is not enough.

Although a webinar is performed live, it can be recorded and distributed later to the interested parties who can watch it when it is best for them. In this way, effective use of time is also achieved because the viewer decides when and where.

Finally, with the webinar, you can make yourself more visible all over the world. Unlike a conventional conference, with the Best Webinars Software, anyone who is interested in you or in the topics that you treat in your webinar can be integrated into it. In this way, your community has greater opportunities to grow.

Disadvantages of using a platform like this

We all know that our ability to concentrate can weaken when we are on the computer or when we use our mobile devices. This is the most important disadvantage of webinars because many times we are exposed to distractions.

If we are at home or office it is very easy for the attention to go away from the webinar because in these places it can be difficult to have a quiet space in which to focus on the topic of the webinar.

The failures in internet connection can also sabotage participation in an online conference. We are talking about webinars that can be attended by people from all corners of the world where there is internet but do not forget that in some of these places the connection speed can be slow or fail and without internet there is no webinar.

Tools for Webinars Best Webinars Platforms/Software

What we came for! Now that you know everything you need about webinars, we have made a list of the 10 tools for webinars or best webinars platforms consider and we are ready to tell you the most important about each of them, are you ready?

#1. Go To Webinar

This is one of the most popular best webinar tools, it is easy to use and works perfectly on all mobile devices. With it, it is possible to share files, presentations, a view of the screen and desktop applications.

It stands out for offering the possibility of giving control of the keyboard and the mouse to any of the participants of the webinar while allowing polls and live surveys. But, (yes, there is always a but), participants need to install software to attend conferences and the tool offers monthly payment plans that can be expensive for some.

In their web, they present us these three: The cheapest one costs 89 euros per month and with this, they can interact with only 100 users. The second offers the possibility of a maximum of 500 people interacting and costs 199 euros. The most expensive plan reaches 429 euros per month and allows the interaction of 2000 people simultaneously.

#2. OnAir Webinars

Google Plus and marketing know-how combine to form one of the tools for webinars that allows creating high-quality seminars. Webinars OnAir works on the Google Hangouts platform,  so it offers all the features of these and other additional paid functionalities.

Among those, lets you track the public on the web, show promotions and special offers to attendees during the webinar while allowing you to save the seminar automatically on YouTube.

The tool differs from Google Hangouts because with it you can make payments webinars, which are canceled by the attendees through PayPal before integrating to interact. Among its special features is to program an automatic webinar: you record a webinar previously and then upload it for users to see it and believe it is life.

Webinars OnAir has monthly plans ranging from $19.97, which allows the participation of 25 users, up to $99 that includes all the features of the software and allows the participation of 5000 users.

#3. Easy Webinar

This tool is a WordPress plugin that can be installed on your home page or in subdomains, which allows you to create a specific page for your webinars. Easy Webinar allows programming previously recorded automatic conferences, as well as combining live streaming with recordings.

It includes an integrated chat, allows multiple presenters to intervene and the number of members is unlimited. It also has its own analytics to measure how many people have participated in a certain webinar.

The plugin costs $397 a year with unlimited access to all software features, but if you’re interested in trying it, you can enjoy 30 days for free.

#4. StealthSeminar

We continue adding to the tools for webinars, StealthSeminar brings an endless number of features of which some stand out more than others. It not only offers the software to broadcast live but also (like Easy Webinar) combines it with recorded webinars or automated hybrids. This allows you to completely automate the process of running a webinar, which in some cases comes from luxury.
It also presents fairly good tools to control the discussions and the influx of webinar attendees. StealthSeminar, in turn, integrates easily with email marketing providers such as MailChimp, AWeber, etc.

On the other hand, it presents a lot of features for those who try to monetize webinars, such as the unlimited placement of calls to actions that can be displayed automatically at a given time. It also provides detailed analysis and division tests so you can analyze performance and improve on that.
The price of this tool may scare a bit because only the registration for this service costs $97, and to continue, $69.95 a month for the plan that allows the participation of 150 users.

#5. Google Hangouts (YouTube Live)

Google’s Hangouts On Air have become the most popular for webinars of late. This may be because it is one of the fastest, easiest to use platforms and it’s free. Anyone with a Google account can use it.

This tool allows you to share files, screen views and also has a chat. In addition, the number of participants is not limited, so the scope of the webinar can be greater. But at the same time, you can choose between making a public lecture or doing it only for a specific group.

With Google Hangout On Air you can share it through the direct URL or insert it in a blog post, you can also invite your contacts through your mobile with a low-cost call, but in any case they will be notified automatically when you think a public webinar These webinars are recorded on YouTube so you can later download, edit and share them.

#6. Cisco Webex

The global technology company Cisco Systems created this platform in order to be used for professional webinars. It is known as one of the most reliable programs for the quality of the connection it provides, but it requires the installation of software for its use.

Its free version allows you to connect with two people in the videoconference. It has three premium plans, the first one costs 19 euros per month and a maximum of eight people can participate. The second plan allows the participation of 25 assistants for the cost of 38 euros per month. All pay 69 euros it is possible for 100 people to participate in a webinar.

Finally, it includes the same possibilities of file sharing, screen views and the remote control of another participant’s desktop.

#7. Zoom

High definition audio and video are two of the main features of this tool for webinars. Another particularity of this software is that it can share views of the screen of your mobile or tablet, at the same time that it allows you to divide the screen in two to visualize the shared content and the organizers of the webinar at the same time.

Members can participate via telephone at the online conference by calling the VoIP service or choosing to receive a call from Zoom. The conferences can integrate from 25 to 200 participants and ten or more organizers.

It has a free plan with limited functionalities and plans for educational purposes designed for study centers so the tool can be used in different scenarios such as virtual collaboration, demonstrations, and training videos.

Your Zoom Pro plan costs $14 per month and allows the participation of up to 50 people. For the price of $104 per month, the software allows you the participation of 200 people.

#8. AnyMeeting

This platform provides a fairly simple webinar software, which makes it easy to use for those who give the conference as well as for the participants, a good enough alternative for basic presentations.

AnyMeeting provides a clean interface, intuitive controls, and clear sound. It has the advantage of being able to link the webinar to PayPal, a very useful aspect for those looking to monetize their online conferences. Although everything has its negative side, in this case, AnyMeeting lacks many of the features found in most of the webinars we have named before.

Its most basic plan is $65 per month for 100 participants.

#9. Adobe Connect

Adobe could not miss in our comparison of tools for webinars, and that Adobe Connect is one of the most powerful platforms and with more features in the webinar software market. It is no wonder in a platform created by one of the giants of IT (information technology).

This platform makes it very easy to broadcast either meetings, presentations, seminars or live courses because it presents facilities when interacting among all participants.

Users and experts have repeatedly praised the participants’ experience, ease of use, reliability, and performance of the platform.

Adobe has different pricing plans that are billed annually. Here comes the not-so-nice side of the tool: the most economical plan is $1,250 a year for up to 100 users. The plan for 1,000 participants costs $5,500 a year.

#10. Webinar Jam

It is the best tools for webinars that have the best valuation on our part. Although it has been on the market less time than others like Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar, of which we have already talked a little bit above. However, this has not been an impediment for Webinar Jam has been made with a large portion of the market, due to the advantages it offers compared to your other competitors.
In fact, it has emerged as an alternative to know the main negative points of the other software for webinars.

Basically, it works like other platforms that work based on Google Hangouts. To understand us, Webinar Jam adds its own features to those that Google Hangouts already has, among which are: registration system, email and SMS Texting notifications, chat, surveys, offers buttons for the presentation and integration of social networks.

When running through Google Hangouts, has the advantage of having no limit on the number of people attending the webinar. It also has an automatic recording of the presentation. On the other hand, everything has some disadvantage, the tool presents a small delay in the presentation and the event is public, it can not be transmitted only for a specific group.

Luckily, these limitations do not cause any serious problems, unless you are thinking of monetizing the webinar and do not want it to be public. But, without a doubt, if you are looking for a platform to make a webinar and that its content is visible to everyone, WebinarJam is the winning option.

As for prices, this tool for webinars can be purchased for only $297 a year. In this way, you get one of the tools for webinars with better features than the competition, and at a fairly reasonable price.

At this point, I imagine that you have completely digested this post, and it is possible that you have everything (or almost everything) clear about the webinars and the available platforms so that you can start benefiting from it. You already know that implementing a webinar to your online strategy can be very satisfactory for both you and your target audience, which is what we call a win to win.

You already know that if you liked this article, subscribe to our YouTube channel. And you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Do not forget to leave us your comment below.

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