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Best Finance Apps for iPhone and iOS (of 2019)

Best Finance Apps for iPhone: In the world, the advance of technology is on the rise day by day. Smartphones have been incorporated into our lives is a tool valued by people due to their contribution to various activities, such as controlling your personal finances Apps or investing in properties online.

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Best Finance Apps for iPhone 2019

So much so that a study conducted this year showed that in 2017 whole world would reach a total of 2.1 billion users with smartphones, with that number expected to increase another 12% in 2017 to top 2.16 billion people globally.

These data have led to the development of a large number of Apps that helps people control their personal finances. That is why here we leave you the best mobile Appslications so you can sort, plan and manage your finances.

#1. HomeBudget Apps For iPhone 

HomeBudget Best Finance App for iPhone

We started with an Apps unknown to many, but very solid in its evolution: HomeBudget.  With the lite version and payment for both Best finance Apps for iPad and Best Finance Apps for iPhone and Appsle Watch, in addition to macOS and Windows, this Apps will help us sort our finances.

The most interesting qualities of this iPhone Apps are the management of income, expenses, and invoices. Also, we can create a custom budget and the possibility of associating a capture of an invoice with a specific expense. The Apps will create reports for the last six months and will show us the data in graphics.

You can export the data whenever you want via email or WiFi. Best of all: free version limited to 20 spending operations and 10 admissions per month.

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#2. Fintonic iPhone

Fintonic Best Finance App for iPhone

Probably, the most popular option to manage your domestic finances. It has support to integrate the majority of banks and surviving banks of bank restructuring.  With it, we can manage personal accounts, charges, payments, and income comfortably.

The design of the Apps is quite successful and intuitive. The generated reports are very useful and show us at a glance at the evolution of our money and savings. Fintonic notifies us of any event or significant change in our accounts, such as duplicate charges. We can protect our information with Touch ID to prevent unauthorized access to the Apps.

The Apps is completely free since its business model is to offer loans and insurance through the Apps. An interesting fact: according to the company itself, they have more than 360,000 users.

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#3. Checkbook HD iPhone

Checkbook HD Best Finance App for iPhone

This Best Finance Apps For Iphone Appslication to manage finances is a very interesting free option since it offers the user the possibility to enter expenses and purchases in detail. 

In your platform, we can add our current account, savings, credit cards, bank reports (through the bank’s OFX file), frequent schedule transactions, schedule past transactions to pay later, expenses, income, transfers, see the results in different currencies and more operations.

Also, we can see the numbers of the expenses using graphs that can be adjusted to be issued in a circular or bar form, classify the transactions by categories and subcategories, synchronize the information among various user devices, among other things.

This tool offers a Checkbook HD Best Finance Apps for iPhone free version with a limit of operations and a paid version that can be purchased to unlock the top of transactions.

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#4. DailyCost – Expense Tracker iPhone

DailyCost Best Finance App for iPhone

DailyCost is one of the platforms that offer the most tools to obtain good graphics and data for all personal expenses. It has more than 160 currencies that make monetary equivalencies in an updated form. Allows you to record daily expenses to issue summaries and reports through various categories and on different topics.

Besides, its interface is simple and intuitive with the user, and everyone can access it to host the data regarding expenses. Likewise, DailyCost Best Finance Apps for iPhone can be synchronized in the cloud to back up and export the information in CSV format.

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#5. Wally – Smart Personal Finance Apps For Iphone

Wally Best Finance App for iPhone

A good name (Where is Wally / my money?) For an excellent iphone Apps. Wally is a very popular option in the field of home finance Apps. Simple to use and with a very visual data presentation, it is a great way to keep control of our money and savings.

With the use we give him, Wally will learn our customs and movements of money. In addition, with it, you can add the categories that we miss and associate an expense with a photo of an invoice. Another point in favor: it’s totally free.

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 #6. Dollarbird – Personal finance calendar

Dollarbird - Personal finance calendar iphone

If you are looking for a mobile Best Finance Apps for iPhone that manages your money with a personalized calendar, this is the best you can find. The personalized calendar will help you to program and add expenses and income according to the corresponding date.

The great quality of this Appslication is that it is very easy to use. 

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#7. BUDGET – monthly finances, day by day Apps for iPhone

BUDGT - monthly finances, day by day

It is not the most colorful or the most innovative, but it is an option recommended by many users. It has the typical functions of managing recurring payments, creating categories and customizing budgets. Visually shows the financial data.

It has a version for iPhone and Appsle Watch, but nothing of iPad or Mac. The great drawback of this Apps is not that it is paid. It’s been more than a year without updating, and that’s not good news for users.

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#8. Toshl Finance Budget & Expense Apps For iPhone

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense Best Finance App for iPhone

If you are looking for an Appslication that offers you the possibility of entering the maximum amount of money you want to spend during a certain period of time, Toshl Finance is the ideal option.

This alternative allows us to record the invoices to be paid, in what things we are wasting our money, add the debit accounts, credit cards, cash, PayPal, among other operations. Another interesting point of Toshl is that he lets us note a payment record with photographs of invoices at the expense that has been made.

In addition, it has tabs to place budgets in different categories, diagrams that can be displayed in a circular and bubbles, ability to synchronize data, advice not to exceed the spending limit and projection of them in more than 160 currencies.

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#9. MoneyWiz  

MoneyWiz - Personal Finance App for iPhone

This Appslication allows you to control your accounts, your receipts, create budgets, record your income and expenses, control the balance of transfers between accounts, and make predictions about your financial behavior in the future.

For many people, this is one of the most complete and efficient Appslications to manage your personal finances without problems.

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#10. iGasto – control de gastos en Finance Apps for iPhone

iGasto - control de gastos en Finance App for iPhone

This exclusive Appslication for users with the IOS operating system allows you to organize your personal finances through its simple design where you can organize expenses, receive daily, weekly, monthly or annual summaries.

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#11. Spendee – Budget & Money Tracker with Bank Sync Apps for iPhone

A great Appslication to record expenses in the timeline, which helps you control your income and expenses in a more attractive way for people who have the less financial knowledge and want to organize their accounts.

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#12. Control of expenses

Control of expenses iphone

Totally free is this Appslication available for Android that will allow you to optimize the control over the expenses that you generate in the day.

The great differentiating detail of this Apps is that you can attach images that justify each of the expenses to control your personal finances.

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#13. YNAB (You Need A Budget) Apps for iPhone

YNAB (You Need A Budget) App for iPhone

Acronym of You Need A Budget (you need a budget), this is another rather complete option to manage our finances. When we want to introduce an income or expense, we can use geolocation. With it, we will know at a glance the context of each operation. One of the great contributions of this Best Finance Apps for iPhone is that you can share it with other people to have a common accounting.

YNAB offers an Apps for iPhone, iPad and Appsle Watch and is also free, has no in-Apps purchases but requires the subscription. To encourage users, YNAB offers 34 days of free trial. The main drawback of this Apps is that it is also entirely in English and that seeing other alternatives, does not integrate banking movements.

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#14. Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense is a complete finance software that can be taken anywhere. It is a powerful and easy-to-use program that will help you track and understand your personal finances.

Pocket Expense brings all your financial accounts together, and classifies transactions, invoices, and allows you to adjust budgets to achieve your savings goals. In just a few minutes you will see where your money is going and where you can save.

So be it to keep track of the tips we give in restaurants, all these Appslications help to take better control of everything we spend without having to write in a notebook or other more complicated options.

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Watch All Apps At a Glance.

  • HomeBudget
  • Fintonic
  • Checkbook HD
  • DailyCost – Expense Tracker
  • Wally
  • Toshl Finance Budget & Expense
  • MoneyWiz
  • iGasto
  • Spendee
  • Control of expenses
  • YNAB (You Need A Budget)
  • Pocket Expense

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