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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Apk PS4, Xbox, PC

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Discover the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Apk PS4, Xbox, PC secrets of your past and change the destiny of Ancient Greece in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in one of the most spectacular deliveries of the saga.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed saga returns and it does this time traveling to Ancient Greece. This is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, game that proposes a new visual tracking system that offers a broader perspective of the action and in which we will embark on an adventure that will lead us from the lowest to the glory while we change the destiny of Greece.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Adventures in Classical Greece

The game presents the spectacular Greek landscapes with lush Mediterranean forests, volcanic islands, and populous cities. We will explore a world at war between men but also between gods, having to face sometimes mythological creatures.

In Odyssey, our decisions will influence the course of the story as the game will have different endings according to the decisions we make, including the dialogues. Show your skills in massive battles between Athens and Sparta, customize your team and your ship and fight your way through naval battles in the Aegean Sea.

Of course, we will not miss anything that we have enjoyed in this excellent series of action and adventure games developed by Ubisoft: memorable fights and a totally immersive plot to contextualize the development of the story.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Windows 7 SP1.
  • Requires 64-bit operating system.

Analysis of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With Origins as the basis, the ancient Greece backdrop and novelties that will delight any open-world RPG fan, this is the biggest and most ambitious game of Ubisoft’s killers to date.

When Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag was launched, back in 2013, there were many voices that rose up to say that ” that was not Assassin’s Creed “; They had hardly tried, and that was Assassin’s Creed III with ships; As a pirate game very well, but as a game of murderers and such.

I count this because Assassin’s Creed Odyssey comes to the stores (next October 5) in a very similar environment: not a year ago that Origins – the biggest revolution the saga has experienced – was put on sale, and the similarities between both games are too obvious. Also, we all know that the extra year of development that had the delivery of Egypt was the best thing that has happened to Assassin’s Creed in a long time.

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The thing is not there, and is that with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey the series takes a turn towards the fantastic: when set in ancient Greece, 400 years before the origin of the brotherhood of murderers, Ubisoft Quebec (also responsible for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate) has taken the opportunity to embrace mythology and include skills that are not specific to a mortal. Personally, I see no problem in that there are fantastic elements in a saga in which from the first delivery you see things like the Animus or the bleeding effect, but I can understand that for some it is a nuisance to fight against Medusa.

Anyway, it’s quite curious that last year Origins managed to unseat Black Flag as my favorite Assassin’s Creed. And now, less than a year later, it has happened again: Ubisoft has surpassed giving us the best delivery of the saga, and I recommend you to accompany me throughout the analysis of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey  to discover that it is much more than what it looks like Even the most skeptical, those who think that it is not an Assassin’s Creed, will be very pleasantly surprised with everything that this Greek Odyssey has to tell (mythology included).

Of Greeks and sorcerers

By now you know that in AC Odyssey we can choose the gender of the protagonist, of Spartan descent. Shortly after starting the adventure we are invited to decide if we want to put ourselves in the shoes of Kassandra or Alexios, something permanent and affecting in more aspects than it seems at first. This decision, first of many, is really a statement of intentions with which the studio is telling us: ” Do you remember that Origins was already quite RPG? Well, hold on, because they come curves.


If we already spent time on the menus customizing Bayek, here the thing expands to levels of a Devil (or Destiny, to name something more recent and with a similar development): we are constantly getting new melee and ranged weapons, but also new protections for legs, arms, chest, and head. All this equipment has associated levels, oddities (identified by colors), effects … You know how it goes. And you also know that this type of systems engages the beautiful. The change of equipment, of course, is also reflected aesthetically. And there are very, very impressive armor designs.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey repeats something I liked quite a lot about Origins, and that is if we take a piece of love, this does not have to stop being useful: from the blacksmith, and if we have the drachmas and the necessary materials, we can raise the level object (equal to that of the character). But it also takes the thing one step further with the introduction of the engravings: when leveling up and meeting various challenges, we obtain new effects that – again from the blacksmith – we can engrave on objects, increasing their effectiveness. And there are many and varied: from simple things, such as increasing hunting damage or resistance to blows, to more interesting ones like increasing speed when we walk low … Or, directly, legendary, how to make all the arrows are poisoned by default.


And what is the harm of hunting? You will be asking. To make it even more RPG, in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey the damage has been divided into three types: combat, which as its name suggests is linked to melee weapons; murder, related to stealth skills; and hunting, linked to the arches. This division is given because the skill system has also changed, and now we have three different skill trees. But different from truth to the point that it is possible to specialize in a style of play of the three available.

Do you want to play killer style, using stealth, lethal backstrokes and effects like poison? Then you will spend all the points on the murder branch. Are you more interested in archery? In Odyssey the arc-shotgun, arc-machine gun, etc. have disappeared, and in its place, we have new types of shot and arrow. And if you are like me, and prefer a balanced style, you can also opt for that option … Even if you do not complain if the attacks with the spear, which is the hidden blade, do not end with the enemies of a blow. Oh, and now it is possible to spend several points on the same ability to enhance its effects.


At the moment of truth,  when it is time to engage in combat, the sensations are very similar to those of Origins: the controls, the movements, etc. they are the same. But the fact that many of the skills we acquired are active and associated with a fast-track wheel, with its respective ‘ cooldown ‘, serves to make the clashes are also more varied and interesting. And small changes, such as that the shield has been replaced by a system of parrys, or that when dodging at the right moment slows down time, they finish refining the experience. The only aspect that involves a step back is the setting of objectives: sometimes it does not work properly, causing the character to attack in another direction and leaving us sold.

In the end, all this is still the logical evolution of the RPG elements of Origins, and the way forward for the saga. With Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed has finished completing its transformation into The Witcher; and I say this as a great compliment. It is evident that the work of CD Projekt, for many the best game of this generation, has been an influence in this release. The sensations when playing are very similar, and that has much to do with the new conversational system and decision making.


Two Spartans and a destiny

During practically all the conversations that take place throughout the game, we are presented with different situations that force us to choose. In general, the options vary between clear positions: do we attack or pardon life? Do we demand a reward or do we act altruistically? Do we consider ourselves gods or mere mercenaries? But there is also room for the “gray” decisions that fall between both parties, or for situations in which it is difficult to opt for one side of the scale (the missions with the philosopher Socrates emphasize in that sense).

But what is really important about decisions is their effect on history and the world. In some cases, making a decision or another “only” changes the next line of dialogue and the response of the interlocutor. And I say “only” because, even if it seems like a small change, that implies a colossal work at the production level: voices have been recorded for all those lines of dialogue, and also doubled: one for Kassandra and another for Alexios.

assassins creed odyssey apk

But it surprises, and much, the great number of decisions that change the course of the main history, many of them with effects that can even alter the world. A decision that seemed insignificant in the beginning, can return hours later to catch us in the back or save us from a hurry. It is also surprising that the secondary missions have an effect on the story: it can be something simple, like a character mentions during the main conversation what we carry out in a secondary school, but they also look like real virgins, like discovering essential information during a high school that completely alters the evolution of the main one, or even that the order in which we complete them influences the final result. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey It manages to generate a great feeling that, really, all decisions have consequences.

Something less worked is the option of the romances, mainly because it is limited to select the appropriate response (always marked with a heart), to end up bedridden in a short sequence with the character in question. Although it must be recognized that some options are delusional.

assassins creed odyssey pc

This conversational system is not perfect since in many cases the decisions are guided towards a specific plot objective, which reduces the feeling of freedom. Nor does it become as complex as, for example, a Fallout or a Mass Effect, where the character’s statistics have an effect on possible decisions. But for the first time that Ubisoft bets on this model, we must recognize that the result is very remarkable. I hope we can contemplate its evolution in future deliveries.

And of course, at the narrative level does not reach The Witcher 3 … But it does overcome any other Assassin’s Creed. The story of the Spartans is, almost certainly, the best told is of the entire saga (years away from the constant confusion that was Origins), and Kassandra enters the pantheon of the best protagonists of Assassin’s Creed. Although we decide on your position and your answers, the Spartan has an overwhelming personality that will conquer you. In addition, the fact that there is more plot exposure through conversations serves to build infinitely richer characters and plots … Although there is still some skid, such as forgetting important characters (and who accompany us at all times) for hours.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is also the delivery with the best sense of humor, finding us with many decisions that have hilarious effects.

assassins creed odyssey download

I will not say too much about the mythological elements and “unrealistic”, beyond that in the game everything is perfectly explained. Moreover, in this way a greater variety is achieved in terms of skills and situations. Situations that, by the way, give us some of the best moments of the game … Keep in mind that the period in which this Assassin’s Creed takes place is closest to the First Civilization and the Isu era, as well that in Odyssey we find an answer to some of the greatest mysteries of the whole saga.

Outside the law

In Assassin’s Creed, and except for a few exceptions (like Rogue ), we tend to be on the side of the good guys. Some deliveries have dropped that perhaps the Templars are not so bad or the killers so good, but usually, we are always put in the position of doing the right thing. Origins put us in the shoes of a Medjay, who came to be the police of ancient Egypt. But Odyssey breaks everything and turns us into misthios, the Greek term used to refer to people who have been hired to do a job … Mainly mercenaries.

assassins creed odyssey xbox

From a playable perspective, this justifies that we can make “bad” decisions, such as lying, stealing or killing when they touch our noses. And it also gives rise to accept all kinds of contracts, such as killing civilians who have simply bothered the person who pays. In fact, I would swear that it is the first Assassin’s Creed in which it is possible to attack civilians without appearing the desynchronization warning. Of course, civilians respond to our attacks, and, more importantly, committing crimes will reward our head.

For this a system has been implemented to the GTA: in the lower right, a bar grows as we commit mischief, and the larger its size, more mercenaries, and bounty hunters will go in our search. These mercenaries have their own tab inside the menu, they are divided by ranges and they indicate their strengths, weaknesses, and objects that they drop when they die (in this it remembers slightly the Nemesis System of Shadows of Mordor / Guerra).

This works in order to add a factor of randomness: perhaps we are convinced of being able to take a fort or finish with an objective, but then a mercenary (or more) appears that complicates the matter, forcing us to flee or, worse, sending us to another neighborhood.

The conquests have also been added, which allow us to weaken the power of a region to organize a pitched battle. Despite its spectacularity, it is probably the least used section, since the rewards for participating (legendary objects) are not especially striking, and there are no large differences between Athens or Sparta dominating a region.

And since Greece is divided into numerous islands, it has once again opted for navigation as the main transport method. As far as mechanics are concerned, it is traced to Black Flag, although some interesting novelty has been included, such as being able to recruit lieutenants all over the world (as a curiosity, Evie Frye can join our crew as unlockable from the Ubisoft Club) and effects to Slow motion when destroying enemy ships. In addition, there are no loading times when docking in any port, which contributes to having the feeling of being in one of the largest open worlds that have been seen. And if you are not convinced about this maritime aspect you can rest assured, because it does not have as much weight as it did in Edward Kenway’s game. Like the conquests, it is another option in a game that is already gigantic.

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But my favorite novelty, with a lot of difference, is the Cult of Kosmos, one of the facets “more Assassin’s Creed” that has been seen in a long time. This cult is our main enemy during the game and is composed of a large number of members. Remember the Order of the Ancient of Origins, but with the difference that not all are linked to the main argument. We know some of them throughout the adventure, but the vast majority are optional objectives.


We have a tab from which the different branches of the cult are detailed, each one made up of several members and a leader, but at the beginning, their identities will be a mystery for us. When clicking on any of them, we are given clues to discover who they are: perhaps we have to get the treasure of the nation of a fort to discover a letter, or participate in secondary missions in one area, or finish before another member of the cult. And once discovered their identity we can go for them at any time, of course, we can find them in very different situations, which generally depend on their social status.

They are, in broad strokes, more than forty targets of murder to which we have to discover investigating the clues, and which we can kill in the way we think appropriate. It’s a fantastic idea that, like the conversational system, I’d love to see again in future installments.

The Greece of opportunities

The missions of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey require a detailed explanation because they have enough fabric to cut. There are so many of them that we quickly have the list packed with different types: several story arcs for the main story, secondary, secondary that open with sub-secondary and invite us to visit remote parts of the world, missions of bounty hunters, contracts .. Again, in a similar way to The Witcher 3, in the cities we find a statue where different types of orders come together.

At first, this causes the missions tab to become a real chaos. But we soon discovered that many, especially those with a time limit, are pure filler. But do not panic: Odyssey has an amazing number of missions with history (and some of the high quality, to highlight the plot that takes place in Mykonos) and the limited time are there, basically, to make the game is infinite, “regenerating” every so often. Something that, on the other hand, does not make much sense either; I’ve been playing more than 50 hours and I still have a lot to do.

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As in Origins, there will also be special events. And there are weekly missions to obtain Oricalco, a special currency used to buy unique items in the Olympic Oikos (it comes to be the equivalent of Reda in Origins). These objects can also be purchased with helix credits (which are purchased with real money), along with other aesthetic and time-saving objects. If you have played Origins, you already know that this does not negatively affect the experience.

You will remember that in Origins a small problem arose in relation to the level of the missions: practically we were forced to do secondary to be able to be at the required level of the main ones. On the contrary, if we fulfilled too many secondary ones, our level was much higher and the game became a walk, hence through an update, we introduced the possibility of automatically adjusting the level of the enemies to ours, what is known as auto-level.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

In AC Odyssey we find again the problem of having to complete secondary to be at the height (although, perhaps, it is somewhat less forced), and has chosen to make the auto-level the only option, which means that missions and enemies They adapt to our level constantly. To compensate, we have four levels of difficulty, among which we can alternate at any time. The auto-level can break a bit the feeling of progress, but the truth is that it works better than you would expect, and even playing in normal maintains a good balance, without being neither too easy nor too difficult.

With Odyssey, they have also wanted to break with the typical development of open world games (following icons from one side to another), and at the start of the game, we are given the possibility to activate the “exploration mode”, which according to its developers has the game was conceived. In this way, the missions do not indicate the specific place of the objective, but rather give us two and three clues, such as the region and if it is close to another location. But in the end, the clues are so obvious, and it is so easy to discover the whereabouts, that this is a mere curiosity. But the change and the effort to try something new is appreciated.

What is very interesting is that it is possible to find secondary mission objects BEFORE accepting them, something that makes sense and that in a game of similar dimensions can save us a lot of time. In addition, there are usually lines of dialogue to accompany the situation (something like “you’re lucky, I’ve found them“).

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At the technical level Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is at the same height as Origins, which means that it is a graphic portent. The setting is once again one of the strong points (when has it not been in an Assassin’s Creed?), And the visual difference between regions is outstanding. We say goodbye to the pyramids and the sand to explore much more colorful regions: extensive meadows, volcanoes, autumnal forests that contrast with the cherry blossom roses, fields of wheat, Mediterranean islands, forgotten tombs … And of course, there is no lack huge cities where the Greek architecture stands out, and where the statues dedicated to the gods abound (here a few historical liberties have been taken). The drawn distance is again a savage breathless every time we climb to a high place, and the effect of the blood of the enemies spilling on the ground is particularly successful. Visually it is a real show, and the lighting also makes its magic to leave us one of the most beautiful sunsets we have seen in a video game.

The only downside that can be put in this aspect is that, given the number of characters that we cross, you can often see assets, such as faces or hairstyles, which are repeated, giving the feeling of being in front of the same character several times.

Regarding Odyssey sound is also at a good level: there are several quite memorable themes, especially the main Kassandra / Alexios, and of course could not miss Ezio’s Family (which is heard on all tabs of the menu); at this point, I think we can already consider it the main song of the Assassin’s Creed saga. As usual, Odyssey is completely dubbed into Castilian (saving some phrases that have been left in Greek to put us in situation), and you can hear a large number of quality voices, such as Joël Mulachs (Scarlett Johansson’s usual voice) in the role of Kassandra or Sergio Zamora (Joaquin Phoenix, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McConaughey …) in Alexios. And since Jordi Boixaderas was the voice of Leonidas in 300 and he was in charge of bending Bayek, here he has returned to lend his voice to the King of Sparta. A great detail.

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In spite of everything, and as you are already imagining, if you played Origins you will not be able to get rid of a certain feeling of ” this I have already seen“The adventure of Egypt was a fantastic game, and the changes and novelties of Odyssey (which are not few) fit perfectly with the already established, its quality is outstanding, and manage to forge a product that is, by all accounts, better, What’s more, if you skipped the Egyptian adventure last year, do not be afraid to raise the note to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey a few points, up to the height of Origins … and even beyond.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Analysis

So, one more year, it’s hard not to recommend Assassin’s Creed again, and not just the fans of the franchise: if you like open-world RPGs, you’d do well not to lose sight of the Greek Odyssey.

Historically speaking, we come to one of the most outstanding months in video games, where projects of all kinds are launched day after day. It is, in addition, the traditional month for sagas like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, with annual deliveries that decide to be released at the beginning of autumn to arrive with the pull to the Christmas season. The latter, for example, ceased to be annual during the period between Syndicate and Origins, giving us a great change of gameplay that is now maintained with Origins, the second installment of this kind of reboot.

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But is it a new game or a kind of expansion? We could really think about the second, since the graphics engine is the same, although improved, the progression itself is similar and, really, the biggest change is the story that is narrated. But no, it is not an expansion sold at full price: it is a new adventure that recovers what was established in the previous installment to reach a new level of perfection. It is a step forward to improve those weaknesses that had Origins and, without advancing events, takes the opportunity to offer the best delivery of the franchise, by far. We went to dissect one of the candidates for GOTY this year.

Kassandra and Alexios: two characters, an epic story

The subtitle of Odyssey is not put to chance: Homer’s Odyssey is a poem written by this well-known poet composed of 24 songs that narrate the return home, after the Trojan War, of the Greek hero Odyssey ; After being away for ten years fighting on the battlefront, Odysseus takes another ten years to return to Ithaca, where he had the title of king. It is that trip that is represented, more or less similarly, in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Kassandra or Alexios, the character we choose, will embark on a journey in search of the truth that will cost them blood, sweat, and tears.

Whoever has read this literary work will know that the main hero uses his own cunning to get out of many situations; In the video game, this cunning is represented in a large system of decisions implemented. These decisions not only take place in the main missions but also in the secondary and minor dialogues. It is true that not all have consequences in the plot, but the player discovers a new form of interactivity in the plot to build the own personality of Kassandra and Alexios.

Assassin’s Creed Origins regained interest in a saga that for many installments could not find the key to innovation: without moving away from other Western role and adventure banners ( The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls or their own legacy), Origins became in a role and action adventure in which the progression became one of the most important elements: level up and improve your team, or you will perish against the fearsome enemies. Even so, one could still improve more and for that reason, a year later, Assassins’Creed Odyssey arrives.

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For example, we can make decisions that avoid fighting a secondary mission if we save a group of rebels who stole food to survive the Spartans; but we can also kill them to obtain a juicy reward that otherwise would not be achieved, or we can decide to believe one character and not another. Here we put another example of a secondary to not gut too much: a soldier steals in a camp. Do we let him escape while he gives us the stolen object? Or do we kill him even with that gesture?

During the main argument, which can certainly go to more than 50 hours of play, decisions are usually in each dialogue: decisions that build the personality of the main characters (one or the other) or decisions that influence the face of the story. There are also physical decisions if we defeat civilians, at which point certain mercenaries will come out in our search, although we will go into that later.

But if something has trapped us in history, it is the background that each of the characters has: they are from Kefalonia, a land far from civilization in which the rhythm of life is very different from that on the mainland. There Kassandra has been brought up, our chosen character, under the tutelage of a very special mentor who sends us to different tasks; instead, a fact causes us to leave there in search of answers: from Ubisoft we are advised not to mention important elements of this plot and it is for a reason. It will taste a lot and is much better taken than previous deliveries. The weight of the present, on the other hand, is not as important as it once was, but it will be a breath of fresh air amid so much odyssey.

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Beyond controlling a woman or a man, the plot does not change; instead, the story takes on a much more feminist nuance with Kassandra. The struggle of a young woman who appears on a hostile island and finds a father figure in her mentor; the search for truth through violent struggle. A mercenary who will do everything possible to take revenge. Without a doubt, we believe that the story has been written with Kassandra in mind.

The role goes deep into the saga with several references in mind

Already with Assassin’s Creed Origins, we found an action game with very interesting RPG touches that expanded the possibilities at the time of playing: it was important to have a good team and a level around the enemies. Instead, here everything acquires a nuance: we will explain everything in detail. In some moments we will have to carry out secondary missions if we want to defeat that enemy that resists us or that mercenary who is pursuing us; in others, the secondary missions are destined to obtain a better equipment, with a very similar way of obtaining it to Destiny. Each piece has its own special characteristics and abilities, and they range from normal to rare, even legendary (gray, blue or gold are their colors). Which, by the way, the team looks at the character at all times.

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In this sense, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has made the player notice every improvement in the equipment, something that was not achieved with total efficiency in the previous delivery. They have polished this detail and the level rise, which will allow greater attack power and health. Another element that we liked has been his skill tree, divided into Hunting, Assassination, and Attack. Each branch will be important to expand it to obtain new attacks that are assigned to buttons L2 and R2: it will be important to have special abilities both when attacking normally (shooting an enemy, subjugating it or curing our health) and at the time of use the bow, with poisoned arrows or a triple shot.

For its part, the combat system allows us to perform simple and complex attacks in conjunction with the skills and the bow. Reading these lines, therefore, you will agree that Ubisoft has taken several success sagas as The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls or Fallout to create their own role and action adventure. The saga is no longer just a video game of action and stealth (which is still important, especially in areas with many enemies resorting to murder in the shadows), but is an RPG, simplified, with all the letters.

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Perhaps we are not completely convinced that over time we are getting too many pieces of equipment and weapons (ranging from axes, swords, daggers, and sticks, to others that are appearing with the hours of play) that accumulate in the inventory until we get rid of them: it is a direct consequence of that equipment obtained as in Destiny that we have already mentioned, and that although it implies having a slow non-stop progression, it also makes the inventory saturated. As with many objects (we do not speak of the “mission”) that we receive and do not serve (except also the materials to improve weapons or impregnate engravings on equipment that give them skills such as expanding the capacity of assassination or attack).

Finally, talk about the Exploration mode: it is another of the novelties announced a few months ago. A modality that, far from offering us each mission objective, offers us clues such as the approximate location on the map. There are still a lot of icons on the map and the compass, but discovering these objectives autonomously and thinking is a very interesting discovery bonus. Of course, this is not a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We continue to be in an adventure with more or less guided missions, with different possibilities (action or stealth) but in which we know at all times where to go.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey understands the game as a service and embraces it

Another element that the most current video games are implementing is that of the game as a service: that is, we not only have the main story, even if it is a single player title but many secondary activities, some of which appear over time, that allows us to be almost eternal projects. After more than 50 hours of the main history, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey still has a lot to do: naval battles throughout Greece, secondary contracts, secondary missions that even believing that they are finished, continue appearing all over the map, locations in? that hide treasures, texts with secret places that hide treasures, old tablets…

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But not only that: Middle Earth – Shades of Mordor showed his Nemesis system. Here is not exactly the same, but we will have mercenaries that if we carry out activities against them they will look for us because our head has a price and a reward. And if you enter the official website, you will see a section that is ” Cult of Kosmos ” that we are not allowed to disclose but that will offer you very interesting moments.

We mention two essential elements at this point: the ships and the secondary missions. The boat, on the one hand, returns to acquire the importance it had in Black Flag and we can improve many elements of the same in addition to imposing up to 4 lieutenants who expand the ability to attack with their own characteristics. Characters that can be “acquired” by fulfilling certain primary or secondary missions that cause them to join our crew.

As for the secondary missions, say that they have surprised us a lot: almost all of them have scenes with dialogues between characters and as we have already pointed out a while ago in this reading, they can also contain decisions. It is true that there are other missions, such as contracts, which are more repetitive but are not “obligatory” to get everything done. Moreover, they seem to be, without being able to confirm it, that they are missions that appear over time, some of them having a time limit (real).

There are secondary missions, in addition, which extend into different story arcs that not only cover unknown characters, but we can meet legendary heroes or poets that any classical philologist will enjoy.

Beauty, first of all

The graphical section of the game is overwhelming: we will not deny that it is technically far from other titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4: The Thief’s Desenlace or Forza Horizon 4 , especially in terms of textures in some elements such as stones or trees but artistically it is a delight. Greece is much more varied than Egypt and it is something that is noticeable from the first moment. Then there is the sea: water is one of the best representations we have ever seen and is complemented by a very realistic lighting that was reflected in it.

Also, in how many games is it possible to discuss with Socrates?


With Odyssey, Ubisoft has built the largest Assassin’s Creed to date. An action open-world RPG simply huge, at the height of the greats of the genre, that no fan of this type of games should be lost.

The Best

  • It is a COLOSSAL game. Great evolution of the RPG aspects. Graphically fly very high again. Decisions with tangible effects on history …


  • Although sometimes we are “forced” to follow a path. Having Origins so recent and taking it as a base, the feeling of deja vu is inevitable.

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