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Best Camera Apps for Android of 2019

Best Camera Apps for Android : To make a good photo, you need several ingredients. The most important is a good photographer behind who follows the essential advice.

Other keys are a good phone that has a good camera and good lighting conditions. If we put all this together we can surely squeeze our smartphone to take photos, but let us recommend the last item that can be of great help.

Best Camera apps for Android

Best Camera Apps for Android

Here we bring you the Best Professional photography apps for Android. After making the photo you can always retouch it from your Android, but thanks to these Best Camera Apps for Android that we leave you will have at your disposal a completely manual mode to adjust the ISO, exposure, time, balance and all the details you need in each scene.

1. Camera ZOOM FX Premium

A classic of photography on Android. Camera Zoom FX provides us with a multitude of adjustments to make RAW images that are perfect. We can select focus distance, ISO, exposure, shutter speed, combine shooting modes, set actions for hardware buttons and add all kinds of effects.

Camera ZOOM FX Premium

We also have an untold list of options that range from making collages, creating custom folders or voice activation. Also in a fairly easy to follow design so that even the initiates will get the hang of it quickly.

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2. PhotoPills

It is one of the most expensive recommendations on the list, but its accuracy is worth it. Photopills is the Best apps for Android specialized in recommending, indicating and offering help so that we can choose the perfect moment and position for the type of photo that we want to do.


It will be helpful regardless of our level as a photographer and includes a personal assistant to plan according to the position of the stars, according to the twilight and with a powerful calculator to create timelapse, long exposure or depth of field.

3. Manual Camera

Manual Camera - Android App

This application is designed to take benefit of the camera taken from the Lollipop API. The application is paid and although by default the application comes with all settings and parameters in automatic these can be modified manually such as shutter speed, focal length, exposure, ISO and other features such as Label the position thanks to GPS.

4. Google Camera

The official Google Camera application is developed in Material Design and has many features. Among them the Photo Sphere mode that rotates from a series of photos tocreate an image in 360 degrees and the focus effect that allows us to differentiate different existing planes in a capture.

Google Camera

Another feature is that you can control remotely with an Android Wear device.

5. Camera FV 5

Camera FV 5 is another of those essential applications for anyone wishing to have a full PRO mode. We have the typical DSLR viewer with exposure time, aperture, white balance and other meters. We can create time-lapse, automatic programmed and long exposure photographs of up to 30 seconds.

Camera FV-5

The application processes JPEG and RAW photos, has a manual focus mode, AF-L button and digital zoom by a touch gesture. A safe option that is usually updated periodically.

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6. Cameringo +

Cameringo+ Filters Camera

A complete photo application although with an older design. We have multiple fisheyes and wide angle lenses, a GIF recorder with several filters, manual control for exposure, contrast, and saturation or a virtual flash for selfies. If you want to play and create the classic images in the form of a planet, with Cameringo + you will have it easy.

7. Retrica

With more than 350 million users of satisfied users, or at least that’s what they say in the tab of the app,  Retrica is one of the most popular camera apps for Android in the Play Store and no wonder.


Its strong point is the filters, yes, because Retrica offers more than a hundred filters that you can apply in real time in such a way that you will see how your photo looks before taking it. In addition, you can create collages, gifs, videos and share them on your favorite social networks.

8. Open Camera

We started with Open Camera, one of the Best Camera Apps for Android today, and not only because it is completely free, but also, and more importantly, because it is open source, so it does not stop improving by adding new functions and characteristics.

open camera app android

With Open Camera, you have almost everything: white balance, ISO, facial detection system, several focus modes, activation by voice commands, automatic stabilization, orientation lock and a very long etcetera.

9. VSCO Cam

VSCO - Android App

In the case of VSCO Cam, it does not stand out as much in the moment of taking photos as in its later editing work since it has infinite adjustments to edit the photo and leave it just as we want : saturation, temperature, apply a wide variety of filters, add grain to photography and much more.

10. Camera MX

Camera MX

Camera MX is another free option that you can not discard because it includes a handful of features that will help you take better photos with your smartphone: filters, effects, overlays, a countdown, zoom, focus with a touch , creation of GIFs, rotating grid, balance adjustment, contrast and other details, and you can even “travel” three seconds into the past to choose the best picture you’ve taken.

11. A Better Camera

If you are looking for “a better camera“, possibly  A Better Camera is the answer, and not just because of its name, but because it is one of the complete camera applications you will find.

A Better Camera

It has two versions, free and paid, but the free one will surprise you white balance consumption, its color effects, its exposure setting, ISO, the countdown, the type of shot, its flash mode, the possibility to eliminate those elements that disfigure your photo, including people, panoramic photos of up to 360º, sequence shot, previous shot to capture the one before taking your photo, and many more features.

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12. ProShot

ProShot - Android App

And as far as paid camera applications are concerned, ProShot is one of the most outstanding. Among its main functions, we can not forget that it allows the automatic, semiautomatic and manual configuration of the exposure, white balance, flash, aspect ratio, action mode, night mode, shutter speed, ISO, DSRL, delay count zoom, RAW and JPEG formats.

13. Camera 360

Camera 360

Use this beautification apps with full of tools of this application to sharpen nose, add lipstick, base, concealer, shadows, eyeliner, lash … in addition to fun stickers, flashy filters and a college function to group all your photos into one.

14. GIF Camera


Why settle for sharing GIFs of series and movies when you can create your own? GIF Camera is the best option for this. When you open the application you can record small videos that, once processed, will be converted into GIFs to be shared directly where you want. In addition, the app has a file that you can throw away.

15. Bacon Camera


Bacon Camera offers a clean interface, reminiscent of the iPhone camera, with many manual controls of course. This application is also based on basic controls and offers interesting features, such as panoramic, virtual horizon, multiple exposure shots, synchronized shots by time: lapses and GIF.

16. Footej camera

It is a relatively new app but it has features that are up to the most popular app free. The idea for enthusiasts or for photographers who are looking for manual controls. Simple and clean interface.

Footej camera

It offers a manual control of ISO, focal length, shutter speed, as well as exposure of your photographic capture needs. You can make captures in RAW, with much more data. Video recording in slow motion, bursts of photos and histogram of the photo.

17. Sweet Selfie

The selfie madness is not only limited to hardware innovations, but also to applications. This App offers everything to beautify your photos and create fun photos with your friends.

Sweet Selfie

Without effort, you can capture selfies and then edit it with the smart self-beautifying mode, add Emojis, stickers and typical Instagram filters. A social touch is added to all the fun, in the form of special contests among its users.

18. Paper Camera

Paper Camera

With This Paper Camera App Transform the camera of your mobile, in a capturing of cartoons in real time. Discover how your surroundings look like comics, thanks to the cartoon-likme effects that this application brings for you.

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