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The 10 Best Facebook Apps for Android in 2019

Best Facebook Apps for Android: That the Facebook apps for Android are one of the worst optimized apps is something that would not have to catch anyone by surprise. Its apps is slow, heavy and consume a lot of battery, but not only that, but it also makes our entire device go slower.

facebook apps for android

Facebook Apps for android by list bellow

Uninstalling Facebook apps improves the performance of our device. According to tests of a user of Reddit, our device will go 15% faster if we eliminate both the Facebook apps and its Messenger.

This is due to the poor optimization of these two apps, the abuse that makes the so-called wake-locks to awaken the device from its resting state, and that abuse is what drains the battery and abuses the RAM, which affects the rest of the system. Therefore, when you uninstall these two apps, the battery lasts longer and the system manages fewer processes, thereby gaining performance.

If you are one of those who still use the Facebook apps but will uninstall it to improve the performance of your mobile device, then I leave you with the best alternatives to continue using the social network but without our Android going slow.

1. Facebook App

facebook app apk

As obvious as it may be, let’s start with the official Facebook app itself. For the purists, one of Facebook‘s best apps is Facebook; others, however, will tell you that it consumes a lot of resources (RAM and battery, especially), and they are right.

However, when Facebook incorporates new features, if you want to be one of the first to try them, you must use their official apps. But in addition, with this, we not only refer to the Facebook android app itself, but to the official set of Facebook apps that includes Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pages and more.

2. Facebook Lite

facebook massanger app apk

Facebook Lite apk is a version of the official apps designed to use fewer system resources, fewer data and that is configured to work even with slower data connections. In exchange for these advantages, you should assume an interface seems & and even messy, however, has integrated Facebook Messenger (you will not have to have two apps) and worked on virtually any smartphone and even in areas where coverage is only 2G.

3. Buffer social media

buffer social media appThe Buffer is not an exclusive apps to manage Facebook but it is one of the few apps that also allows you to interact through other social networks, in such a way that it is a very popular service and used by Community Manager and in strategies of social media. With Buffer you can manage your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, and all this from a single account in Buffer and after you have logged in to your accounts.

It is a very stable service, although it is also true that sometimes it has its faults. In addition, the service is free, although limited, so if you want to manage multiple accounts, schedule many publications, and more, you must go through the box. The buffer is one of Facebook’s apps for publishing, not for interacting with other people.

4. Metal App

metal app android apk

Metal is one of the new Facebook apps for Android that has received many positive ratings during the last year. Like many others, it is a web-wrapper or mobile website within an app that incorporates additional features and settings to improve the experience: ad-free experience, advanced notifications, user interface settings, various themes to choose from and plus. It has even incorporated the support for fingerprints.

5. Puffin App for Facebook

puffin app facebook

Puffin for Facebook is one of the best apps of Facebook for Android, and it is not surprising since it was created by the same developers of the popular Puffin browser. So, in short, this app is nothing more than the best browser app that, in a specific and exclusive way, allows you to browse Facebook while making less data consumption;

In addition, it includes an improved user interface that provides a more pleasant browsing experience. Interestingly, it works better on low-end devices and with slower network connections. And to top it off, it’s totally free.

6. Folio for Facebook

folio for facebook app

Folio is also one of the best alternatives, and it offers a complete navigation bar, several themes to customize the colors of the apps, add-ons to also have Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr in the same apps, and more options.

7. Toffeed for Facebook

Toffeed for Facebook apk

Toffeed for Facebook is one of the newest Facebook apps for Android and, for the moment, it seems that it is gaining the favor of users, although it has a lot of work ahead of it. It is a web-wrapper and includes the vast majority of the features of the mobile version of Facebook.

It supports notifications, and the user interface has been modified to be more in line with Material Design. In addition, it is a fairly light app (just a couple of megabytes) and although it is promising, although it has some failures so it may not be the best option for the most active users.

8. Tinfoil for Facebook

Tinfoil for Facebook apk

Although Tinfoil has not been updated for almost a year, it was also one of the favorite alternatives because of its simplicity. It only offers us a right navigation bar that will only appear when we slide our finger from the right frame to the left.

9. Fast for Facebook

Fast Facebook app apk

Fast for Facebook is an alternative that is only active when we want, and it has no hidden services or notifications. It offers a superior menu of options to navigate with shortcuts to the different sections of the social network of Facebook.

10. Mini For Facebook & Messenger

Mini For Facebook & Messenger

Mini For Facebook is next to Facebook Lite one of the apps that occupy less storage in our device. As other alternatives, it offers a navigation bar to explore the social network.

Of course, there are many other Facebook apps in the Play Store such as Swipe, Slimsocial, which one do you use on a regular basis? Or are you faithful to the official version? Thanks for being with ApkBuddy.com. leave an honest reply or seek any problem regarding any Android App or android problem we will try to respond as soon as possible.


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