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Best Chess Apps 2019: Technology predominates in almost all of our fields today, even when you want to learn chess app or play a game with great mental ability. Books, magazines and even courses to learn chess have been in the past and have welcomed the age of the Internet, which offers us tutorials, videos, and, most importantly, this post: apps to play chess, as well that, here we put together a small top where you will get best apps to play chess on any smart device.

Best Chess Apps 2019

A few days ago commented in this post that the development of chess has been spectacular in the XXI century, those players who are reenganchan after so long can have the feeling of having traveled to the future. Far away are the needle clocks, the magnetic murals and the old novag computers that look so vintage today.

Chess App
Chess App

Part of this change is motivated by the development of smartphones, which today allow us to do anything. Among them improve our level of play and even improve considerably our level. In this post, we tell you.

Apps to play chess with your mobile

Now that summer has arrived, we all take a few days off and leave our routine, but it is also a good time to start preparing for the new course season and not lose chess “touch” in our vacation places using the mobile.

But first I want to recommend that you read this article that I wrote a long time ago about the benefits of training . That is, combine periods of inactivity conscientiously with the aim of returning later with more strength than ever.

Best Chess Games for Android

Android users have a huge selection of games available . There are of all types that we can imagine, so all users can find something that is to their liking. A genre that we have many games but are unknown to the general public, are chess games . We can also enjoy them on Android .

A much more classic and less risky genre, but which is equally interesting. Since we can practice and improve a lot playing these chess games. If we enter the Play Store we find many options available . But, we have decided to make a selection with the best.

Chess books and magazines have lost their role as predominant sources of chess training. Thanks to technological progress, chess training software and online teaching have become increasingly attractive to the chess community.

As technology evolves, more and more chess teaching websites are presented on the market, making it difficult to determine which ones are worth acquiring. Therefore, when it comes to finding the best chess training websites and the best chess apps, we have many options.

For that reason, this article is a basis for discussion and gives you an idea of ​​the 5 best chess apps for tablets available today.

Why play chess on a tablet?

Due to changes in the world of work, where we need to be as flexible as possible and travel more often, smartphones, laptops and tablets occupy an indispensable place in our lives. So, why not use your tablet to play a little chess among all your tasks?

With a chess app for tablet, you can play chess wherever you want, on the bus, on the beach in summer, during a break at work. Many people are so busy that their time to play chess is extremely limited, so chess apps give them the opportunity to play on the fly, when it suits them.

Modern tablets resemble modern smartphones. The main difference, however, is that tablets are larger than smartphones. Thanks to the larger screen size, tablets make it easier to play chess online and offer you a better gaming experience. Due to the relatively small screen of a smartphone, it is much more likely that you accidentally click on the wrong piece or move a piece to the wrong box. Instead of giving mate on g8, you can accidentally drop your lady on g7 on your smartphone. In this respect, tablets outnumber smartphones by a large margin.

Another advantage of using a tablet is that tablets often only weigh about a third of the weight of a laptop, so the physical burden of carrying a tablet is much lower. In addition to that, tablets easily fit in your backpack.

1. Real Chess

Practical and simple, RealChess brings you the classic chess game with 3D graphics, possibility to play online with around 1 million registered users in the best chess app all over the world, you will have a chat with which you can talk with your opponents while you play.

Real Chess App
Real Chess App

If you are a beginner, the help mode will serve you, you will have tips from the app with possible plays. Personalize your board with the different themes that the app brings and you can also place the app in vertical mode, to be used on the entire screen of your device. The app is available for Android devices.

2. Chess For Android

Another entertaining and user-friendly app is Chess For Android, with it you can perform the movements through the touch screen of your device or for old versions (if necessary) with the keyboard … for example: to move the pawn of the king, you must type e2e4). You have at your disposal a movement guide on each play. You can save the game and resume it at the moment you want, make screenshots and share it with your friends or simply save it. You can choose any side to play as well as choose the color of the pieces, either white or black.

The app is compatible with the universal chess interface (UCI) and chess engine communication protocol (WinBoard and XBoard), which allows users to play against more powerful third-party engines or even play tournaments between engines.

The engines are imported in Android Open Exchange (OEX) format, format compatible with Chessbase or directly from the SD card. The configuration of the engine includes time control, weighting, infinite analysis, hash tables, multiple threads, end table bases and open test sets. As the name implies, it is only available for Android devices.

3. Komodo 10 Chess Engine

This is the latest version that has come out of this universal chess engine, has come with great improvements over its predecessor versions, supporting 32-bit and 64-bit multi-core processors.

Komodo 10 Chess Engine App
Komodo 10 Chess Engine App

Komodo by itself, is an app that has already won chess tournaments. The app has a virtual guide or teacher who will advise you on possible plays. Let’s say that, an app that apparently is very basic but that has brought great changes at the programming level. The app has a cost of 2.80 USD. Download it for your Android device.

4. Play Magnus Play Chess for Free

Ready to face world chess champion Magnus Carlsen? With this app you can do it. Meanwhile practice in this app that contains the chess engine of the best in the world, polish your skills and know techniques directly from the best of all.


Share the results of each game with other saurians and your friends via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. Do you see yourself in a year competing against the best chess player live and direct?

5. lichess • Free Online Chess

Connect and play with the more than 150,000 users that connect to the app every day, all with the same goal: play and learn chess. Three ways to play contains. Lichess is the platform to play online chess that has gradually positioned itself among the leaders. In fact, a few days ago we published a survey in which we asked our readers what was their favorite platform to play online chess and Lichess appeared in second place after chess.

lichess Free Online Chess App
lichess Chess App
  • Lichess : classic, by correspondence and bullet, each with the possibility of playing tournaments, challenging players and saving the statistics of your game. Other of the chess variants that
  • Lichess hasthey are: Crazy House Each time a player captures a piece, the captured piece changes sides, and it is saved in the ‘reserve’ of that player. Later that player can play that reserved piece.
  • Chess 960: The pieces in the starting rows start the game randomly, given certain rules.
  • King of the Hill: Take your king to the center of the board to win.
  • Three checks: Check the opponent king three times to win.
  • Anti-chess: Lose all your pieces to win. Atomic Chess: Each capture results in the capture of the moved piece, and the capture of all the surrounding pieces regardless of their color, except pawns.
  • Horde: Destroy the horde to win.
  • Kings Race: Take your king to the eighth row to win. You can get Lichess on your Android or iOS device.

Because we like it?

Because it is very well developed , what it has to do it does it very well, and all the usability of the platform has been taken to a “mobile friendly” environment with great success. Both design and functionality fit perfectly into what a player expects when he wants to play chess online.

Load very fast, and as soon as you start you have at your disposal the panel of 9 game rhythms so that in just 2 clicks you are playing with any of the 28,000 players that are connected to the media platform.

To play chess online, this is my favorite mobile platform.

6. Chess Time® -Multiplayer Chess

With this app you will play online chess with users from countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the United States among many others, at the same time you talk to them through the enabled chat, something great about this app, do not you think?

Chess Time® -Multiplayer Chess

You play, have fun, throw in the afternoon and make friends. The app has a board in high resolution, three main game platforms, a guide and instructions if you are a beginner, a history of last games, screenshots in PNG format and a country ranking board. Available for Android.

7. CT-ART 4.0 (Chess Tactics 1200-2400 ELO)

Ct-ART is a training software for Convekta Russians . For me it is the reference tactics training software.

What they have done has been to bring the legendary Tactical Course, world-renowned countless times by experts in the field, as the best course specialized in perfecting tactical skills, to a mobile environment.

Originally, the course was developed based on the “best seller” – Combinative motifs of famed trainer and Grand Master, Maxim Blokh, a book that is a real gem and that any chess player will want to have in their hands.

All the examples and problems have passed the test of the 20 years of training practice , and were organized in their specific order, which will contribute to achieve the maximum effect during the learning process.

Each example contains a mini 5 × 5 position to solve (it is the “star” of the course!), Which will facilitate a greater understanding of the idea and the tactical resource in question, so that later the correct solution can be found in the example principal.

8. Chess By Post (free)

Chess by Post is already a small classic after the years between us. It is a small app that allows you to play chess at a distance but without doing it in real time, that is, as you used to play chess by correspondence.

Chess By Post Free App
Chess By Post Free App

The app is very simple and works very well, you also have the possibility to play against your friends and look for them directly in the tool. In addition, it has some interesting features:

Features and why we like it:

  • You can set the app on the home screen and push notifications will notify you when you have pending movements.
  • You can chat with your opponents using the game’s message board.
  • It has a rating system in which you can improve your ranking by playing approved games against comparable opponents.
  • It has a movement planner to freely move the pieces on the board to test strategies and see how it will develop in the game.
  • And something very useful: you can export the finished games to the Portable Game Notation (PGN) format.
  • The Facebook integration allows you to use Facebook to challenge your friends to a game.

9. Chess clock (free)

It is updated frequently, and in fact, it just did a few days ago. What does it consist of? Well it’s simple, an app to forget your chess clock and you can replace it with your mobile. It allows you to easily play lightning chess games with your friends. It supports normal Blitz mode and Fischer mode.

Chess Clock App
Chess Clock App

It comes with the following modes: 1m, 1m+ 1s, 3m, 3m+ 3s, 5m, 15m+ 10s and 25m. You can quickly add your own time modes. Different times per player are also compatible.

In addition, the app has a variety of clock themes so you can adjust the app perfectly to your environment. If that is not enough, you can also create your own themes.  Is it better than a physical clock? No, clearly not. But to get out of the way and play a few fast ones when you travel with friends is enough and you do not have to carry a watch!

10. DroidFish Chess (free)

Droidfish is the support where you can load the popular Stockfish chess engine with a GUI on top. It comes with a ton of advanced user functions. That includes compatibility with PGN, FEN and EPD. It also has support for Syzygy tables and support for other engines.

DroidFish Chess App
DroidFish Chess App

Like most, you can adjust the difficulty by changing the motor power. Incredibly it is completely free, without purchases or advertising integrated into the app.

Features and why we like it:

  • Opening books: internal, polyglot, CTG
  • Clocks
  • Analysis
  • Two player mode
  • Edit board
  • PGN import / export / edition
  • Import of FEN / EPD
  • Adjustable play force
  • One Touch Moves
  • Mode with Blindfolded
  • Color themes
  • Animated movements
  • Scid DB support using «Scid on the go»
  • Highly configurable
  • Third party UCI engines UCI
  • engine configurable options
  • Support for “open exchange” engine apps, such as texel and komodo 8.
  • Table bases of the game Syzygy
  • Free, GPLv3

Did you decide to take a game? Which app will you choose to start playing?

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