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Best Cooking Apps for Android 2019

Best Cooking Apps for Android: Below is a list of the best cooking apps for your Android. If you are a real chef in the kitchen, all these recipes will be good, with well-detailed ingredients and elaboration.

Best Cooking Apps Android apk
Best Cooking Apps for Android

Your smartphone can be the perfect tool in your kitchen. If you are a stove and what to put in front of the stove is your thing this article interests you and much.

Best Cooking Apps for Android

We collect the best Android apps for the kitchen, apps where you can find recipes from all over the world with its ingredients and the steps to follow to develop them well defined, but also much more information about gastronomy. All types of cuisine you can imagine, from a peck to the final icing on the dessert, detailed steps in both text and video and recommendations that learn from your diet to offer healthy and balanced menus (please note that this article is not dedicated exclusively to healthy people, we will also offer you apps with dirty and filthy recipes to share obesity with colleagues).

Put on your apron, go get your pans, pots and knives and prepare your Android well with this selection of culinary apps. Traditional or avant-garde cuisine, Mediterranean, Chinese or American, to prepare in seconds or for hours, daily or for parties, for a single diner or for all the people … Never again will you ask what you cook today.

Android cooking recipes

Free cooking recipes is the app of a social network where kitchen fans are in contact to share the Best Cooking Apps for Android of different dishes.

Under this generic name is what is possibly the social network dedicated to the most popular recipes of Spanish-speaking cuisine . Here thousands of users prepare dishes and share their recipe so that the entire community of users can see it. The possibility of asking questions in the elaboration steps or in the ingredients to the same cook is a point in favor. On the other hand all the content is well organized according to the type of recipe, diets in which it can be included, types of cooking, cost of the ingredients, difficulty, duration, country…

Are you one of those who like to spend hours in the kitchen trying and inventing with food? Well then I’m sure you’ll like Free Cooking Recipes , the apps of the social network of fans of the kitchen where they publish their recipes.

A great community of foodies

Here you can build yourself as a chef acclaimed by the community and learn the tricks and recipes that other users share . With a simple registration as a user where you have to indicate your skill level between the stoves and the type of recipes in which you are interested, you can move on to relate with the rest of people and become, who knows, a culinary influencer.

These are the main features you will find in the apps:

  • Find all kinds of dishes and recipes: from the simplest to the most complex.
  • Publish and share homemade recipes.
  • Check your doubts with the community and solve those of other users.
  • Post photos of your dishes.
  • Comment and comment on the recipes of others.
  • Give advice and share your culinary tricks.
  • Conduct surveys
  • Check the recipe book of the apps.
  • Search recipes among the types of cuisine offered: salads, appetizers, pasta, vegetables, meat, fish, rice, vegetables, soups, pastries, desserts …

Enjoy among thousands of users sharing and learning the best recipes and tricks to perform in the kitchen.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.2.
  • Offers integrated purchases.


This app is more elegant than the previous one, very Instagram-like, that is, prioritizing the image in front of the text. It is also a community of users where interaction with other chefs, but in this case the categorization is not so advanced. When you access the file of each recipe you have images and even videos to follow the steps without getting lost. The ingredients and steps tabs are quite simple.

If you like that to be between the stoves and discover and experiment with new recipes or simply believe that you need to learn new dishes because your culinary knowledge only reach to open tin cans and heat your mother’s tuppers in the microwave, then download Hatcook for Android. It is an apps where you will find almost 10,000 recipes of all kinds.

The app is based on a community of users who share their creations and their personal touch when it comes to making dishes. You will find orthodox recipes but also dishes with a little touch of the user. And yes, you can also share yours and get recognition from the community.

Main features 

  • Find recipes by category: international, Spanish, Italian, Asian, Mexican …
  • Search for ingredients or dish names.
  • Find collections of recipes grouped by type: economic, vegetarian, fast, healthy …
  • Filter the results by the difficulty of the recipe.
  • Register as a user and share your recipes.
  • Comment on the recipes of other users.

And we already warned you: do not call Paella Valenciana to the rice with things, that puts of very bad milk.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.1.

Runtasty – Easy Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos

In Runtasty (from the creators of Runtastic) the name already gives us enough clues of the recipes you can find: healthy dishes to lead a healthy life without giving up the taste of great products. Obviously here the pornfood does not have space but focuses on recipes with the nutritious quality so you can take better care of yourself. If you are an athlete or simply seek to improve your eating habits to lead a healthier life, Runtasty’s recipes are perfect. The bad part is that it is only in English, but the food is a universal language.

The junkies of healthy food, those who are always looking at the calories that this and that has, what if fats, what if cholesterol, that I do not drink beer because it fattens, that I get up early on a Saturday to do sports … in short, those who you have put runners: you are in luck . Runtastic, the app that accompanies you in your workouts, has launched its own apps of prescriptions and healthy meals.

Runtastic Recipe app

And in a show of ingenuity and amazing creativity, they have put a name that is milk: Runtasty. Bravo. Well, this is an Android app whose APK you can download for free and that gathers a collection of healthy recipes so that the nutrition that accompanies your physical exercise is in accordance with your activity.

In Runtasty: cooking recipes you will find dozens of healthy and good recipes. What does healthy mean? Well, you’ll find good fat, not that that clogs arteries and no empty calories. Forget industrial rubbish, pre-cooked and cooking with butter. And also tasty, because if not, what’s the point of sitting at the table to suffer?

The app offers different recipes with videos where you can check your preparation step by step . At the same time, it has a search engine to find the dishes we want to prepare according to the name or ingredients.


Also in each of the dishes offers the following information:

  • Type of diet: vegan, vegetarian, normal …
  • Level of carbohydrates, proteins …
  • Difficulty in preparation.
  • Preparation time.
  • Type of food: breakfast, dinner, snack, lunch …
  • Calories per serving.


  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.4.

Cookpad – Recipe Sharing App

Cookpad is almost certainly the best-known cooking recipe app . As usual it works just like your competition as a kind of social network where you can share your recipes and see those of other kitchens. It is of Japanese origin, where it has the great bulk of its users, but during the last years it has been establishing alliances with other blogs and recipe platforms that have allowed it to expand and multiply the amount of available recipes.

Participate in the social network of food lovers. Cookpad Recipes allows you to share your recipes, discover new dishes and interact with their creators.

In Cookpad Recipes you will find thousands and thousands of recipes shared by users. Create your own profile and interact in a social network whose purpose is to share the culinary wisdom of each one.

This apps is associated with Allthecooks.

It has a very extensive database of dishes to search. The results of these searches you can filter depending on the type of food you want but the most interesting is that you can interact with the authors of each of the recipes . Do you want to show the above your own version of the recipe?


  • Share your recipes .
  • Save your favorites
  • Interact with other users .
  • Find recipes with your search engine .
  • Integrated recipe creation process.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.2.
  • Offers integrated purchases.

Nestlé Kitchen. Recipes and Menus

This well-known brand of food products has developed a recipe app that can be very useful for you. Yes, here and there you will find logos of the brands they work and of course the recipes want to be based on the use of the products they market, but nothing prevents you from doing them with the products you have at home. Leaving that detail aside is quite complete and functional , with many recipes (some with video) and focused on what is really important, which is cooking.

Nestlé Kitchen is an Android app created by the popular food products company. It gathers thousands of recipes created by nutrition experts where you can find recipes for any of the meals of the day, whether breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Each recipe is explained with very detailed instructions and videos so you do not miss any step in cooking.

The truth is that despite its name, which could lead you to think that it is a commercial app with no more purpose than to offer you the products of the brand, the app is quite complete and yes: you will see brand logos related to Nestlé that, by coincidence, They are recommended in recipes. However, it does not prevent you from using any other product and the final purpose, which is to have a complete prescription on your mobile phone , is superfluous.


  • It includes recipes but also complete menus.
  • All kinds of dishes: soups, rice, meat, fish, vegetables, desserts …
  • Menu Planner function, which offers a complete balanced diet for your day to day.
  • Different search criteria.
  • Get random recipes by waving your mobile and be surprised.
  • Share recipes easily.

Get yourself with APK, put on your apron and start preparing delicious dishes for yourself and your family with the help of Nestlé Kitchen.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.0.3

Yummly – Recipes & Shopping List

It is of English origin and therefore you will have to make do with the language, but Yummly is one of the best apps you can find nowadays with recipes and articles related to the world of cooking. Here more than 2 million recipes are collected from the entire network and growing, so you do not lack options. If you have to put a but beyond the language is that the steps always take us to a web version of the recipe. There is well explained but every web is a world and having to leave the app causes some laziness.

Yummly is an Android app that brings together more than 2 million recipes from around the world with perfectly detailed ingredients and elaboration steps.

If yours is the kitchen Yummly is the app you need, a perfect click with many recipes and tricks to get the most out of the stove. More than 2 million recipes from all over the world and most importantly, with the cooking steps perfectly explained and illustrated so that you do not miss a detail and the recipe always comes out perfect.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List gathers recipes available on many web portals, some huge like Allrecipes but also recipes from other much smaller blogs where you can find absolute delicacies.

Features of Yummly

  • Set nutritional preferences and taste.
  • Guided elaborations step by step, in many cases with available video.
  • Save your favorite recipes and create your own book.
  • Complete shopping lists with the products you need.
  • Use filters to eliminate foods you do not like and discard recipes.
  • Program recipes in your calendar.
  • Certain recipes are integrated with Whirlpool appliances to automate tasks.
  • Buy all kinds of kitchenware from the app itself.

If you have to put a but the apps is that not all the recipes are hosted in the app and often you are redirected to the website where the recipe is published. If that is not an impediment in your case and you have an Internet connection, Yummly is for you, ideal to keep the line … Or to lose it completely.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.4

Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking

Kitchen Stories is one of the most beautiful apps you can find on the list and possibly one of the most complete . The recipes are perfectly explained with photographs for each step and videos of the process. The steps of each recipe can be followed on a specific viewer full screen that is perfect to have next to the stoves while trying to run the dish, and the aesthetic part is really taken care of (to that it contributes that there is no option to upload your own homemade mejunjes). You will find all kinds of tutorials, tips and the typical shopping list that you can automatically fill out from the recipes you visit, to make sure that when you put yourself to it you do not lack anything.

Whether you’re a mess in the kitchen or consider yourself an aspiring Master Chef, Kitchen Stories is the apps you’ll need on your Android smartphone to learn how to handle between fires or refine your recipes.

Anyone can cook thanks to Kitchen Stories .

The APK of this apps offers simple tips to prepare exquisite dishes, at the same time healthy, recipes accompanied by step by step instructions and video tutorials so you do not lose detail of everything you should do in the kitchen.

Main Characteristics

  • Recipes grouped by theme.
  • HD videos to make dishes step by step.
  • Photos of all instructions.
  • Useful tips and tricks to improve your recipes.
  • Possibility of adding ingredients to your shopping list .
  • Option to save recipes and comments for the future.
  • Measuring converter and integrated timer.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 5.0.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

community with more than 30 million users is the great claim of this app. As with Yummly, it’s only in English, but it’s worth giving it a try. The appearance is somewhat coarse but the large number of recipes available and that their chips are so complete is a point in their favor. You also have other usual extras such as a shopping list and its great claim, the Dinner Spinner function with which you wave your mobile and a random recipe appears, great for those moments when you do not know what to cook.

If through the palate you are thinking of impressing your new link, entertain your guests or just give a good tribute, you may have to consider downloading Allrecipes Dinner Spinner . It is the apps that will give you the most delicious recipes, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Find the recipe that best suits your needs

Dinner Spinner is a very valuable help for when you’re thinking about putting yourself between fires because it is not limited to just showing you a wide range of recipes , but you can find those that best suit your favorite ingredients or those that you have . And since the kitchen is a thing that usually starts making the purchase, Dinner Spinner allows you to make your own list of groceries to dip into when you go to the market.


  • Searches defined by criteria such as dishes, cooking times and ingredients.
  • Find recipes that suit anyone’s dietary needs.
  • Shake your smartphone to receive surprises in the form of a recipe.
  • Share your recipes on Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Compose your shopping list as you consult the ingredients required by each recipe.

Enjoy the kitchen thoroughly and let yourself be surprised by all the recipes you can find at Dinner Spinner.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.4.

Recipe Book

It is one of the best-known apps, although in fact the aesthetic part is not its strong point. If it is first your community, which is in charge of uploading recipes, and especially its function Download with which you can download the recipe and consult it when you do not have Internet connection, something quite demanded in general by the chefs of walking around the house to those who have to put the apron in situations and extreme places. Gastronomy and homemade images, but with much foundation that would say the friend.

Recipe is an Android app also known as Villy Recipe by the name of its creator that contains thousands of cooking recipes that you can implement at home. The recipes, conveniently organized in categories, are contributed by a vast community of users and cover any type of cuisine, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde, always keeping a hollow for dessert as appropriate.

Let’s not fool ourselves, on the aesthetic level it’s no wonder of app, and even less if we compare it with the aesthetics of haute cuisine that is practiced in our days. The fact that the users are the ones who upload recipes does not help in this sense either: the recipes are good but the visual taste of many of them leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway, if you leave the aesthetic part aside and you focus on how important information is, Recipe becomes a very complete and ideal app to take care of your food and that of yours.


  • Pre-installed recipes and others that can be downloaded for offline consultation.
  • Community of more than 100000 users contributing recipes daily.
  • Kitchen for Thermomix, fast pot, microwave …
  • Social options to leave comments and follow profiles of other users.
  • Advanced search with filters for ingredients, diets …
  • Includes a kitchen clock to control cooking times.

Get the app right now and start taking care of your diet, with so many recipes in the palm of your hand it will be almost impossible for you to run out of ideas.


If you use social networks the name of Tasty will come to your head quickly, since their recipes are extremely popular there. Thanks to your Android app you can have direct access on your mobile to all those recipes. The strong point are the videos included, created expressly for each recipe. You can find all kinds of dishes, but let’s be honest: everything that has to do with food porn takes the cake. If you care little about your diet and what you are looking for, a feast in the purest American style is your app. Perfect to lose the line.

Gastronomy is booming thanks to products like Tasty , possibly the most active Facebook profile when it comes to hanging culinary recipes. If you do not know, Tasty is a popular and viral Facebook profile owned by BuzzFeed where recipes are published in short and simplified video format with overhead perspective so you can put them into practice. And of course, the formula works: first because that content has millions of followers in the social network knowing how to use its resources, and second because the recipes are what is known as food porn , an authentic caloric and fat time bomb that enters through the eyes.

That does not mean that they only dedicate themselves to make a save: there are recipes for all tastes , but of course the concept “to burst” is very present. Seeing such success, what better way to consult the recipes than through a mobile app.

Tasty Characteristics

  • More than 3000 recipes and uploading.
  • Step by step instructions
  • Access new content before others.
  • Filters according to times, ingredients, difficulty, vegan diets, gluten-free …
  • Different units of measurement.
  • Save a list of favorite recipes.

It is evident that the cuisine that is practiced here is Yankee to the greatest extent possible with all its faults (the Mediterranean diet to another day), but if you need to prepare a good dinner of buddies and surprise with the biggest cochinadas possible, without detracting good dishes that are there, is the perfect solution and you stay like God.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 5.0

And I’m going to prepare sausages stuffed with cheese, more meat, chicken with barbecue sauce, rocket and pickled pickles.

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