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8 Best Car Insurance Apps of 2019 – (Auto Insurance)

Top Best Car Insurance apps: Best Auto Insurance apps Having a car is like having one family member more, You may read from our one of the best review where we discussed best bluetooth receiver for car that’s why, just as our family is insured, we must ensure our car. This is well known to insurance companies, who do not miss any opportunity to offer any of their insurance plans that can benefit you.

That is why today we will see which are the insurance companies that have made the most or more investment in the development of Car Insurance mobile apps because although most have a best mobile app for insurance quotes, the reality is that they are not all very good.

Insurance companies are in a permanent process of updating, not only to respond to customers with increasingly complete car insurance policies but to make the management of them simple and practical. In view that every time we use more the intelligent mobile phone to carry out different management of the day to day, the insurers have developed apps thought for that their clients can realize different diligence related to their insurance policies from the own smartphone.

Thus, the competition between insurance companies no longer only goes from which one has the most attractive policy for its potential customers, but also focuses on offering the best experience with car insurance: the most practical, simple and that does not involve efforts No additional complications in the management. And is that every time we have more things to do and less time to carry them out, with which insurers seek that the management of policies is simple and practical for all their customers, and their mobile apps can do much of the difference.

Best Auto Insurance apps

According to Statistics, 34 million people in Mexico have apps on their smartphone. Car Insurance companies are aware of this and have opted for mobile tools to improve their services and increase their relationship with customers.

Best Car Insurance apps

Currently, the insured through the top Car Insurance apps can perform different procedures related to your car policy from asking for help in case of disaster almost immediately, to locate the nearest workshop or find the place where the car has been parked. That is why competition between companies stopped limiting itself to offering the best price and now they also seek to give the best service experience, focusing on the added value of the products they offer their customers.

In this context, having a The Best Car Insurance apps became fundamental as it can improve the user experience and influence their preference for a certain company, due to the benefits that they imply, such as saving time when processing a claim, hiring or resolving any doubt which is very appreciated by the insured.

However, although today all car insurance companies are aware of this situation and have some app for smartphone, few are preferred by customers because they are the most practical and simple. Therefore, the following are the successful Car Insurance apps in this field:

Best Car Insurance Apps

Nowadays, the competition for good who offers the best insurance has advanced more than that, because they also compete to see who has the best insurance app currently.

Some are able to offer a large number of functions from your Car Insurance app, while some others are hardly informative, we better see each of them and in the end, you will tell us which one you think is best.

Mapfre App

It is one of the apps that have better diversified, it has multiple mobile terminals because it is available in the Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. It is one of the favorites because it allows performing different tasks such as storing all the documentation related to the insurance policy for the contracted car, it also facilitates the location of workshops or agencies for repairs in the event of vehicular accident and by means of geolocation of the Smartphone allows to request the roadside assistance service. Other of its additional functions consist of the possibility of keeping track of the fuel expense or making a record of the maintenance checks of the car.

Mapfre is one of the insurance companies that has invested the most effort in the development of its app for mobile terminals, which is currently available for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. In it, in addition to the possibility of storing all the documentation related to the insurance policy for the hired car, the company facilitates the location of workshops to resolve incidents and uses the geolocation of the mobile phone to send roadside assistance in case of loss. As additional functions, the app offers the possibility of keeping track of fuel consumption, for example, as well as a history of the periodic checks you make to your car so that you do not miss any details to have it ready.

One of the companies that have taken responsibility for the fact of having a mobile app. Mapfre is possibly one of the most complete mobile insurance apps you can find in the current market, mainly due to the number of functions that the Insurance company allows you to manage from your App, let’s see.

Mapfre on your mobile, you can identify the location of each of the offices of the large insurance company, regardless of whether it is offices, workshops, clinics, service centers, etc. In addition to that obviously, you will have at hand all the telephone numbers of the company for any emergency, without the need to bring a business card in your wallet.

In case you happen to have an accident, with the Mapfre mobile app, you can read some indications of what to do and how to act in case of an accident, it will allow you to request assistance on the road and will even allow you to find a workshop within the recommendations of the same app.

Of course, Mapfre not only works as a helpful app for those who have insurance contracted with them. It will also allow you to quote insurance, no benefits, costs and of course, the possibility of communicating with an executive easily.

My Zurich

The third position is held by the Swiss company’s app since it allows consulting the documentation related to the policy and aspects related to the administration of automobile protection, as well as a simple format that the client has to fill to declare an accident, even allowing make the accident report graphically through photographs with the mobile terminal itself and a sketch of the damages suffered. Like Mapfre and AXA you can request the road assistance that is required through the smartphone.

However, Zurich Insurance does the same and makes available to its customers an app called My Zurich and available for iOS and Android mobile phones, from which it allows to consult all the documentation and other administrative aspects related to car insurance, as well as fill the part of an accident in a simple way and even make it in graphic form because it allows you to attach photographs taken with the mobile terminal itself, while guiding you to make a sketch with the damages suffered in an accident. Roadside assistance is not far behind and, using the geolocation of the phone, the insurer is able to send assistance to the place of the incident.

Allianz mobile tool

It is in the fourth place of the favorites, it is available for both Android and iOS phones, the peculiarity of this app is that it connects users with the customer service of the company, it also facilitates the administrative procedures of the policy, and has the app service for road assistance and claims management.

The insurance company has another version of its digital instrument called Fenix Director with very similar characteristics, through which the clients will be able to see the policies they have paid and the ones they owe. You will also have access to your digital medical expenses card, which the insured can use in hospitals with which the company has an agreement in case of a road accident.


One of the peculiarities of the app service of this company is that it has several, which are created so that each one solves a specific task. What allows the user to have a comprehensive and personalized service support. For example, the so-called AXA with you, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to contact the insured with the institution in case of an accident, and like Mapfre’s, locate the nearest workshop to repair the best car insurance apps and ask for road assistance.

In contrast, AXA drive works as an accident prevention tool which monitors a driver’s driving habits. Its function is to record and analyze how much it accelerates, how it slows down, record how the curves are taken, among other aspects to generate a result of the way it is handled and thus offer a series of tips to have more efficient and safe trips.

Second, we have one of the most recognized insurers internationally, it is AXA. This excellent company has a wide variety of apps in the different mobile platforms, each of them for a different need, with the aim of not overloading an app with unnecessary information for its users, for example.

AXA Contigo is an app developed by the insurance company, whose purpose is that its clients can contact the insurer in a very simple way. It is especially an app for their roadside assistance customers so that at all times and for free, their customers can contact them for any unforeseen event.

Another of its attractive apps is called AXA Drive. This is not a help or assistance app, however, it will let you know if the way you drive is correct. Making use of the accelerometer is how it works, it will give you statistical data on your level of acceleration, braking, laps and driving times. Really a very good app that AXA provides for the general public.

In the case of AXA, mobile apps also facilitate the management of the car insurance policy in an integral way, although not from a centralized app, but from several specific solutions depending on what you want to manage. For example, the company has developed AXA with you, available for both Android and iOS, which allows you to give the part of an accident, locate the nearest workshop and even request roadside assistance through the phone’s own geolocation. In addition, there are apps for other functionalities such as the AXA drive all that monitors your habits at the wheel, recording and analyzing your driving style in terms of acceleration, braking, how to take the curves, among other elements, to finally generate a driving score and offer a series of driving tips more efficiently and safely.


In a more specific way towards its customers, Allianz offers us one of the most efficient insurance apps. Your customers can access it and see, for example, each of their policies previously paid or those that still have and are yet to be paid. In the same way, you can view your digital medical expenses card, which must be presented at any of the participating hospitals with Allianz.

Also with Allianz, your clients will be able to use the document registry, through which based on photographs taken with the cell phone, they will be able to update some documents without any problem.

For its part, Allianz offers a specific app for customers of their car insurance, available for both Android and iOS mobile terminals, which allows to communicate with the customer service of the company, make arrangements related to the policies, request assistance on the road and manage claims from the phone.

Similar functions are offered by through its mobile app, available for iOS and Android, which allows you to contact the customer assistance service, to declare a claim or request roadside assistance in case of need.

Mutua Madrilena

Mutua Madrilena is not far behind and through its app for mobile terminals iOS and Android allows the realization of multiple activities related to car insurance, from the possibility of consulting administrative aspects of the policy, the geolocation of workshops, the option to give parts from the mobile, to the request for assistance in case of accident or accident on the road, also using the GPS of the phone to facilitate the location of the vehicle and the delivery of the help that is required.

Direct Insurance

Also, Direct insurance is aware of the importance of being accessible to your customers via mobile, so it has developed its app for both Android and iPhone smartphones and offered free of charge. In this app the company offers from the calculation of the insurance policy to the integral management of it: information on promotions, request for help on specific issues related to the contracted coverage, the possibility of giving apart from the phone itself, tips and recommendations for saving fuel, as well as reminders about where you left the car parked using the GPS of the phone to locate it.

General Insurance

General Insurance is not far behind and in its mobile app (available for Android and iOS) offers information on its portfolio of insurance policies, to the possibility of locating the nearest workshop, office or agent; as well as a reminder service on where you leave the car parked.

However, this app is a little more basic than others of the competition, because it does not allow to give parts of claims from the mobile phone, although it does offer the geolocation of the vehicle in case of accident to facilitate roadside assistance.


These are some of the best mobile insurance apps that we can find. Companies that think a lot about their clients and offer an infinite number of possibilities to do from their app. Mainly with the advantage that you will not have to be constantly contacting your insurance agent, simply send an email from the app and you’re done. In case you can not find it, you should call it to get assistance.

Now tell us, what insurance app do you use? or it will be that your insurance company does not have an app. The trend is towards Digital technology and every big and serious company should have these benefits for its users.

As we see, insurance companies are increasingly aware of the importance of mobile presence, so they strive to facilitate the comprehensive management of their car insurance policies from these devices. It is worth checking if your insurance company has this type of solution and if so, it is worthwhile to download and carry on your smartphone the app of your insurer because it can be very useful at a certain time.

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