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Best Android Launcher Apps of 2019 – Our Top Picks

List of Best Android Launcher App: We are delighted with our operating system, and it is an open secret. However, sometimes we end up bored of always seeing the same interface, but there is no need to worry since one of the advantages that Android has is precisely the customization.

Best Android Launcher

Have you heard about the launchers? I’m sure you know what I mean, certain applications that allow us to modify the appearance of our smartphone to the fullest. For that reason, we have thought that it would be a good idea to bring you the best launchers that exist for Best Android Apps.

Best Android Launcher App APK Free

In broad strokes and so that we understand each and everyone, it is a graphic interface that allows you to personalize your mobile or tablet completely, as well as navigate through it.

That is, once the “launcher” is installed on your terminal, you can interact with your device, so you can change everything that is visible: icons, transitions, letters, colors, backgrounds, widgets, home screen, notifications menu, desktop apps and much more.

In case this definition has not made clear to you what a launcher is, you should know that it is like an app that you download from Google Play and that allows you to change everything with just a few clicks, very intuitively. Instead of seeing the programming code of everything Android is doing, we see it all nice and very easy to navigate.

When buying the mobile or tablet, it already comes with an integrated one, but we can download other ones better or aesthetically we like them more. Generally, the one that comes installed by default is customized by the same manufacturer of the phone or tablet.

For example, LG smartphones use the LG UX launcher, designed for all the features that this brand gives you and all LG devices that you can synchronize with your mobile.

On the other hand, if you have a Samsung phone, it comes with TouchWiz, which allows you to do a face wash on your device. In the case of the Korean brand interface, we can use gestures to open specific apps, change widgets or play games.

As the last example, we tell you about the Chinese of OnePlus, which have Oxygen installed in the factory, fast and efficient, reminiscent of the experience of using Google Pixel.

How to Install or change Best Android Launcher App

You have the Android phone or tablet you have; it is always possible to install or change the launcher that comes with default. In fact, the ability to customize both our device is one of the clear advantages of the Android OS over iOS even today.

To change Android launcher you do not have to break your head, it’s very simple:

Go to Google Play and search for “laQuncher.” Browse through the results, see opinions, screenshots, and features until you find the one you like the most – if you do not know which one to choose, here we show you the Best Free Apps for android 2018.

Download the launcher – app that you like the most and install it like any other application.

Click on the new icon or widget that appears on your mobile screen and put it as the main launcher (it will give you the option).

From now on you can configure the phone to your liking. Change the animations of the Home, add the widgets you want or put a theme that fits your tastes and lifestyle.

The possibilities that the launchers give you are endless -well, no, but almost. The best launcher in Spanish for Android free will guarantee total control over your device; an absolute customization adapted to your needs.

Keep reading to see the best launchers for Android. Do not miss them!

Delete or uninstall

If you have installed one (of this list or another) and do not want it anymore, you can uninstall these Best Android Launcher App easily, just as if it were any other application. That is, according to your mobile or tablet model, the process will be one or the other.

The two most common uninstall methods are:

  • Settings / Applications and here, find the launcher and uninstall it.
  • Drag the icon of the launcher to a recycling bin, in the case of Xiaomi mobile phones, for example.

What is the best Android launcher?

Then we bring you a super list of the best launcher for Best Android Launcher App for Android FREE, easy to download on Google Play, and very complete and intuitive. Remember to follow our download links, which take you to the official stores or trusted websites, to avoid malware or viruses on your electronic devices.

1. Nova Launcher

nova launcher best android launcherOva, despite not being one of the “new”, is still in the TOP 1 of all the lists you find out there. And it is still one of the most offered, and also for free.

The launcher Nova is light and customizable and guarantees absolute control of the graphics interface of our tablet or smartphone: every little detail you can adjust and set to your liking, from the size of the widgets to the animations.

Nova Launcher allows you to do a lot of things and customize your terminal to the maximum:

  • Change icons there are THOUSANDS of icon packs on Google Play perfectly compatible with Nova.
  • Place the icons where you want, without having to adjust to the typical grids.
  • Change the colors of everything you want.
  • Change the type of scrolling (vertical, horizontal and infinity), the tabs or the effects in general.
  • It allows you to make simple backups or system restorations.

As expected (otherwise, it would not be as popular), Nova is compatible with Android 7.0 Nougat, as well as with previous versions. In addition, does not consume excess battery, which makes everything more fluid and does not despair.

One of the most curious points is that you can make your mobile unique thanks to the community of Nova, a place where users upload their own themes compatible with the launcher. You’ll find them in the “Themes” or “Themes” part of the app.

Download Nova Launcher free can be done (and is our recommendation) directly from Google Play. And, if you’re left wanting, you can buy Nova Prime: it has popular features, like hiding icons and many more effects.

In addition, it allows your system, in general, to go faster and navigation on your mobile is more efficient

One of the guarantees of its success is that it adapts to changes in Android models and thus, it is always compatible with terminals. From Android 4.0 to the most current, as we told you at the beginning.

2. Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher Best Android Launcher App

Is there something that Google has not gotten a hand? We have not found it yet. The Pixel L of Google comes to us as an example for this list. We found it in our TOP 3 despite being exclusive for Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

Actually, Pixel Launcher can be installed on any Android, provided it is at least 5.0 Lollipop. Of course, with some other limitation (you can not go to Google’s personalized cards). To install it you must do the following:

  • Delete any APK referring to Pixel from your terminal.
  • Download the unofficial APK and install. Remember to allow installation of applications by unknown sources or third parties.
  • Run the apk and ready.

Pixel is fast and lightly developed to be used in Google Pixel and Pixel XL terminals. It is, with almost all security, the launcher that consumes less battery than all that exists today. That is largely because it only has essential functions.

The objective of Pixel is to offer the user the best possible experience with the Android operating system, designed especially for Google phones, but applicable to any other model with the APK. In turn, it has the personal assistants of Google Now and Google Assistant (which is like Google’s Siri).

This application allows you to customize the mobile to your liking, from the ” swipes ” (the way to slide screen from one side to another, to the icons, widgets, scrolling, suggestions of apps, shortcuts and much more.

What Pixel does is bring to your smartphone the graphical interface of Android O, the latest version of this operating system. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher and you can find it in the Play Store officially. If you have an Android 7.1 Nougat or higher, you must access it through the.

3. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher Best Android Launcher App

If you are tired of the same transitions, scrollings and everything that launchers offer for Android, Evie may be your solution. It is a graphic interface that is very different from its competitors:

  • Its elegant, minimalist and modern design give it a special touch.
  • It is one of the newest and fastest launchers in the market.
  • It has wallpapers very original motion.
  • You can customize everything: icon grills, home screen, widgets design and much more.
  • It allows data backup and restoration with a single touch of a finger.
  • In addition, it is constantly updated, it is very intuitive, easy to use and navigate, can you ask for more? Made by and for Android users.

4. CyanogenMod Launcher

If you spend styling or minimalist scrolls and what you want is that your mobile has a pure Android appearance, CyanogenMod is one of the best to install. S simplicity and efficiency in its pure state. The truth is that it is a good launcher for Android without advertising, despite not being the newest.

CyanogenMod Launcher Best Android Launcher App

On the other hand, do not think that it has become obsolete: its developers have been updating as the years passed. Unfortunately, the disagreements between them have meant that since last December there are no more ROMS of CyanogenMod.

David Allex, one of the main people in charge of CyanogenMod, did not want to leave us behind and has made a similar and new launcher called AOSP. They have fewer personalization options than the Nova, for example, but it’s also great.

5. CM Launcher 3D

The theme of 3D, virtual reality and augmented is fashionable, there is no denying it. There have already been several new launchers of 2018 that have wanted to get the subject of 3D in your pocket. But none has done it as well as Cheetah Mobile’s.

CM Launcher 3D Best Android Launcher App

10 thousand 3D themes, lock screens, contact backgrounds, icons and wallpapers… you will not know which one to choose!

  • Animation effects and transitions, as well as widgets and themes in 3D.
  • ABSOLUTE customization.
  • Built-in security features, such as an application to block screen without a button, anti-theft methods, hidden applications and own antivirus.
  • Optimization of your smartphone to work faster.
  • Wi-Fi network audit.
  • Basic tools, such as the flashlight or the calculator.
  • If you were looking for a VERY complete, new, free, without advertising and 3D effects, CM is the one you were looking for.

6. Necta Launcher

Have you bought a new mobile from your mother, father, grandfather or grandmother? Do not you think it’s a bit chaotic for them?

Necta Launcher Best Android Launcher AppThe icons are tiny, there are a thousand notifications, the letters do not look good… and that of sliding seems not to be very clear. Make it easy with a phone adapted to seniors!

  • The size, here at least, does matter: very large buttons and large numbers that facilitate reading.
  • Direct contacts on the screen: pressing on the photo of X people, call directly.
  • Camera adapted to facilitate the viewing of the photos and the taking of them (touching any part of the screen)
  • Immediate location to know how to return home through a large map.
  • Search bar (optional), for more advanced searching. Extra tools like a flashlight, that we can incorporate or not.
  • It also works for children’s smartphones!

7. Asus ZenUI Launcher

The Asus brand has developed its own Best Android Launcher App is known as ZenUI and compatible with electronic devices of other brands. It is completely free, in Spanish, without advertising and without subscriptions or payments for extra features. In Asus mobile phones, it is installed by default.

Asus ZenUI Launcher Best Android Launcher App

The ZenUI themes are one of its strengths, as it has many within the app and allows you to customize the interface to the maximum, both colors and sizes, the layout of icons and much more.

The protection of privacy is also one of its points in favor and for which we decided to include ZenUI in this list. The app allows you to put an unlock PIN for Best Android Launcher Apps – remember when we talk about the best apps to block apps?

If the ZenUI launcher does not respond -consultation sent to us by several readers- we recommend that you uninstall it and reinstall it again. Restart your smartphone or tablet after the changes. Read more on how to avoid closing Android applications.

8. Google Now Launcher For Android

Google Now Launcher, developed (obviously) by Google and Google Now integrated. It is compatible with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher, either Android 5 Lollipop or 7.0 Nougat.

Google Now LauncherBest Android Launcher App

The lock screen or wallpapers are some of the options that allow you to customize your way in aspects such as the layout of icons, sizes, colors or wallpapers. All arranged so that the user experience is as comfortable, fast and efficient as possible.

Designed for seniors

If what you wanted was a launcher for older people, surely GNow is the one that satisfies you better. Its interface is the most intuitive and easy to use and adjust. For example, the menu options are in alphabetical order, you can give voice instructions through the “OK Google” command -so, it is much easier to call contacts or read the news.

It’s free and you can download it directly from Google Play, without advertising and very light-it does not occupy or spend battery. Perfect for newbies in technology or seniors.

9. Hello Launcher

Hello launcher is possibly the least occupied of all that exists. Only 3MB of weight that thousands and thousands of people around the planet have already gone down with this Best Android Launcher App. Do you want to know why?

Hello Launcher Best Android Launcher App

  • It adapts to all the smartphone and tablets on the market, even with Android 2.3.3 versions (and obviously the later ones).
  • The user experience is excellent. Being very manageable and intuitive.
  • The battery consumption is minimal.
  • It has interesting and exclusive gestures, like the smart menu.
  • To uninstall Helo Launcher just do as you would with any other app on the phone, being the most common from Settings.

The Hello search box allows you to quickly search for applications, websites or contacts on your phone. It is a very customizable launcher, free and downloadable from Google Play.

10. Smart Launcher 3

The Launcher 3, also known as the “Smart” in front of the name, is one of the simplest, fastest and lightest we can find today in Google Play. It is one of the most downloaded minimalist launchers, also for its large number of available options.

Smart Launcher 3 Best Android Launcher App

The layout of the applications is no longer in alphabetical order as it happened in Google Now, but they are placed by their functionality. It also has an integrated search bar, so you can find everything inside your terminal.

Launcher3 stopped: what do I do?

If Launcher3 stopped at your terminal, you have several options to solve it. Our first advice is to go to Settings / Applications and once inside the app, Stop the app or Force Close. Reopen the app/launcher from the start menu. If it does not work for you later, uninstall and reinstall.

It also allows you to choose from dozens of themes and fund possibilities for blocking screens, apart from being compatible with almost all the icon packs on Google Play, including those created by the community.

A password chosen by you will protect your apps and files from intruders, which gives you extra security that others do not have. It also has the possibility to put 3D animations.

The simple version can be downloaded in Google Play completely free, although if you want to unlock all the functions, you must purchase the Pro version.

11. Go Launcher

Fast, intuitive and fast: these three words perfectly define the essence of Go Launcher. In this, you will find endless possibilities of personalization of the interface of your Android mobile or tablet: widgets, gestures, themes, backgrounds and many other tools, such as 3D animations.

Go Launcher best andriod launcher app

They also take the subject of privacy very seriously and allow you to manage access to your mobile’s applications and files. You can put a personalized password to enter according to where and thus avoid curious looks.

12. Arrow Launcher

This launcher is developed by Microsoft Best Android Launcher App. Before you run out I’ll tell you a few reasons for you to consider it. First of all, it looks very different from the rest, it has no bloatware and it is free, so nothing happens to try.

Arrow Launcher Best Android Launcher App

This Best Android Launcher App does not put ornaments or animations and is more aimed at commercial users. This is evident in their quite flat wallpapers and home screens with titles such as People and Reminders. The latter is a screen dedicated to appointments, tasks, and reminders that you can not miss, you can even integrate tasks applications such as Wunderlist.

Another of these interesting screens is that of Recent. In it, we find files and recent actions by topics such as images, downloads, contacts, etc.

With Arrow, you can use customized icon packages but it is not a launcher that focuses on the visual aspect, your bet is totally aimed at productivity. Of course, it is fresh and unique.

13. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has good features in both the free and paid version, and neither has ads or bloatware. Apex is quite similar to Nova, offering a large amount of customization which you can even export to other devices thanks to a configuration file. It also supports a large number of themes, icon packs, and wallpapers. Its start button can be customized to host more than one action.

Apex Launcher Best Android Launcher App

One of the most interesting features of Apex is that you can configure several application bars in the background of the screen. Normally there are only four applications and the access drawer applications, but with this launcher you can slide the bar to the sides to have more applications.

14. Action Launcher

Shortly after the presentation of Material Design, developer Chris Lacy persuaded Action Launcher Best Android Launcher App. This launcher was one of the first to offer an app display list aligned to the left of the home screen, like the famous hamburger menu. Later the launcher has been growing in functions incorporating some as novel as Cover and Shutter.

Action Launcher Best Android Launcher App

Currently has a style similar to Google Pixel Launcher but the possibilities of modification and customization have nothing to do.

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