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AppKarma Apk – AppKarma Reward and Cards App for Android

AppKarma Apk: Download AppKarma Apk Reward and Cards – Earn 7 to 10 Dollars from your mobile. Continuing with the world of making money with the mobile I have come across this application, and what a surprise, this incredibly well made, the menus, budgets, everything. The app is simple, it is managed based on Karma points, which is the payment they will give you for different tasks, whether it is installing an application, answering small surveys, inviting friends, watching videos and more.

AppKarma Apk

And one of the functions that I liked the most is Karma Play if you install a game and the next day you play it you will earn X2 points. It is available for Spain and for all Latin America, although the prizes vary in Spain you can have Amazon cards, iTunes, Steam, PS Store, in addition to PayPal, in LATAM you will only have PayPal and Steam. I invite you all to use my code that will give you 300 points to start.

Hello again around here. I remain committed to offering the best pages and mobile applications to earn money. We start the week with a new app to earn money. It’s called AppKarma and so at first glance, it looks very good.

Last week we found that the Gelt app really pays. Now it’s time to check if AppKarma Apk is just as good, better or if it’s not worth it. It is an application that works for all countries, available for iOS and Android, it pays for PayPal and has a lot of offers to accumulate money. Below I am going to leave code for you to earn your first 400 ($0.40) points without doing anything.

AppKarma Apk
AppKarma Apk

The operation is very similar to other applications such as Cashpirate, Whaff Rewards, Uento … You accumulate points for downloading applications and then those points are redeemed for money directly in PayPal or gift cards for online stores. In addition to app downloads, you also earn points for watching videos and answering questions.

If you download AppKarma Apk without a sponsor you start from scratch. If you do it through a guest code, you earn 300 points. I am going to give you the opportunity to earn 400 points if you do my referral in appKarma, not 300. I am a VIP user in AppKarma Apk and that gives me the opportunity for my referrals to earn more points than referrals from sponsors that are not VIP. 400 points equal $0.40. Should we take this opportunity, right?

If you download appKarma through this link they will give you 400 points directly (this is my VIP referral link). If you enter from your mobile it will take you directly to Google Play and if you enter from the PC it will take you to another page where you have to put your phone number so that you get an SMS with the information to download the app. Everything is free. If at some point you ask (I should not because the link already carries my code), my guest code is “tudinerito“. So you will earn 400 points that will come very well to reach the minimum.

How Do we Earn Money with AppKarma?

Once we have downloaded the application you will get a message saying that you have won 400 points thanks to my invitation. Then you have to complete the registration and it will be time to start making the first offers.

We have 4 different sections to earn points in appKarma:

  1. OFFERS I: Here we get the simplest offers. The most original I found the questions that appear in Karma Quizzes. They ask you questions about AppKarma Apk and you have to choose the answer between 3 or 4 different options. The answers are usually in other sections of the application. For example, The last question I answered was to see what gift they do not offer as a reward in appKarma. The answers were valid for Amazon, iTunes, PlayStation Store or McDonald’s. The answer was the last one (the other three are in AppKarma Apk). Simply by answering the question, you gain a point. Very original. In this section, there is also a bonus if you open the application every day.
  2. OFFERS II: Here we already find the typical offers that come out in other applications such as Uento, Cashpirate, Whaff, etc. Here it is important to “play” for several minutes with the application that we download. If we download the application and close it immediately after opening, they may not give us the corresponding points. You can spend up to 24 hours for the points to be credited.
  3. POPULAR: Here you do not earn points for downloading the applications that they recommend but they serve to answer the questions of Karma Quizzes for example.
  4. VIDEOS: In this section, you earn points simply by watching videos. You can complete a maximum of 15 videos in a 24-hour period.

Summing up what appKarma is

So, by way of summary, the main features of appKarma would be:

  • Accepted Countries: Serves for all countries
  • Terminals: Available for iOS and Android.
  • Payment method: Pay by PayPal
  • Minimum to charge:  $10 for PayPal (12,500 points). With 27,500 points you charge $25 and with 50,000 points $50.
  • Other gifts: Vouchers for Amazon $5 (6,000 points), iTunes $5 (6,000 points), Google Play $10 (11,000 points), Steam $5 (6,000 points) and many more prizes.
  • Referrals: A level of referrals. You earn 30% of the rewards of the referrals.
  • VIP Members: If you are VIP your referrals earn 400 points and you 40% instead of 30%.

If you have a Youtube channel with more than 1,000 subscribers, or a blog or a twitter account with many followers, you can write a message requesting the VIP account. If anyone wants to know how it is done, tell me about it privately and I’ll explain it to you.

AppKarma Pay!

AppKarma is paying today and as proof of this the following image. I have won $25 (for this I had to accumulate 27,500 points) and I have charged through PayPal. A fact to keep in mind … of the $25 I have charged $23.72 due to the commission that remains PayPal.

And that is basically the operation of appKarma. I’ve been wearing it for a few days and I’m enjoying it a lot. I have not charged yet. Just receive a payment notice in this thread and write a new post with the receipt. Promised.

My recommendations are:

  • Enter every day to the app as there is a daily reward of 5 points
  • Have your PayPal account ready since the app takes a maximum 24 to deposit
  • Download the games and leave them installed the next day, to “play” and receive X2 of Karma points
  • Do not use a VPN, you can be banned and lose all points
  • And my last advice is to pass the code, they will give you more tasks, and if you came here to do me the favored.

It is an app that does not earn much money unless you invite many people. Without referrals, it takes 2-3 months to get ten dollars if you are active. If you have the facility to invite people, you can earn quite well because they pay almost a third of what the referrals generate (30%). In general, it is an app that I like a lot. Greetings and I hope you like AppKarma too.

the latest application to earn money and prizes that we have added to our online business portfolio. An app that is not far from the operation of other applications of the same style, but that incorporates some options and detail interesting that we had not seen until now.

It is an application that I had heard about a long time ago, especially in some YouTube channels to which I am subscribed. Youtubers use it mostly to get gift cards for Google Play or iTunes, which then allows them to make draws among their subscribers (gems for Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, etc.). For our part, our goal will be the same as always: get money for our PayPal account easily and completely free. Go for it.

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