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Best Android Emulator of 2019

Best Android Emulator of 2019: What is an emulator? emulators are programs created with a reverse engineering process which will bring us old glories of gaming from our past to play on our devices. In this post, we will review the various emulators for Android that are free in Google Play. And it is without a doubt that this is a very personal article, I remember those afternoons in which I was addicted to the arcade machines that were in a bar full of slot machines imbued with the noise and colors of the circa of the prizes of the slot machines. But … let’s go back to the topic that interests us!

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Best Android Emulator of 2019

Some of them are in the experimental phase and will require a really powerful mobile device for the Android emulator to perform at an acceptable speed. However, most of them do not ask for too many requirements.

We can play the “Mario Bros” of the Nes or the “Sonic” of Megadrive or a game of 5 turkeys, here I leave the ones I found for Android. And for me, emulators are the best mobile apps that every video game lover should have. I will expand the list gradually.

The emulators for Android, are those programs that allow us to go back to the past and be able to live old memories in a few inches.

Best Android Emulator

Surely, some of you will have used some type of emulator at some time in your life. And the feeling that we wake up these apps are so melancholic that allow us to go back to our childhood. This is extendable to Android emulators of course. And is that we can relive in the palm of our hand those afternoons of Mario Bros with an NES emulator or play big title of the sony bold thanks to the PSP Android emulator. But before continuing with the exciting world of Android emulators, let’s see exactly what an emulator is, let’s go … its technical definition.

What is an Android Emulator?

In computer science, an emulator is a software that allows executing programs or video games in a platform (it is a hardware architecture or an operating system) different from that for which they were originally written. Unlike a simulator, which only tries to reproduce the behavior of the program, an emulator tries to precisely model the device so that it functions as if it were being used in the original device.

Well now that we know what an emulator is, let’s see what the best Android 2019 emulators are.

What Is The Best Emulator for Android 2019?

Uff difficult answer … for me one of the best emulators for Android without a doubt is PPSSPP, which allows us to enjoy the legendary titles of the bold of Sony. Another Android emulator that is also epic is Drastic which is undoubtedly the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android.

But if you have a high-end device that I definitely recommend is Dolphin. This is one of the most incredible Android 2019 emulators since it will allow us to enjoy the Wii and Gamecube titles on our mobile phones.

Well … no more chatter! since the book of taste is blank I leave you with a complete list of the best emulators of Android 2019, serve yourselves!

Best Emulators for Android 2019 The Final List

I have made this list for months with the best android emulators 2019. In this post, you will find the emulator Gamecube, the PS2 emulator for Android and even the emulator NDS Android and many more. I hope you enjoy this post in the same way that I have enjoyed writing it for you.

PSP Emulator for Android – PPSSPP

It is the jewel in the crown, it is completely updated daily. It should be noted that it works quite well in Quad Core devices (in Dual Core it works well depending on the game). This emulator for Android is excellent for its optimization and the speed with which it is updated. In short, an Android emulator that should not be missing from your app drawer.

Today, this Android PSP emulator is one of the most updated Android emulators. Behind him, he has a community that supports him a lot. We can even run some games for PPSSPP emulator at a more than acceptable speed, even on some mobile devices with some years.

According to its developer, a bit later, an increase in speed is expected in the ppsspp games, thanks to the VULKAN API, which will be the replacement for OpenGL, which will come standard on Android N, providing great performance to the emulator. Android PSP.

Download The PSP Android Emulator

NDS Emulator for Android – DRASTIC

It is the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android, it goes very well in mid-range devices and some dual core. Although the price is somewhat excessive (€4.49), it is worth investing in your purchase, because we can play all Nintendo DS games on our mobile devices whether Smartphones or Tablets.

What I like about DRASTIC is its tremendous optimization, since as I mentioned above, it works perfectly on medium and low- end devices. Although some NDS ROMS can resist, for this, we have many options that will allow us to optimize this emulator for Android.

And if you are lucky enough to have a high-end device, you can add effects that are not present in the original Nintendo DS console, such as for example Graphic filters, multiply the resolution, better sound quality, etc.

For those who do not want to spend what is worth DRASTIC, you should know that this emulator for Android has a free version, but with certain limitations.

  • With DRASTIC Demo you can only play half an hour at the NDS ROMS.
  • With DRASTIC Demo you will not be able to save the games.

If you do not like the idea of ​​trying the DRASTIC demo, I recommend NDS4DROID, one of those NDS emulators for Android totally free and without limitations, the only bad thing is that it is not so optimized and the speed is much slower than in DRASTIC. But you must know that I have passed Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors 2 and Dragon Ball Z Attack of Sayans in the emulator NDS4DROID, without problems.

Download NDS Emulator for Android

You can get this fantastic NDS Android emulator from the following links:!

SNES Emulator (Super Nintendo) Android – SNES9X EX+

Snes9X EX+ is one of those emulators for Android that should not be missing from your repertoire. This emulator goes very well in medium and low range devices.

This SNES emulator for android is great to play the great classics of the Super Nintendo.

With Snes9X EX +, you can enjoy excellent optimizations, since depending on the power of your device you can add graphics filters to games or better sound quality.

Snes9X EX + is one of the most used best emulators for Android since it allows me to play classic SNES games quickly and instantaneously, thanks to its automatic saving (Savestate).

Download The Best Emulator Snes Android 2019

Snes9x EX + is one of the best emulators for Android that should not be missing from your device. You can get it directly from Google Play from here.

You can get this fantastic NDS Android emulator from the following links:!

Game Cube and Wii emulator for Android – DOLPHIN

This emulator for Android is in the very early stages of development, the emulator initially developed for 32bit Android devices has been forgotten, the developer is working on 64-bit devices, it is very slow and has many graphics problems but if they want it to try here I leave the links. This is a mobile emulator that will squeeze your device to the limit.

You’ll need a mobile really powerful if you want to move smoothly this emulator Android, it recommends a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S7, although in this post you can see a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 PRO running the Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 for Wii with relative fluidity, in the dolphin emulator.

Download The Wii Android Emulator

Dreamcast Emulator for Android – REICAST

This is another of those emulators for Android that should not be missing in your collection. The emulator is going really well despite the power of this late console. In devices of low-average range, you can play without a problem.

And is that today Reicast is one of the best Android emulators since it allows us to enjoy a large catalog of Sega Dreamcast games by moving them quite fluently and in HD.

The only drawback is that Reicast is one of those emulators for Android that need BIOS to run the roms. Although this is solved with a simple search on the internet.

How are the Bios Reicast Files Called?

Well, the files have the following names: ( dc_boot.bin and dc_flash.bin ). These files will have to put them inside the “Data” folder which will be inside the folder of this Android emulator.

Where do we keep the ROMS of Reicast?

The good thing about Reicast is that it is one of those emulators for Android that allow us to save their games in any folder. Just enough to create a folder type “games Reicast” and move our roms there.

Reicast supports multiple formats of roms such as .gdi. CHD (v4) and even .cdi but the latter is discouraged due to problems with compatibility.

Download Reicast One Of The Best Emulators For Google Play Android

You can access Reicast one of the best Android emulators of all Google Play from the following link.

Megadrive Emulator for Android

This emulator for Android is great because you can find it free on Google Play and it will also work on any low-end mobile device:

So you’re already taking a Google search for a Megadrive game pack to enjoy this gem.

  • Google Play   |   MD.EMU

Yabause – Sega Saturn Emulator for Android

Yabause is those Android emulators that ask for a lot of requirements. You will need a last generation device of range-medium or high and with support for OpenGL 3.0. It is in the beta phase so do not expect too much as you can always find it free on Google Play.

DamonPS2 PRO The Best PS2 Emulator for Android

DamonPS2 PRO is the new PS2 emulator for Android, is characterized by being very powerful and optimized and that just came out. However, they are of those Android emulators that are subject to controversy since they have used the source code of the PPSSPP emulator.

The only problem with this Ps2 emulator for Android is its price (€ 9.9). You can purchase the game directly from Google Play.

Play!, the Ps2 emulator for Android

Yes, as you read, there is the ps2 emulator for Android, its name is Play! .Play!, is one of those emulators for Android, which will resist being able to run in an acceptable way any game in the PlayStation 2 catalog, because it is not yet optimized and there is no smartphone or tablet that runs any game at decent speed. If you want to try it here I leave the link to  download ps2 emulator for Android and a video of my Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime, running the Dragonball Z Infinite World of Ps2 on Android.

Also, note that this Ps2 on Android has a pretty animated forum in which the developer of the project exposes its latest developments.

You can access the Ps2 forum on Android at this link. As I said before this ps2 Android emulator, it is not completely refined, recently they have incorporated sound, which leaves a lot to be desired, but little by little we are seeing what is to come and that is to emulate the Ps2 in Android is the dream of many of us.

In case you are left with the doubt of trying some file to test the ps2 Android emulator,I leave a link of some demos of PS2  in format.elf, to see how the emulator behaves in terms of shadows, polygons per seconds and more.

Citra 3DS Emulator for Android

It is already official, a programmer along with the team of official developers are taking care of the Citra portal from PC to Android. At the moment it is still in alpha phase, it works at 3 to 15 fps and it requires a very powerful team with a minimum Snapdragon, but it paints very well. Here you have more information about the 3DS emulator for Android.

Gameboy Emulator for Android

Gameboy, the first portable console, can also be emulated. GBC.emu is one of those emulators for Android that weigh very little and will work on any Smartphone, even very low-end:

PlayStation Emulator for Android

The PSX was one of the most sold consoles in history, now you can enjoy it on Android thanks to its ePSXe emulator :

GBA.emu, the GameBoy Advance emulator for Android

The successor of the original Gameboy also has an emulator for Android, its name, GBA.emu:

  • Google Play   |     GBA.emu

Mame4Droid, play the arcade machines on your Android

Mame4Droid is without a doubt the jewel of this list. It is one of those emulators for Android that will attract all audiences from the oldest to the smallest. A very nostalgic emulator.

Download from the following links!

aFBA, CPS2 Emulator for Android

aFBA, was an old emulator that emerged more than 15 years ago at the dawn of the internet.  This android emulator called aFBA is the abbreviation of Final Burn Alpha, a legendary PC emulator which was the first to run the CPS2 or as we knew the CP System II that was the second generation of CAPCOM base plates.

The fact is that a user of the XDA Developers forum has managed to port the emulator to Android. Therefore we can enjoy great titles of CP2 like 1944, 19XX, Alien vs Predator, Xmen vs Street Fighters or Marvel SuperHeroes vs Street Fighters among others.

But aFBA is not limited only there, no, over time this emulator for Android has become cross-platform, not only can we run CPS2 on Android, no, we can also run other platforms such as Sega Genesis, Snes, CPS1, CPS2, CPS2, and NEO GEO among many others.

emulator for android

Another thing that I liked about the CPS2 emulator for Android, is that the  ROMS are perfectly organized according to title and platform with its corresponding icon per game, which represents a very attractive design. If you like emulators for Android, aFBA should not be missing from your collection.

  • Google Play |  aFBA

Nesboy!, Nintendo Emulator for Android

No official nintendo games for Android have yet appeared, we just have to settle for Miitomo, the only Nintendo app that currently exists on Google Play.

But do not worry that once again and thanks to the emulation, we have a great Nintendo emulator for Android, its name: Nesboy!.

Nesboy! is a great Nes emulator for Android, which has already taken more than a year on Google Play, has not enjoyed the popularity of which should be gala. And that is with Nesboy! we are, with one of those Android apps that every «gamer»should have installed on your Tablet or Smart Phone.

Nesboy!, is one of those emulators for Android that will allow us to play online multiplayer online games, yes, provided that we are under the same Wifi network, you can already play Super Mario Nes Online with a friend!.

This Nintendo emulator for Android supports Nintendo ROMS either uncompressed or compressed in ZIP format.

  • Google Play |  Nesboy!

Neo.Emu, Neo Geo Android Emulator

Neo Geo was a great game console in the early 90s, despite being of 16 bits, competing in another league compared to the Super Nintendo and Megadrive, since both arcades of Neo Geo as their version of the home console used the same motherboard.

Neo Geo was characterized by sublime 2D graphics and no less spectacular sound effects. That is why a game of Neo Geo of the time, could cost a whopping 30,000 pesetas the cheapest (180 €) since it was like having the video game at home.

Thanks to the best emulators for Android, we can continue enjoying the classics of always in our Android phones and tablets, all with an incredible fluidity because this emulator for Android works perfectly in the devices of low-medium range.

The name of this Neo Geo emulator for Android is Neo.Emu and we can enjoy it in its two modes of payment and free. To execute it you will have to put the bios of Neo Geo in the same folder that you have the ROMS of Neo Geo, the bios are called neogeo.zip and you can download it here.


MegaN64, Nintendo 64 emulator for Android

Nintendo 64 was the first 64-bit video game console and the successor to the Super Nintendo.  Despite its great power for the time, it could not do anything against the growing demand for the CD-ROM that had made fashionable the Sony PlayStation, since it put multimedia content on the agenda. While the support of games in cartridge went little by little in disuse, although we are before one of the best video consoles of all time.

The journey of the great Nintendo 64 came to an end in 2003, the company retired by the Nintendo Game Cube, which was a resounding failure.

If you still want to play the Nintendo 64, you can do it thanks to the emulators for Android, this time the app responsible for bringing this console from Nintendo is called MegaN64.

MegaN64 one of the great emulators for Android, for undemanding devices.

You can run MegaN64 on low-mid-range devices, adjust the resolution or apply some frameskip if the N64 games resist you.

Nostalgia.GG the Sega Game Gear emulator for Android

The Game Gear was the portable console of SEGA, had great success but could not face the demand for GameBoy. But thanks to the emulators for Android, we can run any game of the Sega Game Gear on our devices.

This android emulator is characterized by being quite efficient, even in low-end devices. You can easily find the Game Gear Roms by Google. Once downloaded the games in ZIP, we run the emulator of the Game Gear and we give «Search».

After a few seconds, the game will appear in the list and we can execute it.

2600 (emu for Atari) Android emulator of Atari 2600

2600 (emu for Atari) is one of those emulators for Android that will wake you up a lot of nostalgia. And is that the Atari 2600 was a console that did not leave anyone indifferent. And in it, we could spend hours with those legendary games of the 80s. From the legendary “Pacman” to the “Pong” no doubt the Atari games were wonderful.

Once again and thanks to the emulators for Android, we can enjoy Atari games on our mobile phones. And the best thing is that this Android emulator has few requirements, so you can run it on very low-end mobile phones.

If you want to download Atari ROMS, it is very easy to put in the Google search engine «Roms de Atari 2600», it will be enough.

Unreal Speccy the best ZX Spectrum emulator for Android

If you are over 30 years old, you will surely remember the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K. For those who do not know was an incredible home computer whose means of storing games was music tapes.

Now, thanks to the Android emulators, we can relive those carefree afternoons in which the only important thing was to play and have fun.

And is that Unreal Speccy is one of those emulators for Android that like 2600 (emu for Atari) will take a smile out of your face.

To download the games from this computer we will only have to put “Spectrum ROMS” on Google.

MSX.emu – play MSX again thanks to this Android emulator

If before we saw  Unreal Speccy the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K emulator, now it’s the turn of MSX.emu. And we’re talking about one of the emulators for Android by MSX, which was one of the home computers competing against Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore.

What was MSX?

The MSX was a home computer which occupied a space in our hearts since the mid-80s to early 90s.

What emulators for android are there to simulate MSX?

There are several, but MSX.emu is the best Android emulator that I have found to simulate this platform. Because it is compatible with ARM microprocessors, it ensures its perfect operation in low-end mobile phones and tablets.

How to download MSX.emu emulator games?

To download the MSX ROMS, just put the following in the Google search engine :

«MSX Roms»

You can  download the MSX emulator for Android  from the following link:

RetroArch – Great Android Multiplataforma emulator ideal to emulate WonderSwan

RetroArch is one of those most versatile Android emulators since it is multiplatform. Specifically, I use it to be able to execute titles of the extinct Bandai portable console, we are talking about the WonderSwan Color.

How to configure RetroArch to run WonderSwan ROMS Color of Bandai

It is as simple as downloading WonderSwan Color ROMS and putting them in a folder, then we run the WonderSwan emulator and follow the instructions below:

  1. We press the icon of the photo
  2. We give Scan Directory and look for the folder where we have put the WonderSwan Color ROMS of Bandai

Once RetroArch detects the WonderSwan games, we return to the previous screen and press where it says Bandai – WonderSwan Color, we choose the title that we want to play and we give “RUN”.

If you have not been very clear about how to emulate the WonderSwan Color on Android, here is a video where I explain it easily:

Magic DosBox The Best MSDos Emulator for Android

Who does not miss playing the mythical games of MSDOS ? Well now it is very easy to relive those times in which the operating system that was leading was the predecessor of Windows. The truth is that this OS left us incredibly good games and for the nostalgic, we can now play on our Smartphones and Tablets. This is possible thanks to the emulators for Android since they have achieved a 100% functional port of this everyday ecosystem of our old PCs.

This emulator is called Magic DosBox and is a port of DosBox Turbo but unlike this one, Magic DosBox APK is totally free.

How to Configure Magic DosBox Android

If you want to know how to configure this MSDOS emulator for Android, you have a Magic DosBox video tutorial below.

Download Magic DosBox APK

You can download Magic DosBox APK from the following link:

Freedoom The Best DOOM Android Emulator

If you liked Magic DosBox but you want something more concrete to play DOOM on Android I recommend Freedoom, the best Android emulator to run extensions of PC WAD games.

Download This Doom Android Emulator

Install one of the best DOOM Android emulators directly from Google Play in the following link.

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What are your favorite Android emulators? Do you think that one of them is missing from the list? You would do me a great favor commenting and we could update it together,  what do you think?

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