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8 Best Age of Empires Like Games on Android

How to play Age of Empires on Android: Best Age of Empires Like Games. Age of Empires is one of the most popular strategy games in our days. If you are passionate about history and tactics, you have surely heard about it. Do you know that there is an Android version of this fantastic game?

Age of Empires Like Games Android

Yes! You can play AoE from the comfort of your mobile , in real time with other players conquering cities and commanding garrisons throughout the ages. You can find iconic characters from history such as Joan of Arc or Richard the Lionheart, reliving epic battles.

Age of Empires Like Games

Train your armies to take control and fortify your defenses. The game has a classification system, so you will compete to stand up as the best games!

Age of Empires Definitive Edition

To download this well-known PC game for Windows on our mobile devices we will have to look for the Best Age of Empires Like Games application in the Google Play Store. You will find it for free by the name of Age of Empires Castle Siege.

However, if you want to play the latest version of the game – Age of Empires Definitive Edition – you can only do it from the PC, because this is a 4K version of the original 1997 game, with 16 civilizations and 10 campaigns. of conquest.


In this edition of the game, you can see the renewal of the game in all its aspects. From a significant improvement in graphic and artistic resources. Introduce a new narrative style like hundreds of new audiovisual effects for a complete immersion.

  • There are many APKs that offer you the complete set for mobile. However, we do not recommend this because, in addition to being illegal, they do not yet have the necessary reliability. By installing them, you may run the risk of unexpected changes to your mobile phone or tablet. Another alternative is also to use an Android emulator on your phone or tablet when playing.

Age of Empires Castle Siege

Therefore, we recommend that you play the official version of Android: Age of Empires Castle Siege available in Spanish. If you also want to see other alternatives.

Is there any other Age of Empires game for AndroidOf course there are! Strategy games similar to Age of Empires abound thanks to their fun and challenging mechanics. If you are looking for games that look similar, we have the best for Android mobile devices.Here you have a selection with the best similar games in Age of Empires styles:

Civilization Revolution 2

Can you imagine being the founder of that civilization that you like so much? Now you can with Civilization Revolution 2. This game combines the best of strategy and history, a tactical and entertaining game for Android , available in the Google Play Store.

With more advanced graphics technology and a more intuitive gaming system, you can not stop playing it. You can increase your military power and conquer spaces including units or special equipment to have control.


You can introduce new technologies to take your civilization to faster growth. You can also expand and modernize it using iconic buildings and places. As if that were not enough, it also recreates different events and battles in the Scenario mode.

Ace of Empires

If you are passionate about war games, Ace of Empires will love it. Here, you must raise your sword and fight your enemies to grow your empire along with your general in battle.

To make this game more interesting, corresponding dialogues were introduced in the original language of each empire. But do not worry if you do not understand, you will have at your disposal the translator in real time while you complete missions and activities.

Play allying yourself with members of your court and your kingdom to have more control. Fight in real time with other players worldwide. Therefore, do not miss it and download it for free in the Google Play Store for Android.

Forge of Empires

For those who want to start their empire from scratch and take it to the top of development, Forge of Empires is a good alternative. In this game, you must take control of a city to become the leader of your empire through the ages.

Here you must bring out your ingenuity to obtain different resources, developing new technologies. You will also use negotiation and battle techniques to conquer those spaces, discovering new territories and taking provinces.

You can buy items or some resources to accelerate your growth and that of your empire. This game is free and easy to install. It is available for Android in the Google Play Store.

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Your medieval empire awaits you with Empire: Four Kingdoms. In this game you must control your 4 kingdoms, using your strategic vision as a good resource management, starting with your castle as your powerful army.

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Face off against other opponents with all the weapons and equipment you need, forging powerful alliances to win. You can support yourself in this to exchange resources and thus produce more quickly the growth of your empire.

To make matters worse, you can chat in real time with your friends both in the forum and in the game chat to plan strategies. Remember: Only the most powerful survive here and you will need to use all your power.

Art of War 3

Now we move to a more modern game in our current age. Art of War 3 will allow you to become a unit commander, facing enemies in real time in PvP battle mode!

With the best tradition of classic RTS battle games, you must command, conquer and defeat all your enemies. They will be two opposing factions in combat controlling the units directly with incredibly detailed graphics.

Additionally, you will have to accomplish many campaign missions on the way. This will give you more hours of play, but also better resources. You can build buildings, military bases, tanks, airplanes and warships. Get it for free on the Google Play Store.

World of Empires 2

With a renewed and intuitive interface like the integration of artificial intelligence in your system, you can not miss Word of Empires. In this game you must create your empire, combining weapons using new technologies and military units.

World of Empires 2

Combat by land, dominate the skies and the oceans for an absolute control of your world, which you can also transformer. Another advantage that it has is that this game is a multi-player platform and you can play with others in real time.

You will only need your email to enter and start chatting how to play with anyone worldwide. Download it for free in the Google Play Store for Android.

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