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Best Dating Apps 2019

Best Dating Apps: The apps to meet new people easier, users, contact with others to link. There are all kinds of apps to link and each for a different audience, details to consider before you register for one of these apps to bind.

Best Dating Apps

And is that at this point in which you are in life, surely you know some of the best apps to link that there is for mobile. As is logical, we refer to typical apps such as TinderLovoo, … but there are many more that you know for sure and that is why we wanted to summarize them in a list with the details so they stand out.

Best Dating Apps
Best Dating Apps

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Apps to Dating for free and meet people from 2019


Tinder is the application to link by reference when relationships are concerned. The main characteristic of Tinder is that its operation is very simple. This app to link shows photos to users and we must decide if we like or not, this makes us see that the image is the most important profile.

In addition, you can now integrate Instagram to improve the profile and reduce the search with your filter to select the genre, the distance (up to 150 km), … If both people click the ” like ” they will start a chat privately.


OkCupid is one of the few dating apps that does not require Facebook to sign up. A username is created and a very long profile is filled in, which can be linked to your Instagram account if you wish (which is, without a doubt, almost Facebook). You can answer different questions, giving both your answer and what you would like your “link” to answer. This creates a percentile score for users that reflects their ” compatibility “. You can also choose to make your public responses and keep in mind how important they are to you.

All the options, including those to access the configuration and display of profiles, are found in a sliding menu. To see someone you like, simply touch the “coincidences” option, which, interestingly, does not show the people you’ve paired with, but rather the people who could potentially combine with you. If that interface is too chaotic for you, press the “fast wick” option, which restricts the results to just photos.


eHarmony is advertised as a dating application with which a million people have been married to date.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up for eHarmony Online appointments, and from here you will receive detailed profiles of the candidates that fit your personality. Also you can upload yourself from your smartphone or through Facebook.

It is an application that manages to fine-tune the compatibility of users, since through a special algorithm it is able to find the perfect match. In addition it is almost impossible that it does not correct if we consider that once downloaded, you must answer (attention) a test of 400 people.


Bumble is similar to apps like Tinder, since it connects you with those people you have around you. To do this you must download the application, sign up, and then enter a “swarm” of people who are connected and whose location is close to yours. To get in touch with the person for whom we have been interested, you must chat within 24 hours. or the connection is lost forever.

For connections between people of the same sex, either of you can start the conversation, yes, always within that period of 24 hours, but if we run out of time, nothing happens since each person can extend a connection per day , adding 24 extra hours.

Due to its similarities with other apps to link, Bumble seems to have less people connected at the moment, although in recent months it has grown a lot and has more and more users.


Happn is one of the apps to link that more users are capturing lately and all because of its somewhat particular system. Happn differs from other apps to link in that it traces the location to then display on the screen all the people you have crossed on the street. If two Happn users like each other they can start talking, if not, the other one will never know.

This is a new application that is gaining more popularity each month, since its way of proceeding is that it allows you to find that person with whom you may have crossed the street and maybe you liked it, or the girl you see in the disco often (and of course, have the app downloaded to your device).

You can connect to it through your Facebook profile, and you can be sure that when you connect you do not need to be with false identities. You can find those people you meet daily or in a timely manner and if you like you can “like” their profile but without him or her knowing. It is only made public when that “like” is reciprocal.

From that first step, you can see the profile of the person you have “like” and connect with them to chat or to start a relationship if you stay directly.


Groopify is an application that is not focused on linking. It focuses on connecting with people who have common interests, but once connected with the person, you never know what may end. Groopify is responsible for bringing together two groups of three friends of boys or girls.


Boompi is another application to link but somewhat different than the others. Boompi suggests the user one of the profiles of other users of the app and will allow you to choose between two private options that do not generate any notification. With Boompi you can customize the profile more completely, including general information, tastes and even the link to the Instagram account, among many other features.


Badoo is one of the most classic social networks in history. Although initially only used as a web page, it has been adapted to the needs of the public by becoming a mobile apps. The user of Badoo must fill in the profile with the preferences and qualities, being able to use the search engine to find people who are related. The main advantage of Badoo is that it has 200 million users around the world, if you do not find a partner like that … The flaw we see in this application is that the vast majority of users are teenagers.


Grindr is a link application aimed at the gay community. Grindr allows you to upload photos to the profile and chat with the guys and crashes that are using it near the location where you are. Grindr already has more than 7 million users in more than 190 countries around the world, which makes us see the success it has had. Grindr has two versions, one basic and one premium or payment that is called Xtra, which has more options and much better functionality.


Wapa is another app to link that is focused on the homosexual community. An evolution of the old application “Brenda” has a very similar operation. Allows you to see the photos of the closest lesbian girls to start a chat privately. The difference with the previous Grindr is that in the Wapa app you can leave a trace, something very similar to Meetic, to show interest in that person.


Adoptauntio is a social network to link in which the woman is the one who has the power. The men join and appear in a kind of market and it is they, the women, who decide if they want to “put them in the basket or not”. Adoptauntio can do a search filter by criteria, tastes, interests or by words “modern” type, “sportsman”, “hipster”, … Men have to pay and sometimes the Adoptauntio app can not be accessed because that there are too many men connected.


3nder is an application to link taken to the extreme, I explain. With 3nder you will be able to meet singles and open-minded couples, regardless of the sexual condition (Straight, gay, bisexual, polysexual and pansexual). It is not about making trios, it is about making the user feel comfortable with their sexuality. A way to reinvent the apps to link.


MiuMeet is one of the most popular apps for Datinging in the world, although in Spain it is still not very popular. MiuMeet allows you to have private conversations, know which users are connected at all times, upload Facebook photos and perform a search filter based on the place where the user is and according to interests.


Mico is actually a good application to meet new friends, both in your area and around the world, although sometimes you may find someone to go out and have an appointment with.

The strength of this app is undoubtedly, your choice to chat easily and easily, but also allows you to send voice messages, photos, videos and different styles of stickers. Make a simple chat something more fun.

In addition, this application can link or share with other social networks such as Twitter, Blogs, Instagram. Share your most incredible moments, get many followers and become popular.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffe Meets Bagel  is another dating application that carries the burden of having to enter it through Facebook. Once you have configured your login profile and your preferences, you will be sent a “donut”, which is essentially the profile of a possible appointment.

Then you have only 24 hours to decide if you want to “pass” or “like” your “donut”. If you like it and you have also liked it, you will establish a connection, which means that you will be able to send messages to each other in a private chat. The chat room of the app  expires after eight days, regardless of whether you have spoken with your “donut” or not. This “obligates” us to go beyond chatting, asking for the telephone number of the person we are interested in, or better, making an appointment.

The service also offers more specific preferences options, which means that you can narrow your choices to certain religious beliefs or ethnic groups, if those things are important to you. You can upload up to nine photos and have a much more prolific profile.


Shakn is an application to link increasingly popular, in which you can not only meet singles, but also new people to expand your circle of friends.

This is an application to meet people, talk, Dating or find a partner, or simply make friends. You can express yourself and discover girls and boys who are close to your area and are related to you, thanks to sui search filters, hashtags and much more complete and experiential profiles.

It is very active at all times, the downloads, you propose a plan and then you will find people who sign up or want to share that moment with you. You choose who you can reconcile with more or less.


Hinge is an application very similar to Tinder, but with some fundamental differences that make it superior. As for the interface, it looks like Tinder’s younger sister. Using Facebook and your friends in this social network, it shows you not only the people you have in common, but also all the things you have in common.

To do this, you have to answer a series of questions through an interface similar to that of Tinder. Have you been to Berlin? Swipe to the right. Do not you play croquet? Swipe left. This makes it much easier to answer questions in less time, not to mention that it’s more fun.


Pink instead is promoted as one of the most visited and used apps by those who wish to link. They say they have more than 10 million users and more than 40,000 join every day so it will not be a bad idea to try it.

This application starts with a “matching game” through which you can choose who you like and who does not. You will only receive messages from someone you like and you decide who you want a conversation with.

It is not very different from other apps to link, but we can say that at least it does not have advertising that interrupts our browsing while we search for our better half.

Mas40 is looking for a partner

Users who are looking for a partner cover all types of ages but it is true that many times they realize that it is young people who use this app the most, so it is not bad that we also have an application that has been created for people. of more than 40 years.

It was born from the website and as its name indicates it is intended for people who exceed 40, perhaps parents or expectant mothers or divocircoas seeking to find a new partner. The good thing about this app is that it works as if it were a social network that you can add to as many contacts as you know new users.


No doubt once downloaded to your phone this app is going to remember Meetic enough since it really comes from this.

It is an application that includes a personalized search of profiles, location and private profile so that we can see which profiles interest us without the other person knowing that we have seen their profile.

Your chat session is much simpler than in Meetic so that maybe more than one convinces you for it. It also has a very complete private messaging system that we can open quickly in our device, something that usually fails in Meetic.


The application to link and meet people from Muapp is intended, above all, for women. Muapp is designed for this genre and works very similar to Tinder, although the difference is that the users are the ones who decide between the candidates who are the ones who enter a “showcase” and enter the “game”.

The conversations between two people are generated through a compatibility tag that is known as ” match “, but previously they have all the information about their intentions to choose if there is an encounter between them.


Jaha is one of the apps to meet people destined to lovers of running. It puts in contact those people who love to go for a run so they can find their perfect partner by connecting through the hobby of running, staying to play sports.

A quite original application that already has more and more followers and we hope that we can soon download to our phones.

At the moment it is not available for Android, as soon as we have it, we will give it to you.


Desire is not an application to Dating or meet people but it has seemed useful to you. The aim of the Desire application is to revive the passion in couples, which are already consolidated, through games that seduce and motivate. The users of the app are provoked through the application that has as objective that the two return to recover the passion of the beginning of the relationship.

It is an application in which we can find common games, or also those with which to challenge our partner in order to fan the spark of love or that it never goes out. You download the app, you send a challenge to your partner and if you accept, you must raise it to carry it out, obtaining as not a “prize” at the end.

At the moment it is not available for Android, as soon as we have it, we will give it to you.


Couple is not an application to link but we wanted to include it because it has seemed very interesting to us. Couple is that you reinforce the ties with your partner. In it you can share a common agenda or make plans for the future. It is an ideal app for relationships that are remote or for couples who travel a lot for work topics.

With Couple it is as if you had a “planning” for couples, and although it may seem somewhat absurd, those who try it highlight how well they are doing to find that initiative that otherwise they would not have and in this way, they can better organize their lives and even organizing more appointments with who shares their lives.

Ashley Madison

And we arrived at the well-known application of Ashley Madison. This facilitates the possibility of being unfaithful to our partner by contacting other people who are looking for the same, having an affair. It is an application to link that is designed for the mobile and that does not leave any fingerprint on your computer and not be “caught” by your partner.

It is an application that once had its controversy, but after the “storm” of how much was talked about it, it is still widely used by those who do not wish to be “caught”.


Good2Go has been created to reduce uncomfortable situations to the maximum before interacting with another person. With this application to link you can describe the hygienic state, your degree of drunkenness, … in real time. Users may accept or not have relationships with the other person.

With this app to meet people you can ask everything related to the life of the person, for example how many couples have had so far, if they have a fetish, … all clear!

We can say that it is a rather curious application in which it seems that everything is agreed prior or during the appointment. Something original, although it is true that there is something less natural to the fact that two people meet and live the same experience.  At the moment it is not available for Android, as soon as we have it, we will give it to you.

Pof Free Appointments

Pof Free Quotes is a recent application to link with which you can find couples related to your personality. Thanks to its algorithm, this app is capable of discarding the number of possible candidates according to your tastes, how you define yourself and how are you, and from there you will be able to find diverse people but in the end you may share some of your pleasures.

Ideal for people who do not want to waste time or who do not want to go having appointments that do not lead to anything. If you are looking for a partner, and one that is stable, this is a more than recommended application.


If you are looking for apps to link that will bring you something else, Welov is one of the most recommended because it has an original chat, attractive and with a fun interface that allows us to chat with our contacts, and those that we add.

In this way, we will realize that with Welov we can not only find love, or people who can attract us for an appointment, but also allow us to make new friends. Maybe you do not want to go further with it, but you can continue chatting as if it were a social network.

With this application we can also form specific groups depending on what our tastes are. In this way we can have a chat for our friends or contacts who like the same movies, songs, artists or in short … common interests.

Tagged Meetings and Chat

Similar to an application that allows us to join the functions of Facebook with those of an application to link, Tagged is an app that will help you find friends, but many also recommend it to link.

When we enter an application to link, we always have to fill in a series of fields so that we can make our profile and from there find those people related to our tastes. In the case of Tagged, the system is similar although we only have to register our name and a little more since we do it is to look for friendships, either those known that we want to find through an app that is not Facebook, or a new one.

In this way, starting from the possibility of chatting with well-known people or new people, we can begin to choose profiles that can be more than a simple friendship.


Mobifriends is an application that allows us to find a partner, but at the same time we can make very good friends, if all we are looking for is to find new friendships.

It is said that this application is one of the few with which you can get what you are looking for, that is, you can chat in search of friendship or if you want you can also chat in search of a partner, either one for a serious relationship or maybe to live a simple adventure or to be able to stay with different people at the same time.

MeetMe: Chat and new friends

Another application to meet friends but we want to include in this compiler of apps to link because although Badoo, or Tinder are popular and very effective, many people do not want to find their partner among people who may have already had many appointments using the same tool .

Thus, MeetMe, is proposed as a fun application whose main function is to allow us to chat with as many people as we want, and in this way discover whether or not we have the same interests. It has almost a million downloads, since in addition to chatting we can do it with people who are close to our location. So our online chat can end up being a nice meeting with people that you have nearby.

Free Dating Site

This is a recent application for dating and to meet people, which stands out for being completely free and not only that, but also presented with a successful algorithm that allows us to know what compatibility index we have with those people that interest us.

Belonging to the group Match, which has already launched apps such as Tinder, Match, OKCupid, Twoo and Meetic, POF is a successful app that also has a high hit rate. She herself is promoted as an application that couples couples every two minutes.

Chat Meet Dating: W-Match

Similar to the indicated apps, W-Match is the online dating portal, which in its application, will allow you to meet people of all kinds with whom to keep appointments or simply to know and be friends.

Download the application, sign up, create your profile, and if someone likes you let them know, and if you agree on your preferences, you can chat privately.

You can look for people who are related to you from different aspects such as age. If that is your choice, the application will look for those people who are related and have the same age as you, who are also close to your location, so that it is easier for you to organize an appointment, if you finally chat and like Really.


Another application of free dating that we recommend, is YoCutie, which in addition to being similar to the aforementioned presents a quite remarkable novelty as we can record our videos to chat, and see those of other people who have already recorded.

In this way you can see much more than just a simple profile picture. You can search between the different “cuties”, choose the one you prefer doing “me” and in this way you can start a conversation either through the usual normal chat or if you prefer, you can chat through video so you can spend hours conversing with that person by video chat. In this way we have without a doubt, one of the most original apps when it comes to Datinging.


We now know another interesting application with which you can meet people in an enjoyable, safe and free way. This is HitWe an easy to use application that can be perfect for those who want to Dating or find a partner, but it also helps us if we are looking for friends or just meet new people.

You just have to download the application on your mobile or mobile device and once you have registered and created your profile, you can start chatting with people who are close to you or who live further away. You can create groups of people, have private conversations, or send very funny stickers. Spend an enjoyable time meeting people and who knows maybe you will find the love you were looking for.


Mingle is one of the most popular apps for singles in recent times. We can meet all kinds of single people who are looking for love, a friendship or just a sporadic relationship. You choose what you want.

This application is characterized by the importance it gives to people to identify themselves with their authentic profile photos, as well as having profiles that are completely sincere and authentic. In return, we can see videos of the different profiles related to ours, in addition to being able to visit different social chat rooms in which not only watch those videos, but chat with those people in which you are interested. As they say “Mingle is the best mobile social chat app to socialize and make new friends”.

Chat, meet people – Moco

With this simple application, you can chat for hours with all those that you want and that you have known through the consultation of all available profiles, either by a proximity of location, or because you find profiles that are similar to yours in likes, hobbies , etc…

Moco is an application to link very funny, since you can also customize your profile with all kinds of stickers, emoticons, themes, colors and fonts.

And not only can you chat but you can also meet people through free multiplayer and social games, including MatchMe, FriendShop and Street Wars.

Free couple search

A simple application that allows you to find a partner instantly. You just have to download it, create your user profile, and start looking for the people that interest you. It also has a “Face” function that will let you know at once who you liked or who has looked at your profile and is interested in you.

It is a completely free application but perhaps something “annoying” as ads appear. Anyway if you want to dispense with it, you can pay 1.50 euros for the paid version and you will get no announcement interrupts your conversations, your stays or the search for that desired profile.


A correct application to search for a partner that suggests profiles that may be similar to you, and not only that, but it has a function to verify photos so that all those profiles that are seen in the app, including yours, are not “spam” or false profiles.

In addition to suggesting profiles, the app also allows us to do all kinds of advanced searches, based on details such as complexion, religion, or height.

iPair-Meet, Chat, Dating

iPair is an application that has as main attraction its chat room that has more than 8 million users with whom we can make friends, or find someone to start a relationship with.

iPair not only offers the chat service, but also has different options for meetings and appointments to turn it into a kind of social network.

In this way, we can share images of the day, as we would on Facebook or Instagram, but also access a more private access to chat in a special way with those people that interest us most.

Mingle2 chat, make friends, know

Mingle2 is one of the most recent apps and most recommended for those who want to meet, chat, meet and go out with people who are near you.

It has a very simple and quite intuitive interface, which will allow us to access a large database of people who are also close to where you live, and with which to start a friendship and even have an appointment, online.

You can chat, in private conversations or group, either to find friends, or also for those people who are looking for something more and want to finally find a stable relationship or even marriage.

Date Way – Meet New People

Date way is a recent application that now reaches Spain, but that already has 20 million users. In it, he ate in the other apps that we have already seen, you will discover how you have the option to chat, have online appointments, or simply share moments with the people you meet.

You must make a profile, and from this you have to go looking for people that you think are related to you, although the app itself suggests you as soon as you start using it. In addition your profile is open (although you can make it private), so that others can see your photo or photos, and send you requests either to chat, or send you a private message. It is perhaps the most complete and quite serious apps to find a partner.


This is a good application for you to find love from profiles that are really related to you. With Skout, you can chat with whomever you want, depending on the parameters you enter and want.

In this way, you can refine your search much better and get better with the person with whom you start your friendship, to begin to meet in your chat room and then arrange (if you want an appointment) or continue to meet that person who may it ends up becoming a formal relationship and perhaps, for a lifetime.

Many also use the app to find friends and not just love, since we can actually look for the kind of people we like for a relationship or for a simple friendship.


So far we have been recommending apps to link without distinguishing by gender, but if you want to know one that is recommended and that is just to meet guys, this is undoubtedly the best.

With this application you can meet men by preference and proximity, in addition to chatting, check who has noticed you, and among the latest developments that have incorporated is the novelty of knowing about users who are nearby.

Another novelty of this application is to buy and send gifts, save favorite users, browse profiles and photos, promote your profile with integrated functions in the app, as well as earn points to unlock premium features.


Romeo is another application that we can recommend for those who are looking for an app to link that is gay. This is, in fact, one of the most popular recently and among its novelties will be that we can connect with guys who are close, but also from other countries, so that not only serves to link, but also we can use it as if it were a social network more.

We can establish our profile as we want, showing or hiding the information that interests us and we can even hide our GPS location so they do not know where we are located.

GirlsDate – Date for Fun

GirlsDate is an app to Dating although focused on girls and women. In it we can find millions of women who want to be able to have an appointment.

You just have to create your user profile, and you will begin to receive suggestions from women that may be related to your tastes or your way of being. In addition, the application serves both for those who want to be able to find serious relationships, and for those who want nothing more than something sporadic.

Find real love – BLACK

Find Real-BLACK love or simply BLACK is an application that claims to have millions of downloads around the world with which certify that finding love is still possible and that your system of matching yourself with like-minded people really works.

The app has a simple interface, and just register you will be presented to ten candidate profiles among which you can choose who you want within 24 hours. In addition, the team behind the application will give you extensive information on each profile and also advise you in case you want to have an appointment can be a success.

Ligando singles staying

Among the most recent apps to link that have also become the most popular, Singles Ligando Quedando excels. It has an active chat 24 hours in which you will be able to talk with all those people who connect to your network.

You can also talk with people who are within a radius of kilometers close to yours so that if there is compatibility you can meet that person in a moment and who knows if you will find the love of your life.

HOOTT – Online Chat Appointments

HOOTT is another new application with which you will be able to link or if you prefer, find friends. In your case, we propose different scenarios for us to choose what we want to do with the application.

In this way, we can sign up for your chat to meet people or friends, or we can share a state with the list of contacts we are doing as if it were a social network. In addition also poses challenges and games and if we overcome them we can reveal profiles that interest us and of course, contact them to finally find that average orange you’re looking for.

All Appointments (Free)

This is a very curious application that although it will not serve you to meet new people or to link through mobile with people directly, it will nourish you with the best phrases and declarations of love that you can then apply to your life real or contacts you already have online.

In this way, Todo Quotes is an original App in which you will find all those quotes, phrases and words of love that you can copy and use to fall in love with that special person or new people you meet when you go out on weekends.

LigoteoGamer – Chat and Friends

LigoteoGamer is another application to link as mentioned above although in your case curiously we have to say that it raises everything as if it were a game so that we can meet people in a fun way.

Whether you establish a conversation through one of the chats of the application or you want to visit profiles of people you want to meet, this application presents you with small games to go unveiling the desired information.

In addition, you can talk with your contacts, and establish private conversations with those people with whom you strengthen ties.

Live Chat – Meet new people

With the idea of ​​being an active chat all the time to allow two people to get to know each other in depth, this successful application allows us to meet people with whom to Dating although it is also advisable if what you want is to be able to meet new friends.

Unlike other apps that are used to link, Live Chat allows you to access video calls but always respecting our privacy.

Azar Video Chat and Messenger

Azar Video Chat and Messenger allows us to activate new friends in a curious way because instead of suggesting profiles that are similar to us, we can chat with who we want since we will be able to visit all the profiles of the people connected.

If you like someone and is close to your area, you can swipe with your finger and activate the video call, but it is a global application so that we will be able to chat with people from all over the world so it is also recommended not only to link but also so that we make new friendships.

SKOUT: meet, chat, make friends

SKOUT is another application to meet people but in particular those people who are close so you can chat with them and arrange meetings. It is also a fun application that suggests to people around the world so you can make new friends.

Chat, meet people and send photos that you can share as if it were a fun social network.


Many times we look for apps that allow us to connect with people or just make friends and although those that present us with close profiles are the most downloaded today, we also have the option of trying to get a wider network with people from all over the world .

With this intention, Flurv is born with millions of downloads worldwide and a wide network of people that you can meet through your chat, private or by groups.

Hot or Not

This other application is not born with the intention of being an app to link but we can say that it is an application that arises as a game to see who is more popular among your contacts within the application itself but that can cause you to meet people new and maybe you’ll end up finding the love of your life.

Random chat – Anonymous chat

To finish with this review to which are the best free apps for Android to link, we want to introduce Random Chat, an app that is giving a lot to talk about due to all the mystery that there is around it.

An application that presents us with an interface of the simplest, in which a chat appears directly that we can open and that we do not have to register to be part of it. In this way, we can converse with different people and stay with them, so that it is posed more than to link, as an application for occasional encounters.

One Night Dating – For Singles

Like going out one night in search of the desired love, One Night Dating is an application for those who also wish to meet new people, make friends or turn them into friends with the right to touch. It has a fairly simple interface in which we can find several images from the profiles that are related to the information we have contributed.

You can upload as many photos as you want, see those of your friends (the ones you are doing) and make “match” in those people with whom you think you have things in common.

EasyMeet – Chat, Meet, Date

This other application has an interface that reminds many of WhatsApp conversations, so it is quite simple to use and very direct. All we have to do is upload our photo, enter the data and look for related profiles with which to start a conversation that can lead you to an online friendship or stay for a romantic date.

TerraChat – The Chat in Spanish

In the past friendship chats were in the order of the day, but today with all the messaging services that we have seems to have gone out of style, although this other application to link recovers the essence of these so that we can establish a chat between friends that sometimes can go more and end up generating a love partner.

It is easy to use once you start developing your profile. You only have to upload your best photo, enter your personal data and in a few minutes you can start to see people related to you or who are close with whom to establish contact to chat.

MyLady – Transgender Dates

Among all the apps to link or find a partner MyLady is one of the few that have been launched specifically focused on transgender people.

It is not so much an application just to link, but its origin arises so that transgender people, transsexuals and transvestites can meet like-minded people with whom to converse, although it may lead to love relationships. Once you have registered and entered our data, an interface appears that has several images of the profiles that use the application and with which to contact to send direct messages.

Stranger Chat & Date

As the aforementioned application to be able to chat “WhatsApp” style this other app is quite similar.

The difference with other apps in this case, there is no need to “log in”, nor register at any time, but indirectly can enter a chat with people who are using the application.

SweetRing – Dating seriously

As the name suggests, SweetRing – Dating seriously is an application that allows us to find the person of our dreams to establish a formal, real and serious relationship. It gives us the possibility to enter through our Facebook account, which ensures that everything is more formal or verified.

We have to register and begin to see the profiles that the application itself suggests. Once a profile is selected, we can send a message to establish contact and know more about that person, with their photos, their information and of course, try a relationship of love or a relationship that leads to a beautiful love story.


ROMEO is not only an application to link, but it is more a social network for gay people who want to know friends or who are looking for a relationship. It is promoted as the social network for gays number one in Europe and the truth is that it has many downloads and once we install it we realize that it includes many profiles with which to contact to establish a friendship or something else, perhaps You can find the love of our life.

It is not only an application for gay boys, but it is also used by a good number of lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, so it is really a recommended social network for the LGBT community.


Grizzly is an application born specifically to establish dating between gay men. It is very simple to use, all you have to do is create an account using an email or log in through your Facebook.

If you are really interested in getting appointments with the men you see, make sure you complete the information on your profile to the maximum before starting to search. You can write something about yourself, what you are looking for, what is your sentimental situation, what your tastes are, or your physical complexion, all to find that perfect couple that is waiting for you.

Online Appointments – PureLove

A simple application to organize appointments, always through the link that we make of the app through our Facebook account.

We can consult a series of profiles, and based on the information you have or your photo, we can begin to establish contact, first by sending a message and then chatting in a private way, in order to get to know that person better. so that we can become friends or so that we end up having an appointment if what we want is to find a partner and fall in love.

Adult Appointments

In Adult Dating we can find in a relatively simple way people who are looking for a stable relationship although we may get lost in one of their many chats. It offers us the possibility of connecting through Facebook and browsing the app in search of profiles that may interest us. Once a profile is selected, we can start chatting and it also allows us to chat with the chosen person.

So far the main apps to link. Little by little we will update the list to have complete information about all the apps to link.


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