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Best Android TV Apps 2019

Best Android TV Apps: We offer you the most complete list of apps for Android in which to watch TV. Channels of and the rest of the world public and of payment without forgetting the platforms of films and series in streaming.

Best Android TV Apps

Android mobile phones and tablets are perfect devices to watch TV on them through the Internet. There is a wide variety of apps that are able to offer Live streaming broadcasts from all over the world. There are also applications that allow you to import lists of IPTV channels and even specialized platforms in movies and series exclusively.  Whichever modality you choose, surely there is an app for you and most importantly, free. That is why we have created this list as complete as possible of Best Android apps with which to take advantage of your leisure time.

best android tv apps

20 Apps That works to watch TV

We must warn you: the volatility of Android apps that promise to watch TV is terrible, caused in many cases by the violation of copyright when issuing streams without the corresponding permits. Over time have appeared (and disappeared) hundreds of apps of similar nature, so it is useless to recommend something that does not work.

You TV Player

You TV Player

One of our favorite apps with many TV channels at your fingertips. You just have to navigate through your list of available televisions or add your own channel lists to have them in your hand and wherever you are. Yes, it includes advertising that you will have to close from time to time. It is created by Rulosoft, a regular company in the development of this type of apps. The automatic update sometimes fails, so nothing better than resorting to Malavida.



Mobdro has the same operation as You TV Player, although in this case you can not import lists and the channels depend on the selection of languages ​​that we make in the settings or in the absence of the original language of what is being broadcast in your section. live streamings. The channels are organized in different categories so that it is much easier to find what you are looking for.


WisePlay APK

Wiseplay is another classic video player both stored in memory and coming from M3U lists. To use it to watch TV, you must first have a list of channels that you should search on the Internet, in order to be updated. Once you have imported those lists you will have access to the list of channels they include, so make sure it contains the channels you really want to see.

MX Player

MX Player

Another local video player supports multiple file formats and also with the format of lists that we always look for when it comes to watching TV on Android. This is much simpler and rudimentary, has the right options to enter the address of the lists or to browse the system in search of the videos you already have. As in Wiseplay, if you want to watch TV with MX Player you will have to earn a few list links on the Internet.


The most popular media center version can be a perfect option to watch TV and take advantage of the rest of the functions it offers. For what we are interested in is to watch TV you will have to install the app and also a few addons, the name of the add-ons or extensions that extend the functionality of the app.

Tap TV

Tap TV Apk

Another app that complies with what is promised is TV Tap, with TV channels from around the world in streaming broadcasting 24 hours so you do not lack content. In this case you must take into account several things, on the one hand there are no Spanish channels, and on the other you need to have installed an additional player that is responsible for giving you the image.



Allify puts virtually all the channels of DTT and also does it in a very comfortable and functional interface. It works perfectly, arranges the content in different categories and also has a selection of national radios and Internet in case the TV falls short. Here there is no way to alter the available channels, they are what they are and with them you must stay, you can not import lists of any kind.



With that name there is little doubt about what the function of this app is. This kind of Netflix clone, even if only in name, provides a good catalog of movies and series to see its users, as well as allowing downloading. Sneaks advertising in a somewhat annoying way, but not everything was going to be free. There is current content and previous years and although you have to deal with different links to external video servers at the end you can enjoy what you want normally.


PlayView App Apk

From the same company that You TV Player, this time what is offered is a catalog of series and movies in streaming as it happens in other alternatives of this list as in Pusdede. However, this works worse: it complies with what it promises but scrolling through the menus is much more annoying due to the publicity, and it is more complicated to find the link that works.


kraken tv apk

In Kraken TV all the channels are perfectly organized by countries so you can reproduce directly what you want to see. By clicking on the channel you want, you will be immediately redirected to the live broadcast of that moment. There are hundreds of channels available and the app supports DLNA.

Dragons Feel

Dragons Feel

Another app that to be able to use watching TV needs to import the famous lists of channels that you can find on the Internet, although it is true that you can download some directly from it. The truth is that beyond that work little more can be asked. It may be advisable to use other options such as VLC for Android before, in the end you enjoy some additional function with respect to other players of IPTV lists.

Milu TV

Another alternative available in Milu TV, a more functional app than aesthetics. It allows you to watch the broadcast of national and international channels, and also has a list of movies that you can watch streaming from your mobile or tablet.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV

This app looks a lot like TV Tap on an aesthetic level, but includes a greater categorization of channels. The categorization by countries is mixed a bit with another one referring to the nature of the contents, although it is easy to navigate through the interface and find the TV channel you are looking for. It also has a movie section. Complete and functional, one of the best options on the list.

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ

One of the most complete apps on this list, with numerous TV channels already synchronized inside, an option to import or download new lists of channels from the network and a good catalog of streaming movies to download as well. All packaged in one of the best interfaces of the entire list, what else can you ask for?


vlc media player

Impossible to make a list like this where several apps capable of playing streaming TV and not including VLC, the Android version of the most acclaimed media player are included. As such, you will not directly find television streams to watch, but among its functions is to work with lists of channels to watch online TV, so you have all your capacity at your fingertips in these matters.

IPTV Player Latino

IPTV Player Latino Apk

Another app to work with channel lists, quite simple and functional. All you have to do is add the links, there is no greater complication, using the side menu. Once done, you will have the list of channels that you can display in the form of a list or in the form of a grid. From there to enjoy.



megadede apk

Megadede is the official alternative to Plusdede, a popular app to watch series and free movies that for the usual reasons has stopped giving service. Megadede has taken the database of this development that aims to replace and has created several versions for desktop and mobile devices among which is of course Android. It works perfectly and becomes one of the most powerful alternatives on the list.



Not always you want an infinite stream of TV channels in hundreds of different languages ​​and movies for a tube. If this is your case and you just have the generalist TV you have the official apps that will always be the most comfortable and easy way for the user to watch TV. You can only see what the chains of the house emit at each moment, although in many cases there is an option to watch TV on demand.

Movies and series on Android

The alternatives of this list have been tested one by one and they work in the conditions that we detail in each case until further notice. If your favorite app is not here, tell us in the comments or on our social networks and we will check if we have made a mistake.

RTVE includes the channels of the corporation, such as La 1, La 2 or Teledeporte, in addition to the channels with children’s programming. As a general rule, certain contents are not issued in the app due to problems with broadcasting rights on this platform. The MediaSet group app includes Tele 5, Cuatro or FDF among other channels. The option of Atresplayer as you can imagine offers Antena 3, La Sexta Nova or Neox.

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