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Best Educational Apps

Best Educational Apps: It is a challenge to surf the net, and find resources that, without sacrificing aesthetics or effectiveness to instill knowledge, also provide all the fun necessary to keep attentive the little minds of our children. For this reason, we have given the task of selecting a top of the 9 Best Educational Apps, to motivate learning in the early ages in a pleasant way.

Best Educational Apps

Best Educational Apps

Aware of how much the little ones will enjoy with these proposals, you can choose any of them for free or for very little money since full enjoyment and mental development will be guaranteed in any way.

Educational games for children

Great opportunity, through this app, to acquire new mnemonic skills and develop visual acuity in the smallest of home. The arsenal of free resources available, from full-color puzzles to fun games to recognize each animal according to their sounds, will become a reason for laughter and healthy recreation even for adults. The finishing touch is the relaxing music that it includes and interactivity designed for any age.

Download Educational games for children

Educational mathematics for children


Having a good tool to introduce children to the world of mathematics may not be so simple if the proposal is not able to combine elements of fun that stimulate the thirst for knowledge. Perhaps for that reason, educational Mathematics for children enjoys the preference of the public, for its successful design and its effectiveness in the children who have just started preschool education. In addition, it is completely free.

Download Educational Mathematics for children

Educational alphabet game


Combining several game levels and a point system that will encourage healthy competition among children, this application is an ideal resource within our top of educational apps. Intuitive and, above all, very fun, will help you to know the alphabet while reinforcing your ability to memorize elements. In each game scenario, our child must use his retentive to discover pairs of letters or numbers in a time limit. But that’s just the beginning. Numerous surprises await you.

Download Educational Alphabet Game

ABC PreSchool Playground

ABC PreSchool

ABC Preschool Playground aims to entertain (without neglecting the educational element) through three possible ways. The drawing section will activate the creative side of your child, who will also have the possibility to work with several brush thicknesses. Finally, the game to memorize animals or the section to learn the English alphabet (with soundtracks and interactive graphics), will undoubtedly keep you enthralled, while you learn and prepare for life.

Download ABC PreSchool Playground

Sums for Children

Sums for children

If we could summarize this application in a few words, those would definitely be the party of mathematics. Sumas for children is charming, effective and fulfills what it promises. Throughout the application, the child will have the possibility to add and subtract objects, and in a short time, will master these basic operations with a brilliant naturalness. Do not stop trying it.

Download Sumas for children

Preschool educational Games

Download Preschool educational games

As its name indicates, this proposal is aimed at those little ones who have just begun this educational stage. Although if you want to encourage their skills from an early age, you can also use their memorization, abstract thinking and deduction capacity sections. All this, set in a visual language that will capture your child’s attention and favor his mental development.

Download Preschool educational games

Body Parts

Body parts

Such as the mathematics, the memorization of objects or the learning of letters, this application will invite the child to know his own body, through the use of images, sounds, and interactivity designed especially for him. It does not matter if you barely reach a year of birth or you are about to start preschool, body parts, you will always have something to contribute to your knowledge about the particularities of the human body.

Download Body parts

Educational Blocks for children


Numbers, letters, puzzles, professions, animals, and much, incredibly much more. Because the objective of the developers after this magnificent application was to achieve a comprehensive product, capable of touching all areas of the intellect in our children, eager to know and interact with the world around us. As if that were not enough, the proposal has been accompanied by beautiful images and sound effects, which will guarantee fun at all costs.

Download Educational blocks for children



Taking advantage of the visual language of our children, Livingstone recreates a situation where animals are disorganized throughout the planet. From then on, any scenario becomes an adventure so that children can discover the deserts, the oceans, the jungle, and all the creatures and species that inhabit them. 

Download Livingstone

As expected, the application has visual elements and really fabulous sounds that will catch from the start.

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