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Best Keyboard Apps: Each person has their style, and our mobile phones are a good reflection of this. That is why we download the apps that we like, we put funds, screensavers, custom icons, we download the best topics …

We would like to talk today about the most successful keyboard applications. The truth is that those who come by default are a bit boring, and sometimes, they do not quite work well at all. Take a look at these and write how nobody!

The Best Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS

Best Keyboard Apps


Swiftkey is undoubtedly the king of Best Keyboard Apps for Android and Best Keyboard Apps for iOS. It is the most downloaded app in this field (2 million users), making it one of the most popular keyboards. But why is he so famous?


  • It has one of the best functions of intelligent prediction and personalized word and emoticons.
  • It contains more than 800 emoji for you to decorate your texts.
  • Its system of autocorrection is impeccable, even for those who write with more haste.
  • You can put themes
  • It gives you a choice between more than 100 languages.
  • It is synchronized (if you want) with the cloud.
  • You can slide your finger across the screen to write words faster.
  • The best: it’s completely free.

It is compatible with almost all Android phones and all iPhone models. It can also be used as one of the best keyboards for tablet or iPad. If you want a safe bet, do it with SwiftKey.

1C Big Keyboard

Are you one of those who have big fingers? Or do you have a family member who has difficulty using the touch screen? Do not worry! 1C Big Keyboard is the app you need on any tablet or mobile device.

This Android keyboard application for big fingers is one of the best free mobile keyboards because it can help you set the biggest letters. Thus, you will not have problems or problems when writing.

1C Big Keyboard

In addition, this is an ergonomic keyboard, comfortable to use and has the ability to be multilingual. This will help reduce eye fatigue caused by small letters in a compressed way to help reduce errors.

It also has additional letters for keyboards in All Language, for example. Or also special keys for microphone or web browser, numbers among another group of varied functions.

It is available for the Google Play Store, where you can find it by looking for it under keyboard applications. Its version for iOS has not yet been released.


If you are a Google user, you have probably used Gboard. What is Gboard? This is considered by much better Android keyboard and is usually the one that is pre-configured with this operating system, where it brings a lot of different functionalities.


This keyboard available for Android and iOS, allows you not only to write words and phrases in any application. Gboard does much more than that. You can use it as you would use the world’s most famous search engine to find things.

It has a link to the Google search engine, which sends you the results on cards, notifying you of the matches. It also allows you to write without touching the letters, just sliding over them to form a word.

In the same way, you can share multimedia files in it. An example of this is the famous GIFs, animated images that you can find and send in your conversations, even create them and edit some of their aspects.

Also, work by finding emoticons of any type based on the keyword you choose. It has themes or designs that you can place to further customize your writing to your style based on any image.

Google’s Gboard is currently available in more than 20 different languages, both in the Google Play Store and App Store or installing your APK.

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is the most downloaded, reaching almost 4 million downloads on Android and as many on iOS. Compete with Swiftkey for first place, but focus on another field. It was the top Android APP  in more than 20 countries.

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard focuses its efforts on the world of emojis, or at least the one we offer you here. Bet on the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words and every two times they are updating their list of emoticons, which almost reach the thousand. In addition, it integrates perfectly with other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail or sending SMS.

Despite the amount of emojis and smileys that it offers, they are very well classified and you can access them very quickly. If you enter the apps developed by GO Dev Team, you can see normal keyboards (not just emojis) and many more. available for android and ios Enjoy!

Rainbow Key

Everything that has to do with rainbows implies color. With that premise comes Rainbow Key, both for iOS and for Android users. Colorful in smart keyboards? Yes!


Definitely, this is not a keyboard for serious or minimalist people. In Rainbow Key you will find:

  • More than 800 emoticons and smileys.
  • Custom themes of a thousand colors.
  • Intelligent prediction of emojis (adapts to your writing style).
  • Smart and personalized autocorrect.
  • Sliding to make writing easier by just running your finger over it.
  • Customizable keys
  • Sources everywhere to choose from.
  • Animated GIFS for your conversations.
  • Hundreds of languages

It includes purchases within the application, with which some people get their teeth long when they see what they have in the free version. However, if you want to have fun, these are your ideal mobile keys.


Come to 2016, nothing should surprise us, but sometimes it is achieved. That a mobile application gets a hole in the Guinness Book of Records is no small thing, really. The prize was awarded in 2014 on the basis of being “the fastest of all”.


However, not only speed is what gives popularity to that Android and iOS keyboard. It contains a lot of features that you will love:

  • Customizable to the maximum.
  • Selection and sending of GIFs.
  • 30 different topics.
  • Extensions to make it more complete, such as the shortcut or the invisible.
  • 800 different emojis to express what you want.
  • Natural finger glide to speed up writing.
  • Multiple languages to choose from.

They claim to be the prettiest, customizable, fastest and most entertaining of the market. Are you going to try it?


Another app awarded for its quality, although this award was given at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona in 2009. Despite having fewer downloads than other apps, these exceed one million users. You want to know why?

TouchPal Keyboard

Well, here are some of the features that make the best Android keyboard (for many):

  • More than 1000 emojis, emoticons, and smileys that are introduced very easily.
  • More than 100 original themes and the possibility of creating your own.
  • Full design customization.
  • Intelligent prediction according to context and emoji suggestion.
  • Almost 100 different languages.
  • You can type by sliding your finger across the screen.

In short, one of the most complete Android and iOS keyboards. What do you think?

Millions of users around the world personalize their keys to their liking. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. What do you think about these best keyboard apps? Would you recommend others? We’re waiting for you down here!

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