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Best Camera Apps for iPhone, iPad & iOS in 2019

Best Camera Apps for iPhone: It is a fact that the Apple application store contains innumerable products for almost everything in our lives: there are applications to play, maintain a good state of health, to support our products and finally, in the case that concerns us today, optimize our Photos.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Despite the wide variety of options available, it is also true that this fact generates a problem when choosing a good software, cheap (as much as possible free), efficient and that meets our needs, partly because we would need to try each one of them, until finding the one indicated. To facilitate your search, we have limited the options with the ten most outstanding apps on the market, and then we show them to you.

Camera +

Camera + is one of the most veteran iPad iPhone photography apps and best rated by users over time. It reached the App Store back in 2010 and since then it has been updated to adapt to the new versions of iOS.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

It is an application with more advanced features than Apple’s native Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone, and also has a photo editor so you can retouch the photos once captured. You have several tools to make snapshots, including focus and lighting adjustment, quick control to adjust the zoom, stabilizer or macro mode.

As for the photo editor, it is not the most complete but it stands out for being very easy to use: with a single click you can choose the type of scene, apply cuts or enter text, as well as add filters and frames.


If you want to have more tools when taking pictures than those provided by the native iOS camera, as well as having an editor to improve images in a simple way and in a few clicks, one of the best iPhone photo apps Its VSCO.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

The Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone allows you to adjust brightness, brightness or clarity, among other parameters, and to make it easier for you to get the right framing, you have grids and level.

Once you have captured the snapshots, you can access the study to edit them and improve their quality. You have the possibility to apply different free filters, and if you want you can purchase collections of effects and textures of payment in the online store.


Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Photography lovers have always known the enormous value of having their own darkroom in a corner of the house. Well, with DarkRoom it is possible to have an approach to this desire because in addition to offering different filters, allows users to create their own so they can use any of the photographs they have in their library or capture from the app.

This application can be downloaded for free through the App Store, but if you want to get better effects, you can pay 3 dollars to get the service of RGB curves.


One of the most complete and best-rated photo apps for iPhone users is Snapseed, an image editing application developed by Google that stands out especially for having a wide catalog of filters and tools to edit snapshots.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

In addition to the basic actions such as turning, cropping, adding text or adjusting the parameters, you also have more advanced options at your disposal, such as modifying the color curves, making transformations, removing spots, improving sharpness, vignetting, adjusting the white balance.

Since it has a multitude of tools, Snapseed is especially recommended for those users who have experience in photo retouching, since they can make the most of all its features.

However, less advanced users can also use the application without problems and with total ease. It has an infinity of filters and effects so that, for example, you can apply blur, tonal contrast, retro lux, vintage, HDR for landscapes or double exposure, among others.


If what you are looking for is an app to edit photos on the iPhone easily, MOLDIV is an interesting candidate.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

On the one hand, it has a camera module with additional functions that allow you to select the type of lighting, activate an anti-vibration system, show grid, and leveler, as well as apply filters, use a blur effect or compose collages.

After capturing the snapshots, with the editing tools that MOLDIV puts at your disposal you can improve them quickly and easily.

You can carry out basic retouching, such as crop or rotate the image, improve clarity or correct exposure, and some more advanced, among which are the shadows and highlight tone adjustments or double exposure options.

Retro Camera

If you want your photos to have the same style as filters from old cameras, Retro Camera is an excellent option to download on your iPhone. This app is inspired by the five classic cameras Holga, Lomo, Polaroid, Diana, and Hipstamatic, so it offers the possibility to capture the images and apply the retro style that you like.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Best of all, the application has a graphical interface reminiscent of the old analog labs, so it makes the experience of editing the photographs much more entertaining. Retro Camera can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom app is one of the preferred applications for photographers for their ability to process and edit images, both in their desktop version and in the Adobe lightroom iOS and Adobe lightroom Android versions.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

One of the reasons that make it one of the best iPhone photography apps is that since September of last year it implements a function that allows you to capture and edit photos in RAW format in iOS 10. Lightroom offers you a camera mode that puts your professional tools available to make and process your photos.

All you have to do is activate the advanced shooting functions, and you can adjust exposure, shutter speed or ISO, as well as select the proportion or show a grid or levels to help you with the framing.

Once you have taken the pictures, whether it has been with the Lightroom camera module or with the native iOS app, the Adobe app allows you to process them to modify lighting, tone, clarity of optics, among other parameters, as well as making selective adjustments.

One of its advantages is that you can return to a previous version with a single touch, so you never lose the original. After processing the photos, if you have an Adobe account and log in, the application allows you to save the images in the cloud, synchronize them with your computer and organize them using labels and categories.


We recommend this application from the same Instagram creators. With Layout Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone, you can give free rein to your creativity, creating a collage of your photographs, combining multiple photos in a single image.

Although it sounds like something that many applications can do today, in Layout you can play by rotating the images, editing their size or inverting them.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

The layout has the option Photo Booth, which allows you to capture photos directly from the app, which will let you take one to four images and when you finish, it will show you how they would be combined. The layout can also be downloaded for free in the App Store.

Pro camera

If you are looking to perfect your photos, this app is for you. With Pro camera, thanks to its minimalist interface and its large number of options, you can take photographs like a professional. It allows us to adjust the exposure, ISO sensitivity, compensate the exposure, perform manual focus and many more options as if our iPhone were a reflex camera.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Its advanced editing control with 76 filters and effects also allows us to compose not only the photoshoot but also its postproduction, thus becoming one of the best apps to take photos with our iPhone.


If it’s about converting our photos and giving them a novel and exclusive look, we definitely have to mention Oldbooth. Funny frames and a retro look, like a photo of the last century, will delight any acquaintance with whom you decide to share your new snapshots.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

To do this, you just have to select an image from your library, apply any of the filters in Odlbooth and edit it to your liking (rotate, dimension, adjust brightness). The results will surprise you.


In the world of traditional photography, the diorama effect (tilt-shift) is a technique used to focus a specific part of the plane, and soften the rest of the scene.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

The result gives the image a different and very original touch. Now on your iPhone, you can count on this exclusive optical illusion through Tilshift, selecting those areas of your photo that you want to highlight and blurring the rest.


An opportunity for creativity. CameraBag is a great tool for editing photos, which comes equipped with multiple filters according to your affinities. For example, you can apply a fish-eye filter, or select the “1962” variant, which will make your images look like a relic of the past.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

In summary, you can modify your photos in a thousand possible ways, with bright colors, blurring techniques and much more. You can even cut or rotate them.

Comic Touch

Comic Touch allows you to take a picture and immediately add witty dialogues. Of course, this functionality also applies to images that have already been captured and that you keep stored in your library.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

As a complement to the fun, Comic Touch includes several effects to distort the photo (narrow, highlight or bulge portions of the image). Ideal to fill our memories with humor and joy.



If you have ever taken pictures on your iPhone that you do not want to share with anyone, then PicVault will undoubtedly be ideal for you. This application, once you download it, allows you to register a security key for a specific file in which to store your most intimate photos.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

In this way, you will be able to keep your files in the folder named PV and only access them through your password.


PhotoCalc is not a mere editing software or an application to share your snapshots, but a tool more than necessary for any serious photographer.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Calculating the correct exposure or adjusting the proper parameters for the flash when we manipulate professional photographic equipment can be something complex to carry out mentally.

PhotoCalc will be your perfect assistant to perform those necessary calculations, including aperture parameters, depth of field and shutter speed.


Another filter app? Not precisely. Mextures has entered our list because of the wide range of features it offers. With this application on our iPhone, it will be very easy to apply granular effects, light filters and beautiful gradients to our photographs.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

In addition, it includes tools to optimize our images, and all this in a very simple and practical way. Each selected effect will be added as a new layer on the photo, so we can undo them if we wish.

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is the “one-stop-shop” for fast editions. With a single click, you can improve the brightness of the image, clarify certain points, and even remove some imperfections of portraits.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

If they find any imperfection in any image they have captured, Perfectly Clear could save them minutes with their automatic mode.

Diptic PDQ

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

The best app to create Diptychs / Collages or divide the image into multiple boxes. There are many similar alternatives, but Diptic is the most flexible and fastest.

Photogene ⁴

PhotoGene is a powerful image editor that performs some of the simplest tasks such as cutting, straightening and adjusting the color of images.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

PhotoGene also has multiple filters and editing options. But the main reason I use the app is that it has a powerful photo noise reducer. If they find that their night photos are too noisy, Photogene is a tool that cannot be missing in their arsenal.


If you are passionate about photography and image editing, Enlight is perfect for you. A super-complete application that incorporates functionalities at the height of complex computer programs, but you can comfortably manage from your iPhone.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

With Enlight, you will give your photographs a twist to make from small corrections to layered designs that will impress your followers of social networks. Do you want to know more? Read our Enlight review: Pro photo editing in pocket size.


The focus is an app to select the approaches of photographs better. It also allows you to modify the composition of the image, play with the effects and backgrounds.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

It lets you save the photos in TIFF format and has a cost of $ 1.99 in the App Store.

VintageScene – Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

This application allows placing filters in the photos as if they were old snapshots. Its retro style is inspired by the classic Holga, Lomo, Polaroid, Diana, and Hipstamatic. The filters include sepia tones, grain, dark edges, or aged paper. It has a cost of $ 1.99.

Splice – Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Splice is an app for creating and editing video that makes it easy to create fully customized professional-looking videos with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It has powerful editing tools: transitions, sweeps, zoom, adjust the playback speed, add titles, texts, and closures, apply filters, adjust color, modify the orientation …

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

and much more. In addition, this editor allows you to customize the perfect soundtrack for your video, as well as sound effects, voice-overs or mixes of tracks that you choose.

In parallel, splice makes sharing in any social network or save your video in very high quality much easier than you imagine.

Vivv – Best Camera Apps for iPhone

This photo editor of AOL is a very good option to improve the appearance of the images you capture with your iPhone. With Vivv you can make specific changes to your photos or even make changes to the colors in real-time.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

In addition, this app allows you to edit videos, use filters before and after taking a picture or play with different shades of grayscale to give a different touch to your captures. You can download Vivv for free in the App Store.


Vintique can boast of being the queen app for editing photos and videos from an iPhone or iPad as far as filters are concerned. The wide variety of these tools, along with other not insignificant, make it an application that we should try to have always installed.  

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

The application has more than thirty different filters and has the classic tools for correction of brightness, saturation, contrast, exposure, etc. And in addition, we also have the ability to edit our photographs with more than twenty different textures and almost fifty frames to use.

Photo blend

One of the strengths of this application is the option to combine images to create a double exposure effect; an effect worthy of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Photoblend pic blender

It also allows you to add text and frames, both original and traditional squares, as well as more modern figures and figures: an owl, the sign of peace, love, tree, bird, sun and much more.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch

The Photoshop Touch app is the Adobe version of iOS. Its biggest attraction is that it allows the possibilities of Photoshop from the iPad or tablet, with practically the same options as those offered by the desktop version. You can combine images and professional effects.

Pixelmator – Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Pixelmator is one of the most complete and professional photo retouching applications because it has all the editing tools we can think of; some tools to which we must add the edition by layers, a kit of brushes that leaves no one indifferent. It also allows the inclusion of text and has templates to make the process faster. It also includes a repair brush (similar to the “clone buffer”) with which we can remove wrinkles from a “selfie” or even make objects disappear.


Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Manual is an application that allows black balance, Full RAW, control parameters such as ISO, or shooting speed, in addition to quick adjustments. Requires the operating system iOS 8 or higher, and the latest update supports iOS 10.


Best Camera Apps for iPhone

TinType allows you to modify your selfies in sepia tones or with different textures. That you have a profile picture that you do not like? With this app, you can have alternatives with a professional result. In addition, it is free.

SimplyB & W

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

With simply & W, you can change the photos in color to black and white and modify the brightness. The effect is really professional. If you do not like to create you have your own templates.


Best Camera Apps for iPhone

This app offers us the possibility of adding text to our photos, something that may seem very basic is able to achieve impressive results thanks to its filters, fonts, and options that it offers to achieve original and quality photos. it also allows us to play with the opacity of texts and add frames to our photos.

Pixlr Express +

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Free and powerful Autodesk tool, which, like its other photo editors, offers us powerful tools to upload.

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