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About APKBuddy :   ApkBuddy.com is an website offering all sorts of smartphones application downloading service for free from this year 2017. The ApkBuddy team always working hard for you to satisfy all users and so it has grown into the one of the most popular apk downloader websites in the smartphones application industry. Have you ever felt the need for useful android apps? Have you ever wanted more critical reviews of apps you always desired?

Have you been looking for effective suggestions? Worry no more; APK Buddy is the place you are looking for. The abbreviation APK stands for Android package kit, which is a format of the applications installed on Android OS in smartphones and tablets.

The diversity of these applications are phenomenal, as they come for every possible utility. Sometimes this variety can be overwhelming and give rise to confusion for which application is worthy to install. APK Buddy assists android users to clear this confusion by offering convincing reviews and list of best applications for every type of utility. It also provides the application in APK format to install it right away without browsing through play store repeatedly.

Therefore, APK Buddy is the buddy you desire for the best application suggestions for your android device. The requisite for this website is reasonable over visiting play store for downloading applications. In addition, there are innumerable reasons for browsing our website rather than visiting play store. Here are few of them:

Ambition of APKBuddy.com

Providing a safer, better and faster android and iphone software download facilities for all users all around is our main ambition. We mostly provide one of the most best collections of Best android Apps and  Best iPhone Apps and Records Previous Version Lists and also hot new Version.

  1. Our website does not require any google login for installing applications.
  2. We provide the latest version of the best applications, so no need to update it frequently.
  3. We provide the required specifications of devices for any applications.
  4. Our suggested applications have been reviewed by numerous users on many evaluations.
  5. For older versions of Android, we provide applications that are compatible with it
  6. As APK format is convenient for the android emulators, APK Buddy is the best choice for desktops and
  7. Applications that are not published yet or no longer present in play store is also available here,
    making it better than play store.
  8. Having a website of APK, one can share their application preferences over any social media platform,
    which makes it easy to share application option over play store.
  9. As reported, play store sometimes crashes while installing applications even if it is compatible with
    the device. So that is why downloading apk and installing manually is preferable.
  10. Play store consumes additional internet data to install any application and hence dependent on the
    connection speed. Downloading apk will overcome this issue, and provide smooth installation without
    any interruption.
  11. We also provide the corresponding suggestion for applications on iPhone.
  12. One can uninstall and re-install the application without spending further data, by downloading the
    app in apk format.

All apps provided here are manually checked for 100% accuracy , no extra extension, else won’t needed. We agree with all you guys deserve a higher experience of a user interface. The ApkBuddy team is Continuously equipped to help users resolve their issues about smartphones app installing, replace and more.

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We are also attentive on social media please be with us to get all updates about us. These reasons should be good enough to convince you to browse my website.  Either you can browse applications through utility category or best-suggested category, we assist your choice. You can contact us if we are missing out any application of your choice, or you want news for any hot upcoming application.

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