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Download AppFlix Apk for Android – Free movies & TV shows

Download AppFlix Apk: Now you can watch movies and TV shows for free using the AppFlix app, available for Android, AppFlix app for Windows, AppFlix app MAC, and AppFlix app iPhone. Download any movie, TV show and watch anytime, anywhere.

AppFlix Apk

Appflix is ​​a very good app that offers its users the possibility to choose from a wide library of movies and series to see from the comfort of their mobile device.

Appflix apk

How to Download and Install AppFlix Apk for Android?

The installation of Appflix Apk is ​​a bit different from the installation of an app directly from the Google Play Store. If you have already installed the Android apps outside the Google Play Store, you can install this app in the same way. The procedure for downloading and installing Appflix is ​​described below.

  1. If you are viewing this article using your phone, go to the download link for the latest version of AppFlix.
  2. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded file to start the installation.
  3. Before proceeding to the installation you will receive a message saying “Installation blocked“.
  4. Click on the “Settings” button in that message. Search for “Unknown sources” in the menu that appears after clicking the Settings button.
  5. Then enable “Unknown Sources” by clicking on it and then you will be automatically redirected to the AppFlix installation.
  6. Now Appflix will be installed successfully on your Android phone.

How to use AppFlix?

  1. Download the Appflix app from below, download the APK file and click to install it.
  2. Select your favorite movie or show. It contains a separate section of movies and TV shows for ease of use.
  3. Continuous viewing without ads or buffetings.

AppFlix for Windows, MAC

AppFlix is ​​an app for Android and is currently only available for Android devices. So how can you download and install AppFlix for Pc, computer or laptop? There is a simple way. Simply download BlueStack or Nox player and install AppFlix Apk using those apps.

The BlueStack and Nox players are Android emulators and allow Windows and MAC or Apple users to use the Android operating system on their computer with ease.

How to install AppFlix on a computer?

In order to install Android apps such as AppFlix, you may need excellent Android emulation software. To do this, download and install Bluestack on your computer.

  1. Click here to download Bluestack.
  2. Once you download and install the BlueStack app, open it.
  3. Now download AppFlix apk from this website. Check the end of this web page to see the download link.
  4. Drag and drop Appflix apk to open BlueStack and it will automatically install the apk.
  5. Now open Appflix using BlueStack and enjoy free movies and TV shows.
  6. The procedure will be the same if you are using the Nox player.

AppFlix Premium

What is Appflix Premium? You can download AppFlix from the Google Play Store and also from this website. Appflix downloaded Google Play Store does not support streaming video. You can only get information about movies and TV shows and you can watch trailers.

AppFlix Premium will be able to stream any movie or TV show you like for free.

Click below to download the latest version of AppFlix apk for Android device. Enjoy the latest movies and TV shows for free.

AppFlix – Features

  • You can now watch movies and TV shows (TV series).
  • It contains more than one source to watch your movie or TV show.
  • Movies and TV shows are always available due to a large number of sources.
  • Download any movie or TV show you want and watch them anytime, anywhere.
  • Watch with your Smart TV. Supports Chromecast, Fire TV and more.
  • No subscription or registration is required. Simply install and start observing.
  • Full HD videos.
  • It supports Amazon FireTV, FireStick, FireTV cube, Nvidia Shield, Android TV boxes and everything.
  • Fast and safe.


The operation of Appflix is ​​simple: when you start the app, a list appears with the latest movies added (matching, in general, with the latest releases at the box office). Users will only have to choose which movie they want to watch and a table with the different languages ​​and qualities in which the movies can be viewed will be displayed before them. Click on the option that best suits your needs and decides if you want to watch the movie online or if you prefer to download it.

In the event that you decide to download the movie, you just have to click on the “download” button and the download of the audiovisual content will automatically begin, which will be saved in its corresponding folder, within the app. 

Appflix is ​​a good tool to have hundreds of cinematographic titles at your fingertips.

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