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AndroMoney Apk (App) – Download for Android & iPhone

AndroMoney Apk is a personal tool for financial and accounting management in AndroMoney App for Android and AndroMoney App for iPhone iOS. Through the continuous use of this tool, you can manage money well.

AndroMoney Apk App 

AndroMoney App Android Ios

Track daily expenses

If you are looking for tracking your daily Money Manager App similar to Best Financial App for android for budget or cost tracking this app will help you a lot to track daily expense.

Budget management

Adjusting the monthly budget according to the category is possible. If the budget exceeds what you want, you will have alerts that help control spending.

Report on expenses in real-time

Easily find the highest expense or average expense. You can get a statistical report (pie chart, bar graph, curve graph…)

Management by categories

You can add, delete or modify the category according to your need. (Expenses, Income, Transfer).

Account management

Multiple accounts can be used. The expense can also be observed for different projects. Besides you can know the total assets.

Various currencies

Different currencies can be used for purchases abroad. Exchange rates can be synchronized with Google currency.

Other functions of AndroMoney App For Android Ios are the following:

AndroMoney: Money Manager Financial Tracking App Android iOS

  • Design charts, pie chart (expenses by categories), trend chart (trends in expenditure spent)
  • You can take pictures of expenses
  • Synchronization with other devices
  • You can export PC files: excel, numbers
  • Enter currencies and update them through the internet

AndroMoney was built to be a financial app for individual or business expenses. But it is adaptable enough, to be used efficiently. Particularly if you track expenses on an individual basis.

Features of AndroMoney

  • Multiple accounts and support account balance & account transfer
  • Cloud Storage (Dropbox , Google Docs)
  • SYNC with other devices
  • Any currency with downloadable rates
  • Number pad with calculation
  • Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
  • Simple/ Detail / Custom Budgets
  • Trend, Pie and Bar charts for Expense and Cash Flow
  • Password Protection
  • Overview your expense and income summary
  • Back up data to Excel/ Mac Number

Download iPhone

AndroMoney is a personal finance tool for use on your mobile phone. By using this tool, we hope you can better manage your wealth.

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