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Best Apps for Blind People

Best Apps for Blind People: Very little vision or Visually Impaired? No differences in colors? Total darkness? Well, the solution is arrived, with these Best Apps for Blind People very fun and practical for any age, Most people can not imagine it and yet this is the reality of many who have a visual condition.

Best Apps for Blind

Although the white cane or a guide dog are traditionally known supports, in a technological era many other aids arise that could facilitate the daily life of people with blindness or visual impairment.

Apps for Blind
Apps for Blind


Google BrailleBack

Google BrailleBack

Google BrailleBack, an app to learn the reading system, Braille in a simple way, can be handled by the Bluetooth and use it with the Talkback reader, which both offer a combined voice and brailler service, in addition to it also has Braille tutor, an option for apprentices. Google BrailleBack Available for Android.

Voice Access

Voice Access

Voice Access is one of the apps that will allow the user to access any element of the screen from the voice. Suitable for blind people and people with paralysis or difficulty of movement. Voice Access App Available for Android.

Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite an app suitable for those users who have visual conditions. It consists of an audio guide of the system, with spoken comments of each menu and vibration to navigate. Android Accessibility Suite App is Available for Android.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Text to speech

Text to Speech (TTS) is One of the best apps for blind or blind, with TTS (Text to speech), may have the option to choose the language they want, in addition, the speech synthesis of Google will allow users to investigate and hear through it any information you want. Text to Speech app for Blind (TTS) Available for Android and iOS.

Be My Eyes – Helping Blind

Be My Eyes – Helping Blind is one of the funniest and most interesting apps because it is a system similar to that of pointing with the camera and describing, except that someone on the other side will do it. Users with this visual condition point their camera at the object they want to know and the rest of the users will describe it to them. A connection that will bring us closer to a world that perhaps many of us are not used to.

Something simple, users can identify colors can be trivial for those who can see them but not for blind people. With a color detector, we can use the app to focus on a color and it will tell us. Very useful for designers, engineers or artists, they also handle three types of languages ​​in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Be My Eyes – Helping Blind App is Available for Android and iOS.

EVA Facial Mouse

EVA Facial Mouse handles two apps which are aimed for those users who have accessibility problems on their mobile, Accessibility Online will highlight those places with accessibility problems.

On the other hand, we also have Eva facial which helps users to control the phone with simple movements with the head, is a mouse emulator for blind people. Available for Android.

Mapp4all – Wikiaccessibility

Mapp4all - Apps for Blind

One of the most practical Apps, Mapp4all – Wikiaccessibility is a kind of Wikipedia, it is an App where you will find information about those points with mobility problems, hearing problems, traffic lights without sound or areas without access for wheelchairs. Available for Android and iOS.

Linguoo – Listen To The Web

This app was made for users with the visual condition, only to read web pages, then ended up becoming a type of radio. Linguoo – Listen To The Web, an inclusive app which helps generate a playlist, download all kinds of articles in voice and explore news. Available for Android and iOS.

A Blind Legend

A Blind Legend, an excellent app for blind users, paralysis or those who just want to get out of the ordinary. A game in which they do not have graphics and everything is developed from the auditory experience. A Blind Legend app Available for Android and iOS.

They are very useful apps that can bail out people with these conditions. Which app do you find the most optimal according to your criteria? Let him know in the comments. 

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