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The 10 Best Apps to Watch Anime Free from your Mobile

Best apps to watch anime for free: A great current generation and massive past generations know what Anime is. From large animated productions to games and apps to watch anime for free, are some of the most popular platforms where this genre makes its presence.

Best Apps to Watch Anime Free

Best Apps to Watch Anime Free

What concerns us in this blog is talking about Apps for Android and IOS, so that in the following paragraphs we will comment on Apps seen in the stores of these two major platforms. Surely you are an Anime lover and we will see the best apps to watch anime according to our searches in the stores.

Gotardo Anime

Have at your disposal the best anime of the moment or yesteryear with the following  app to watch free animeGotardo Anime will allow you to enjoy anywhere, the new episodes of your favorite animes, with the function of stream, you will also have the possibility of save for your favorite episodes later, schedule reminders, have a wide selection of anime genres, their release dates and all the episodes at your fingertips, updated every day so that you have the latest entertainment in a quality adaptable to your preferences.

Apps to watch anime from your mobile will earn a place in your heart.

Legion Anime

Enjoy your favorite animes with this app that provides unlimited free episode, without any subscription, and at the same time delves into the information of any anime, reading your synopsis and sharing with your friends and family because you like it so much.


With more than 3300 animes and 180 in Latin audio, spend great moments watching the content of your preference in qualities according to your tastes and high-quality audio, all arranged in an accessible interface that will make watching anime from your mobile something different and fresh. Explore the wide library of categories, year, seasons, genres, audios and subtitles of the anime, take a break in a big way with this  App to watch Anime from your Mobile.


This is, without any doubt, one of our favorites to watch anime on mobile. And it is that you can locate it easily and free from Google Play and the App Store. The App to watch anime is one of the most complete with a library of more than twenty-five thousand episodes and fifteen thousand hours of all series, both current and classic.

Crunchyroll Apk free

You can keep up to date with the latest broadcasts: Episodes appear in the App only one hour after your television broadcast! Hunter X Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, Sword Art Online or Fairy Tail are just some names that you will locate in this fabulous App. You will be able to see anime for free without needing to pay any fee or subscription. But of course, there is the premium version to remove ads, see the latest chapters directly from Japan, watch videos in HD quality and DVD, and enjoy the anime chapters on your Xbox 360, Apple TV, Wii O, PS3, PS Vita, Roku, PS4 and much more. It is also compatible with Chromecast.

Best Anime from Japan

Their catalog of films and animes is quite varied, although you will mostly find them in their native language and subtitled in English (it is something that you can see relatively for or against since this can be an incentive for you to review and learn a new language, right?)

Best Anime from Japan you could get it without problem in the Google Play AppStore, however today it is not available, but quiet, there is no need to worry, you can download it in the link that we will leave you below quickly and easily.


We are in front of the official App of jkanime website where we can locate thousands of episodes and complete series of anime. The App is not officially on Google Play, but its authors have an official link in the link that we offer here below. The App is optimized to the maximum for any type of Android device and lets you access in a fast, easy way to the anime hosted on your website.


The App includes a search engine that will allow us to efficiently locate what interests us at all times. You will be able to see your anime series online for free, although if you want to download them, you must go to the pro version.

Anime Radio

This App available for Android has the peculiarity of not focusing on the concept of anime 100% towards videos; through Anime Radio you can watch anime in another format like audio. Mainly in the app, you will listen to classic songs of the most representative series of the genre.

Anime Radio

You will also find a directory where hundreds of different radios are listed where they transmit anime series music. Available on Google Play.


It is manufactured for devices with Android operating system, in which you can enjoy Animes Streaming in excellent quality and quickly. A particularity of this App is that it works with multimedia content servers that provide anime and Japanese movies that you can play with your favorite or default App for it without the need to install Adobe Flash.


You can create your favorites folder to follow up. Some of the counters can obtain this App is that rarely any of the links offered by the App to enjoy the catalog of anime has for you, may present problems, however, you can locate another link referring to the anime you want to see and start it.

You must be 100% sure of the connectivity of your Internet to the device through WiFi, so you will be sure that video playback is not slow and you can enjoy your favorite anime without stopping.

Some of the providers that nourish the Animedroid App are the following:

  • AnimeFLV
  • JkAnime
  • Kagamine
  • AnimeMobile
  • AnimeMovil
  • ChiaAnime
  • AnimeID
  • AnimeJoy
  • Elanimeonline

In order to enjoy the content in this App, it is recommended that you set the option to “install the App of unknown origins” in the configuration menu or settings of your phone.

Anime Lib

This is one of the few options we can find to watch anime on iPad or iPhone and that is available in the App Store. Therefore, its library is scarcer than those of its competitors. Even so, it is worth giving it an opportunity to enjoy the more than 5000 anime it offers. It contains the most current anime and many of the chapters are free, although the App is paid.

Anime Lib

The App has a positive point that we like a lot, and that is the possibility of downloading chapters to see them without an Internet connection. You can also have download queues waiting (and still downloading even in the background). The app is compatible with Chromecast and its interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the Anime Lib App has been removed from the App Store 🙁 However, we leave a link below where you can download it for Android devices.

Daisuki App

The catalog is less extensive and the interface of the app too modern, although very complicated to use, but it is worth putting Daisuki in this compilation. Not in vain represents the Japanese anime consortium, having a careful selection of current titles that has subtitles in English and Spanish.

Daisuki App

The visualization is adorned with advertisements and may not work properly on the mobile (there are many compatibility problems), but it is worth installing it.

Under Anime

Do you want to see dozens and dozens of Japanese animation and anime movies from the comfort of your Android? Then UndeAnime is the solution. With this App, you will have an extensive menu of the best animes, movies and ova both classic and new fully available with excellent quality and with the option of subtitles in both English and Spanish.

Classics like Evangelion, Yu-Gi-Oh or The End will be able to get them in UnderAnime, besides approximately more than 1200 series perfectly ordered by theme. The App gives you the option to customize your profile, choose the color for it and gives you the option to mark as “seen” the chapters of the series that you have already viewed.

It has its own website where you can download it to be aware of the new updates for the App both in its interface and content.

With these apps, you can see your favorite anime from your mobile or tablet. Tell us, what is your favorite anime character and what do you think would be the ideal App for you?

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