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Best Calendar Apps for Android 2019

Best Calendar Apps for Android: Carry a work plan with a calendar on our Android phone can be one of the most productive ideas we have, it will remind us at all times the important dates in our lives and the work we have to do at a certain time.

Best Calendar Apps for Android

Best Calendar Apps for Android

Here we show you a great top with the best Android calendar apps that exist to have calendars on our smartphones. We have also analyzed calendar widgets for Android phones and tablets, and we have also selected the best ones.

Best for Android

Cal: Any.do Calendar

cal Best Calendar Apps for Android

The Cal App is not a simple best calendar apps for android with the days of the month, it is much more than that because it will help us organize our time efficiently through a fluid and intuitive interface and powerful functions. With it, you can synchronize all your calendars including Google Calendar and  Exchange. You can also naturally combine business and personal agendas.

Thanks to the Android widgets you can quickly review the annotations of the day from the homepage without having to open the app. The app has voice input and predictive text to add events and details more easily.

The organization of Cal allows you to make entries for months and add new tasks and annotations in any of its 9 visual themes and with the reminders you will have the notice on the screen of a telephone.

Sunrise Calendar

sunrise calendar apps

Sunrise Calendar is an app created to fit perfectly with Google Calendar and with iCloud. It has the basic options of a calendar and a simple but elegant design.

You can organize your annotations by days and times, with quick reminders on the desktop and the ability to link tasks related to your phone contacts with their data profiles on your Android.

The app allows you to link with other services thanks to your social options.

Event Flow Calendar Widget

EventFlow Calender apps

This app has two important options: the monthly view and the summary daily view that will remind you at all times what you have planned for this day. Unlike other Best Calendar Apps for Android, it will help you more, since it will show you next to each annotation of the calendar the weather forecast for that day. This app will use the phone’s internal GPS to obtain your location and show you the weather.

You can configure the appearance of the app so that each annotation is a different color or select within the themes of the App.

beOrganized Lite

beOrganized Lite

This app is not a simple calendar, but a complete App to organize your tasks in the most efficient way. With it you can add tasks and events through voice commands, you can organize them in lists or days in an agile and simple way, and synchronize it with Google Calendar (TM) and Google Tasks.

Functionalities include task widgets with voice reminders, automatic synchronization and the ability to add tasks directly on the desired day. With this app, you can move the tasks from one day to the next with just two actions and show the annotations with different colors to facilitate their recognition.

beOrganized Lite allows you to save your tasks and reorganize all the information added in a simple and intuitive way thanks to its simple but elegant interface.

Touch Calendar


With Touch Calendar you can see the complete calendar at a glance, you can see everything with a scrollable view and zoom. This app can work with Google Calendar and other calendars compatible with your phone.

The App includes widgets to display the calendar on the main screen of the phone and also has calendar and event search frequently customized (for example, biweekly, bi-monthly).

Touch Calendar bases its versatility on the touch capabilities of your phone, which will make it easier to add or edit tasks and dates. By setting different colors for the calendar in Google Calendar they will automatically appear in Touch Calendar.



DejaOffice is the app to synchronize your calendar with your Outlook. Thanks to it you can link Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes in a single App. With a single click, you can separate your personal and professional agenda and have good encryption to keep your data safe on Android.

DejaOffice can also be synchronized with Lotus Notes, Sage ACT !, Palm Desktop, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, GroupWise, GoldMine, Highrise, and Time and Chaos.

DejaOffice will provide qualities to your phone similar to a professional calendar and task manager: color code for categories, contacts linked to your tasks, advanced view and filtered searches for options.

You can save more than 50,000 annotations and have 5 options to view the data: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and on the list. You can configure a widget with daily tasks on your desktop with alarms and all this information can be protected with a password.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar


Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and most complete Apps for calendars and tasks and will show all the events of the Google accounts that you synchronize with your Android device. You can create, edit and delete events from your phone and see all your calendars at the same time, including those that are not from Google.

You can send an email to all the guests from a notification with a personalized message. The great option of Google Calendar is that it allows you to send tasks and annotations from any Google app to your calendar and from there synchronize it with your phone.

Jorte Calendar


We want to finish our apps top with Jorte, a personal organization App made so that its interface resembles as much as possible a real paper organizer, with an attractive and easy to use appearance. Jorte has the daily function and the ability to add photos to events and activate a countdown to mark the arrival of an event.

Jorte has an abundant number of available widgets and you can instantly see important events and configure more options to create your personal calendar style. You can change the colors to the annotations and also synchronize them with Google Tasks and export and import the information of events, tasks, and journals to a CSV file.

Jorte also allows you to display weather forecast information next to your European football news or annotations. You can access Jorte Cloud from your PC at home or at work and manage personal plans as well as commitments and professional tasks and even save your calendar information.

As we see a calendar on our Android phone will help us organize our life. The annotations and the widgets will notify us of the marked events and we will not lose a birthday or a work meeting, all included in a single Android App.


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