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Apphi App (Apk) – Schedule Posts on Instagram

Apphi: App for Schedule & Automatically Post on Instagram. If the numbers, statistics, and graphics of social networks matter to you, constancy is a key element. In the case of Instagram too, if we want visibility and impact. And always be aware of publishing our best photo is complicated sometimes. So, as a solution, there are applications that allow us to schedule our publications. Thus, we can manage a calendar so that the photos are ‘hung up’ automatically whenever we want.



Apphi is a complement to the official Instagram application. A solution that will help us schedule full publications. We can have photos and videos published automatically, but also Stories; and of course, with tags to other users, locations and hashtags. In addition, the tool itself is responsible for suggesting the best hashtags to try to achieve maximum visibility. And if we want, we can have the first comment of a publication published automatically. Incompatible markets, products can also be labeled.

Apphi allows you to program photos and Stories on Instagram

As long as we have the active function, with a verified account or more than 10,000 followers, we can put a  URL associated with our Stories. We will also have available a detailed analysis of our likes and comments so that the analysis is completed with the data from the official app. And we can also see, in more detail, the balance of followers gained and lost with our publications. Therefore, no, it is not an application designed solely and exclusively to program publications and Stories, although it is its most interesting feature.

If we want to make something more colorful publications, it will also allow us to make publications in a grid. That is several photographs from a single, to leave something more attractive our profile. And in this sense, the operation of the app stands out because we can design the grid by simply dragging and dropping the photographs that we want to include in the grid. This function is complemented by the option to make ‘album type’ publications; that is, those that include more than one photograph or video.

Apphi App

And if we are looking for such a tool for work reasons, it will be useful because it has the limit established in the management of 100 Instagram account maximum. And many other advanced features, such as searching content by certain criteria and automatically republishing them in our account. Also support for Dropbox and Google Photo, to get our images from virtually any source.

In short, an app with additional tools and functions to those offered by the Instagram official, and that will allow us to use the social network in a more advanced way. For users who try to make a living with social networks, or already do, it is certainly a tool that should not be missing on your Android mobile.

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