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Best Call Blocker Apps 2019

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android : Mobile phones do not usually offer us the possibility to handle calls and select which ones we want to receive and which ones we do not. It is a benefit that would make life more enjoyable for many users, fed up mostly by telemarketing campaigns that are really annoying.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

But not only that. Many would like to be able to block incoming calls from specific phones, or from contacts that are no longer so welcome.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Be that as it may, the apps for blocking calls and SMS are the most downloaded once the user knows them. But there are still many who do not even know of its existence. Who has not wished to block an incoming call?

We bring here a detailed analysis of the three apps of the blockade of SMS and voice calls more effective among the most popular. We will see that among them are common functionalities only enabled to operate in American networks.

A real shame, since there are really interesting functions among them, such as the identification of some numbers that are presented to us on the smartphone’s display as private.

However, obviating these features that we can not use here, these three apps perfectly cover the service of blocking calls and Best texting apps to send best messages.

NQ Call Blocker

NQ is the Best Call Blocker Apps for Android is a very convenient and manageable app. The few configurations required are really easy to understand and perform, being fully suitable for any user level. It does not present any difficulty to use it.

Best Call Blocker Free

Besides being able to block, selectively or totally, blocking calls or text messages on our smartphone, Like TextSecure it offers us some added utility. With NQ Call Blocker we can create a private zone where we have hidden contacts and records of calls or SMS of them. An option that offers us free for a trial time and that in its version for an indefinite time is paid.

For the rest, blocking calls and SMS app does it perfectly, as expected. Excellent app that we fully recommend.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number includes in its app, in addition to the system of locks, another instant messaging between users registered in it. A “two in one” that overturns all its usefulness in blocking calls and written messages.

Mr. Number

The system to avoid being reached by both calls and SMS of numbers that we do not want is really easy to configure and manage. We could point out Mr. Number as one of the most effective apps when it comes to managing locks.

Although it seems obvious that all its instant messaging system, which has little to do with what we are looking for in a call blocking app and SMS, should offer it in a separate app, we can hardly find any objection to Mr. Number in his efficient task interceptor of communications.

Call Control

This app is that disputes a place among the most effective when managing calls or unwanted messages. It is the Best Call Blocker Apps for Android a very attractive app for the visual.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Unlike the other two that we have selected, Call Control is entirely in English, which is undoubtedly a handicap and has a certain disadvantage concerning NQ Call Blocker Apk and Mr. Number Apk.

If we save that circumstance, we see that Call Control is very effective in its work, although we must also point out that an important part of this app is dedicated to the services offered to its community of users, and that is only available in the United States.

Services that, on the other hand, it would be nice to have them in our territory, since they are usually focused on directly blocking telephone numbers reported by other users (telephone surveys, telephone operators, banks …).

In any case, the limit of 3 blocked numbers established by this app leaves it at a disadvantage compared to similar ones.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is one of the Best Call Blocker Apps for Android those Android call blocking apps that you can not miss. This app is responsible not only for dodging but also for erasing SMS automatically through a blacklist.

Its operation is very similar to the previous one; it is just as simple, it occupies very little and also consumes little memory of use. So choose the one you like best by interface!

Calls Blacklist Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

The app allows you to cancel directly from the message or call or add a number naturally. If one of those numbers calls you or sends you a message, you will not know. Do not bother you anymore!

It allows for layering by prefix or unknown/hidden number as well as all incoming ones. You can manage your unwanted contacts with a single click.


Probably the best-known app of Google Play to block calls is Truecaller. Even if you do not have the name and images of an incoming call in your phone book, the app will show it to you, and you will be able to identify who is calling quickly.


It also has a database of commercial calls, so you can see immediately if a person calls you or is a call to sell you something. And of course, it has its blacklist utility so you can choose which numbers are automatically blocked.

Safest Call Blocker

Safest Call Blocker Simple and effective, free and without subscriptions. But very complete in its Sms Call blocking options. Create your own blacklist with a single click, directly from your contact list, numbers or manually. You can also see the history of locks.

Safest Call Blocker Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

You can enter up to 800 different numbers (not bad!), Including the option to block unknown numbers that you do not have in your contact list. You will receive notifications of contact attempts in the form of SMS, but nobody will bother you more unnecessarily.

It works practically on all Android models and is updated. Your score on Google Play is among the best in the field of mobile security and privacy. We recommend it, yes or yes, it is one of those that you can not miss.

Call Blocker Free

This Best free app for Android Apps is one of the most complete in the field of blocking calls and messages. It’s free and ad-free.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

With single finger touch, you can avoid being called, SMS or MMS, and nobody else can bother you.  It is very effective, and you can manage your locks completely privately since the app allows you to protect it with a password.

Call Blocker Free is one of the best ways to send numbers directly to voicemail or hang up. It allows creating a blacklist of unwanted numbers, as well as a white list of desired numbers.

It also occupies very little on the phone and is compatible with versions of Android 1.6 to 4.0.

Extreme Call Blocker

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

For blocking calls, offers several options: send a voicemail, hang up and off-hook, silent mode. For messages, it also offers several options: delete. hide, automatic responses; One plus in blocking messages is that you can filter them by content. The app also allows configuring timers so that at a certain time the reception of calls is blocked.

Should I answer?

This app is the one you need if you are one of those people who seem to be attracted to commercial calls like light to moths. Should I answer? is an app that is based on a huge database with evaluations and comments from users about commercial phones.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

In this way, as soon as a call comes in you will know if it is to sell you something, and the evaluation of thousands of people. Of course, another of the utilities is blocking, being able to choose individual numbers or groups of numbers.

Call Blocker

One of the Best Call Blocker Apps for Android best-rated call blockers in Google Play is AndroidRock Call Blocker, which not only allows you to blacklist phone numbers, but you also want to know what you want, but also give you the possibility to make a whitelist.

Call Blocker

A whitelist is a list of phone numbers, so if you activate it, you will not receive calls from any number outside that list. This is very useful at times when you have to greatly restrict the number of calls you want to receive.


Holaa Caller ID

You can block calls very easily, as well as automatically block calls that can be made from Robo callers, which are always very annoying, especially when you’re busy. It also uses a smart Holaa caller ID, to show exactly who is calling, even if they are not in your contact list.



This Hiya app has two special features: integration with social networks Facebook and Linkedin; The second feature is that it allows you to share your location during the call so that in case of emergency you can be easily located.


Whoscall is another of the best apps to identify and block calls and messages instantly. Its global database provides you with more than 600 million numbers, filters 20 million calls daily and helps block 500,000 malicious calls.


With it, you can ensure a free experience of spam or harassment, report unknown numbers for the benefit of the community and find numbers without a connection.

We hope that with these apps of call blocking you get the most out of your Android phone. Our privacy should be ahead of everything, and thanks to these fantastic apps we can improve them a little bit.

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