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List of All Microsoft Apps for Android 2019

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Microsoft Apps for Android: As we found out a few days ago, Microsoft announced that it would bury the ax with respect to its mobile operating system and its intention to compete with Android and iOS, instead seems to bet on developing adapted versions of its products to work in those OS from Google and Apple, so we’ll present you with a list of all Microsoft applications for Android.

All Microsoft Apps for Android

When reviewing we have noticed that the Redmond has not wasted time and there is an extensive list of utilities, entertainment, games, photography, office automation and more apps available in the Google Play Store, so we have decided to present in an organized way the utilities that They can be downloaded, mostly free.


This is the app par excellence that everyone knows, is more than a word processor, from there we manage almost all the documents that are made daily. It’s free, but requires a subscription to Office 365 to enable some options, like the entire Office suite. Here we show you some ways to get Office and Office 365 for free.


The spreadsheet that nobody can overcome is also portable on your mobile.

Power Point

School and office presentations would not be complete without this program, now also in the form of an app.


A cloud not as used as it can be Dropbox or Google Drive, but also worth and you can have Android. It offers 5GB of free storage and payment options, and now allows you to see the content in Android offline, here we explain it.

  • Download OneDrive in the Google Play Store


Many people still use these email accounts and the truth is that nothing better than your own customer to manage them. It’s free.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Apps for Android

You can also download it as a suite and it works as a single application.


The block of notes that we know also in Android. It’s free.

Microsoft Lens

It is an app that turns the mobile into a portable scanner and allows you to convert anything that passes through your lens into a file compatible with your programs.

Microsoft Edge Preview

This is the browser that Microsoft has developed for Windows 10 and is now compatible with Android, being able to synchronize navigation data even between the mobile and the computer.

Microsoft Launcher

The Launcher with Microsoft’s high customization for Android that allows you to access your calendar and information using an Outlook account is probably not the most popular and many users even want to know how to uninstall it , but you should also try it to decide for yourself.


The search engine that tries to compete with Google can also be downloaded on Android.

Microsoft Bing Search


For the owners of Xbox Live Gold who now download the free games in October will not be surprised to know that they can also continue a good game on your Android mobile.


The legendary videoconferencing app is from Microsoft and has its own Android version from which mobile payments can be made.


Age of Empire

This game is from Microsoft and you can also download it for free.

Microsoft Selfie

An app not so well known but interesting to capture some selfies that may come to like you.

The list is extensive, Microsoft has developed a very rich ecosystem of applications for Android, from apps for specific news such as MSN Deportes, as collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Planner or even the classic game Solitario that so many generations have used, without leaving aside the popular SwiftKey keyboard that has recently been updated.

These are all Microsoft applications for Android, which one do you want to download?


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