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The 10 Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android in 2019

Best GPS Navigation Apps: Gone are the GPS for cars just a few years ago. With the advancement of functionalities, our mobile phones have come to replace devices of all kinds, from the TV to the camera, the radio or even a personal trainer. And, of course, they have replaced most of these car browsers. In fact, with the exception of Garmin or TomTom, they are hardly sold.

Best GPS Navigation Apps

And yet, GPS is very good for traveling, wherever you go, and also for work if you are a taxi driver or delivery man. Maybe you have to look for a restaurant in your city or you want to spend a weekend in the neighboring country. It does not matter, because a GPS navigator for vehicles ( free in-app or payment ) not only facilitates navigation and driving but also shows nearby points of interest.

GPS location is not just for driving!

It is not known for sure what was the first GPS app for Android, but what is certain is that today there is to give and sell. Undoubtedly, Google took control of the supremacy and immediately all the Android phones began to incorporate series Google Maps, one of the apps Google star.

It was great, as long as we had Wi-Fi or data. In fact, Google maps are still one of the most used to locate us today. But, on the other hand, they take up space and do not always indicate us in the best possible way.

Thanks to the fact that we have a GPS location in our terminal, we can not only take advantage of it when placing ourselves on a map and arriving at a specific place. Many apps of various kinds use this functionality to give us more features:


  • In the apps to sell and buy things, it informs you of the closest products.
  • In the best apps to order food, it tells you which restaurants are closest to you.
  • It lets us place a location in our photographs and publish them on Facebook, Instagram or other apps of the style.
  • We can find the love of our life with the best apps to flirt in your city.
  • It is one of the great strengths of players looking for tricks for Pokemon Go.

What is the best GPS app for Android mobile?

GPS on mobile

Google Maps

Having all the information possible, the great Google offers some great maps, with all kinds of details and information. Even with the Google Street View, we can see the real street, the door of the restaurant or the goal in which we have been.

His navigation, however, is not always the most desired, because more than one has given a headache. The good thing is that you find everything you want, including reviews of shops, restaurants, and hotels directly on the map; You also have information about the traffic, the possibility to make a route in public transport and, evidently, walking or driving.

It occupies enough space and spends a lot of battery, but it is a safe bet, without a doubt. You can download this GPS app right here.


If you’re traveling around the world, most travelers and travelers who you meet on the way are going to recommend Maps. Me. In fact, it is probably the best browser with GPS offline today. And thanks to its success and dissemination, it has improved a lot in the last two years.

To use it, you have to download the map of the area where you are and where you are going to move. Once done, it works like a normal GPS: destination address, origin (which can be your current location or a specific point) and come, start the road.

In addition, they have made an agreement with Booking.com and with Uber and from the same map, it allows you to book a car or a room for that night. You can choose a route by car, on foot or by bicycle. They also offer traffic information: do not get traffic jams! You can download this free GPS for mobile without internet in the link below.


The good thing about Waze is its interactive background, in which the users themselves provide real information on how the traffic is in real time. In fact, this information you do not have to send, but it is sent automatically only with browsing with the open app.

With Waze, you will have live routes and live alerts to make your way as effective as possible. Undoubtedly, Waze is one of the best options, especially if you usually find traffic and traffic jams in your travels.

A community in which you can be part and enjoy all its advantages. Find the cheapest gas station, guide yourself by voice and travel with updated maps at the moment. Do not miss it!

Map Factor

When it comes to downloading an app of this type for the cell phone, many come with the ghost of the TomTom maps, which were the most of the most among the browsers of a few years ago.

Well for those nostalgic, we have Map Factor, an app with completely free maps for Android that in turn allows us to buy official TomTom maps and use them. We like it, but maybe it ‘s a bit slower than competing GPS apps.

Intuitive, door-to-door routes, voice navigation, 2D or 3D maps and even speed camera warnings.

Here Wego

Move around the length and breadth of any city you encounter with Here Wego, all in one place. You put the means: on foot, bike, car, train … whatever you can think of! Calculate the best route with our app so you can reach your destination quickly.

With an integrated guide voice, go to your destination following your instructions. So getting lost to get to a place, will be a thing of the past for you with one of the best GPS for Android of 2019. You will receive live updates in case something happens in your journey so you can change the route without stress.

Therefore, it will not matter if you use public or private transportation or not, compare the best option that suits you. Use the app even when you do not have a mobile signal, impossible to get lost! Here Wego is available for free Google Play Store and App Store.

Map Factor

When it comes to downloading an app of this type for the cell phone, many come with the ghost of the TomTom maps, which were the most of the most among the browsers of a few years ago.

Well for those nostalgic, we have Map Factor, an app with completely free maps for Android that in turn allows us to buy official TomTom maps and use them. We like it, but maybe it ‘s a bit slower than competing GPS apps.

Intuitive, door-to-door routes, voice navigation, 2D or 3D maps and even speed camera warnings.


The Sygic app is one of the most downloaded on Android and iOS. With its powerful GPS tracking system, you can download offline maps and traffic when you are not connected. Real-time navigation with your screen.

As one of the most downloaded GPS navigators offers many advantages. You can look at the speed limits of the roads you drive, using 3D maps offline, avoiding traffic jams in real time.

You can get this fantastic app for free for all Android and iOS devices by downloading them through their apps store.


The best navigator and companion in your journey is Copilot. This app allows you to have totally safe navigation in your car without problems. Download offline maps to reach your destinations, plan your trips and receive traffic alerts.

Do you already have preferred roads and routes? Personalize them in the app! Never miss without Wifi or data, because with offline maps you will not have anything to lose. Arrive at your destinations quickly and efficiently, avoiding delays and bottlenecks.

So what are you waiting for to have the best co-pilot and road navigator? Download it now in the Google Play Store and the Apple Apps Store for free.

Be On Road Offline

If you have run out of mobile data and you must reach your destination, do not worry! With Be On Road Offline, you can get there. This free offline browser will allow you to get anywhere with real-time information about that traffic situation.

Save money on fuel by reaching the shortest routes to your destination thanks to this app. Do not worry, drive safely at night and let yourself be guided by this app. You can download it in the Google Play Store for all Android mobile devices.


Another alternative you can find to navigate with GPS is OsmAnd. This app downloads the maps so you can save them in the phone’s memory and open them when you need it, even without an internet connection thanks to its database.

It connects very quickly even when it is without roaming abroad. It gives you turn-by-turn directions by voice so you do not get lost, being a GPS that speaks, saving your favorite places or also making changes in the itinerary.

Explore all points of interest near you with OsmAnd. Find this app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


The star app for those who seek to avoid traffic situations and arrive on time to their destinations, with Navmii you can do it. With or without an internet connection, you can navigate with your maps, which will point you step by step the best ways.

Thanks to the help of the 24 million drivers and users of the app, it is constantly updated. It includes a speedometer that you can use to regulate your speed.

Navmii has maps in more than 150 countries and its app is available in more than 10 languages. Download it for free for your Android and iOS phone.

Our choice: TomTom for Android free

If you are in this post, it is more than likely that the name TomTom is familiar to you. It is one of the most popular navigation systems manufacturing brands in the world. And a couple of years ago he expanded his offer of offline and online maps in PDAs and automobiles to what the customers asked him:  TomTom for Android and iPhone mobiles.

All about Go Mobile’s TomTom app

In the same way as the other GPS apps on this list, TomTom Go is going to become our favorite co-pilot, both on long trips and in our daily routine. In addition, it has an advantage over traditional GPS: we do not need an extra device to locate us and guide us around the world. Our mobile will always be with us!

It should be noted that, while the TomTom Android app is very well valued and works perfectly (it has 4 stars out of 5 and almost 120 thousand ratings), the TomTom iOS version does not quite like it and its reputation is a bit low. At least, since its last update.

Features of TomTom Android (APK)

We can download the TomTom app from iTunes or Google Play officially, although if you prefer, you can use other platforms such as Mobogenieor download free TomTom Android FULL from third party websites – that is, always under your responsibility. If you officially withdraw, you have to pay an annual license.

If you want to try this alternative apps platform, you can install Mobogenie here. Be that as it may, this is what we will find in this GPS app: Traffic information in real-time, so that you do not arrive late to any place and choose the fastest route possible.

  • 3D function when viewing maps: locate yourself 100% wherever you are.
    Traffic radar alerts.
  • Possibility of planning offline routes (previous download of maps).
  • Points of interest around us.
  • Favorite destinations and places to reach them with a finger touch.

What we like least:

His maps, sometimes, take up a lot of space (even Gigas). You have a fixed number of free KM to be able to navigate – specifically, 75km. From there, it is a paid app.

Have you tried the TomTom app? What do you think about it? You can download it here: If you were looking for a good GPS navigator for Android for free, we recommend one of these four. Take advantage of one of the most useful Android features of all. Give the GPS a boost and travel!

And you, do you recommend any specific app? Do you usually use GPS or do you still prefer the map on paper? Tell us!

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