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Best File Sharing Apps of 2019

Best File Sharing Apps: The time has passed when we transported all our information on an external disk or USB, now there is no need for it, because storage in the cloud makes it possible to have our information just a click away; Mega, Divshare and Google Drive are some of the best-known examples.

File Sharing Apps

Best File Sharing Apps

First were the websites, and then the mobile apps, which made it possible to upload files to cloud storage spaces from an Android phone. Below we offer you a selection of the best apps of this type.


The first app of this selection is Dropbox , a free service that allows you to have your photos, documents and videos anywhere. After installing Dropbox on your computer, any file you save will be automatically saved on all your computers, on your Android device and even on the Dropbox website.


With this app you can access your documents from anywhere when you are away from home. You can save photos or videos in your space in the cloud and share them with your friends thanks to their social File Sharing Apps options.

Dropbox also allows you to save the attachments of your email directly in Dropbox or modify your documents easily in Dropbox.

Google Drive

The giant File Sharing Apps Google, Drive allows you to access all your shared files from any mobile phone tablet or computer. All the files that you upload to Drive are saved securely by backup so you do not lose them. You can easily invite other users to view, modify files or folders, or comment on them.

google drive

With the Drive File Sharing Apps you can see documents, PDF files, photos and videos, you can also search files by name and content or share files and folders with other users.

Drive allows you to configure files or folders so that anyone with the link can see, comment or edit. With its graphical interface you can quickly access recent files or see the details and the activity of the files made by other users.


With the mobile apps of Box you can save, manage and share all your files, photos and documents safely with the 10 GB of free storage in the cloud offered by Box.


With Box you can have all your files at your fingertips, to access your content on the Web, from your computer or through your Android tablet or phone . You can share important photos and videos with this app, as well as other types of documents.

Box allows you to share your latest projects and provide your comments or stay in sync with your work colleagues, friends and family.

Box for Android has the option to view and print more than 100 types of files, including PDF, Word, Excel, AI, PSD and PowerPoint presentations of high quality and you can also control the security and encryption of your files.


SHAREit is an original apps that allows you to exchange files between different devices through the wireless connection you are able to create.


Thanks to this apps, it is possible to exchange files between devices without having to use the cloud or other connections such as Bluetooth or WiFi. SHAREit is able to create a wireless connection between devices, up to a maximum of five, through which to exchange any type of documents. For this, it is necessary that the devices involved have the apps installed. Many of the users have commented that SHAREit does not always work properly, which is one of its main drawbacks.

One of the most important advantages of this program is that it is capable of running on a wide variety of platforms , including the Windows operating system for computers. Images are transferred quickly from one device to another and, once the process has been completed, the SHAREit connection disappears and the device returns to the original connection. The negative part of this disconnection is that you have to reconnect to send a new file.

It is a program that is not very easy to use, so it is not suitable for any type of user. Only a person who has previous knowledge of computer systems will be able to use it correctly. Due to its complication and other inconveniences, it is usually preferable to opt for other systems to transfer files from one device to another.

Pros of this program

  • Share any kind of files
  • The file transfer speed is good
  • It is compatible with numerous platforms

Cons of this program

  • Its operation is complicated and unintuitive
  • During its use it may stop working
  • You have to reconnect after each shipment

Send Anywhere

To download Send anywhere: File transfer for Android for free, we recommend that you select your mobile device model and our system will select for you the appropriate files for this Android apps. Download Send anywhere: File transfer for phone or tablet is very convenient: select the appropriate apk file and click on the app name.

Send Anywhere

Program Description Send Anywhere: File transfer (File Transfer): Send anywhere: File transfer : an excellent apps that allows you to exchange files between Android, iOS devices and a computer. Share files of any size and format, as well as entire folders.

XShare – File Fast Transfer

The fastest transmission speed in the world, the QR code that matches the most convenient file transfer tool, can be without traffic, without network environment with friends to quickly share all the files on the phone.


Special features:

  • No network restrictions: Share files anytime, anywhere
  • Fasting in the world: 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Quick pairing of QR codes: The most convenient QR code pairing program, sweeps smoothly, completes the paired action.
  • Quick installation: Enable quick installation to skip frequent confirmations

Latest news

  • Transfer files to each other and share them more easily.
  • Share all kinds of files in the internal memory.
  • Supports built-in video player. Watching videos becomes easier.


MediaFire allows you to upload all your files easily – such as your photos, videos, music and documents – and access them from anywhere with your phone, your tablet, your computer, or from the web!

Upload files and folders from other Android apps (including most file managers) using the “Share to” option of Android, and then selecting “MediaFire”. This will cause the file or folder in question to be loaded directly into your MediaFire account.

SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share

This is an apps that you can use to share files with other friends or contacts through the available WI-FI. This apps allows you to identify the addresses with which you want to share the files using NFC or QR codes .

It also allows you to share files with other devices that do not have this apps installed through the web interface and allows you to share files of any type, from photos, videos, compressed files and even mobile apps.

This apps uses port 8080 , which means greater compatibility with any Wi-Fi network.

WiFi File Transfer

I want to finish this selection with another similar apps, which allows to share files through a Wi-Fi network . This apps allows you to upload and download multiple files at the same time or download an entire folder, but this feature is only available with the Google Chrome browser .

WiFi File Transfer

With the apps you can delete, rename, copy, compress or decompress files through simple and intuitive interface and all these files can be password protected.

Fast File Transfer

You will obtain with this apps a direct access to directories of photos, videos or music. The apps will also run its services in the background and will start alone when you connect to your home network.

This selection of apps will help you keep your files at your fingertips anywhere. It will no longer be necessary to bring your laptop or your USB, all your files will be available to your Android, you just need to choose one of these apps and get the most out of your files in the cloud.

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