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Best Kodi Addons in 2019

Best Kodi Addons: The creators of Addons are increasing as time passes and they share, altruistically, their work to make Kodi continue to grow to become the best multimedia center that there is today, or so we believe. That’s why we decided to gather the best Best Kodi Addons 2019 tested by us to make sure that they all work correctly.

Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Add-ons

In the following list, you will be able to find all the content you are looking for ( movies, series, football, … ) except the content for adults. Most add-ons come with original audio or in English but all have the option in the menu to change the language. Anyway, if you have any questions about how to install or configure the best addon for Kodi, we have prepared a complete guide:

The Best Kodi Addons 2019

Techno TV

We started mentioning Tecno TV that stands out among the Best Kodi Addon 2019. It has an infinity of content (many of them focused on the Latin market), among which we have mostly films, series and diverse programs.


From the famous Pelisalacarta Addon, Alfa is born, another Addon for Kodi that we recommend you in which you will be able to find countless movies and series in Spanish and Latin as well as in their original language.


In Palantir, you will not only find series and current movies, but also an ideal Addon for those who wish to watch old or retro series. A quite complete addon that also allows us to see content in SD and HD.

Proto IPTV

With  Proto IPTV you will be able to see all kinds of content, such as series, movies, sports, and programs in Spanish Latin language since it allows us to select between different channels of Latin America and the world.


Another addon that although primarily Latino has content in Spanish and in its original language. Through Bassfox what you will be able to see our series and movies, and the odd television program.


What can we say about YouTube that we do not already know? Well, we recommend that you also download your Addon for Kodi since you can see its contents, manage your account and also enjoy the best video portal here.


Fusion.org is without a doubt a very original addon. It was born from the collaboration between several Addon users to have one that is as complete and they get it: it has series, movies, programs and anime. All in Latin Spanish.

Supermospy TV

If you are looking for endless content, Supermospy TV is undoubtedly the Addon for Kodi that you can not miss. In addition to series, films, sports and concerts in Spanish and Latin, he adds broadcasts of 24-hour news channels and the contents of Movistar, as well as content from other countries such as Uruguay and Argentina.

Disko Kosmiko

From the Disko Kosmiko website, this Addon has content of all kinds in Latin and Spanish. Among the highlights we can mention series, film, novels, and programs of all kinds.


If you are a sports lover, Plexus is an Addon that you can not miss. With a connection to channels ice streams and sop cast, this Addon for Kodi has all kinds of sports content in all possible languages. With him, it is impossible to miss any soccer game.


Together with Plexus, SportsDevil is the perfect addon for sports lovers. Like the previous one, it needs other Addons to offer its contents although in this case, the viewing quality is much better.

TV Chopo

A quite complete Addon for those who expect to enjoy the Kodi experience to the fullest. It has a series area, a children’s area, as well as various programs, cinema and also includes a special section dedicated to the Dragon Ball world.

Movie theater

As its name suggests, Cine is an Addon for Kodi where you will be able to find more than 14,000 films, all of them in their original language or in Spanish. They are organized by genres, years, themes or countries and you can see them in SD or HD quality.

Mr. Regio:

In this Addon for Kodi, you can also find series, movies, and programs, as well as special children, health or exercises. It also has several associated add-ons that continue to increase its content offer.


MagyckPi is an Addon for Kodi that will please the most varied audience. Not only because it has movies, series, and sports (through this Addon you can see F1 and MotoGP races ), but also because it serves as a video game emulator.


This other Addon for Kodi, has all kinds of Latin content, including series, movies, concerts and more.


The world of documentaries is concentrated in the Addon for Kodi, Planet. An Addon that allows you to see documentaries of all kinds from fishing and animals, to history, science or various curiosities.

Death Streams

If you like to be able to see the movies and quality series, in their language of origin and with different resolutions, Death Streams is undoubtedly the Addon for you.

Playlist Loader

To be able to see contents without stopping anything like having Playlist Loader for Kodi since it has the IPTV M3U lists so that we can enter all the lists that we want and in this way make the infinite offer.


An addon for Kodi of the most interesting is Quasar since it works through torrent, so that it allows the option of making its contents really many. It focuses mainly on movies and series to which we can add subtitles if we want.

Planet MMA

For lovers of the fight, nothing like Planet MMA, an addon for Kodi that although it is in English offers all the contents of the MMA and UFC.

Bob Unleashed

An Addon that is born from several developers. It has many contents, most of them in English, among which are series, films or documentaries.

Wrestling On Demand

Another Addon for Kodi that is perfect for lovers of the fight especially, those who can not live without the WWE fights that you can see in full, through several sections although yes, it is in English.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is an Addon for Kodi in which series, children’s programs and movies in Spanish, and especially in Latin, prevail. It also has the possibility to see content in Full HD quality.

Maverick TV

With Maverick TV you will enjoy Kodi like never before. An Addon that has  movies, TV series, music, radio, live sports channels, news and entertainment channels, documentaries and much more.

World Cinema

An Addon for Kodi that lovers of cinema will enjoy. Mundo Cine has many titles in Spanish as well as sections on the curious facts of how many of the films included were filmed.


Thanks to having a host of IPTV lists, including many from Spain, this Addon for Kodi allows you to see all kinds of content that are also updated daily.


One of the best Addons for Kodi through which to see movies, series and children’s programs is Empire that works by multi-link and that we can see in its original language with subtitles.

Neptune Rising

The world of cinema and series (with multi-link) centers the contents that are offered from Neptune Rising. Through this Addon for Kodi you will always be up to date with the movies and series in their original language (although you can configure the language as you like).

Proyeck Motors

The motor world is what focuses the content of Proyeck Motors an Addon for Kodi where you can find everything related to car racing in sections such as MotorGP, DMT Championship or FIA World Rallycross Championship.


Secret IPTV VIP is an Addon for Kodi that comes from Portugal although in it we can find many contents in Spanish. Through this Addon, we can see contents such as series, programs, and children’s spaces.

X Games

If you like extreme sports, X Games is the Addon for Kodi that you need without hesitation. An Addon that has sports content in English. It is also inspired by the YouTube channel of the same name.


Music lovers will find in Musicando an Addon for Kodi that has countless music videos organized by genres, artists, music, and themes among others.


This other recommended Addon for Kodi has all kinds of content about documentaries. Within the Addon, we can find different categories such as animals, history, music, society, religion, science or universe.


With Atlantis, you have another Addon offer for Kodi that has all kinds of content focusing mainly on films and series in Spanish.


With Movies PR you can access a wide variety of content in English, Latin or Spanish both series and programs, as well as children’s spaces or even karaoke.

Motors Replays

For fans of sports and especially the motor, Motors Replays can be one of the best Addons for Kodi. An addon that has reps so you will not miss any of the Moto GP, Moto 2, Moto 3, F1, GP2, and GP3 races.


Next is an Addon for Kodi that we can recommend for those who want to see the most varied video list. An addon that counts with the videos of more than 150 singers organized by themes, artists or styles.

Brain TV

An Addon for Kodi that allows you to access series, movies and other content, although if you access through the Mobdro list you will be able to see the contents in Latin and Spanish.

Xtreme Wilderness

For those who want to see content that has to do with nature, nothing like Xtreme Wilderness an Addon for Kodi about nature, animals and extreme sports that take place in the middle of nature. It is based on a YouTube channel that you will surely already know.


To watch movies and in good quality, with secure links, nothing like Covenant an Addon for Kodi that also has exquisite audio.


To see great content with good sound quality, nothing like Oculus, an Addon for Kodi that lists only 8 categories. It includes movies, TV shows, networks, actors, production, IPTV channels, and Oculus settings. This makes it very easy to search and find content to see.

Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV is an Addon for Kodi IPTV that allows you to watch live TV channels from the United Kingdom, USA. UU., Canada and India with excellent image quality. Ultra IPTV Addon has a large list of live TV channels and they all load quickly.


Another Addon for Kodi where you can find content from channels around the world is Magellan that has content from Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Italy or the United States.


If you have children at home, it is recommended that you install this Kodi infant addon that not only has children’s content but also has Disney series and drawings.


In the same way, Pequelandia is an Addon for Kodi that has a series of drawings and children’s programs in Spanish, Latin, and English.


We continue to see what are the best Addons for Kodi and this time we have to recommend Survivor that has content from the United States in English as well as other countries in Spanish or Latin.

Golden Latino

An Addon for Kodi in Latin and Spanish, which features series, films, IPTV as well as religion and soap opera content.


Tinklepad  is a supplement that collects movies and TV shows from a single unofficial transmission site. It can also be installed from the Colossal repository.

SJ Justice

This is undoubtedly the definitive Addon for Kodi for all those who are lovers of superheroes. You can find contents of  Marvel, DC, Capcom and more, both in reports, movies and series. All in Spanish.

Extreme Sports

In this other Addon dedicated to extreme sports, you can find varied contents organized by sections such as red bull, drag racing, bodyboarding, rally x, free climbing, ice speedway, x engine, Nascar, snowboarding and more.


The best to organize a party. With Festa, you can have access to karaoke content, with lists of songs, lyrics and, of course, the best music,

Grub Hub

From the YouTube channel of the same name, this Addon for Kodi has the best content for the lovers of the kitchen, with thousands of recipes, that yes, they are offered in English.


The addon for Kodi RT is the one that belongs to the RT (Russia Today News) chain, so that through it you will be able to be informed all day, with the latest news.

Colombia TV

This addon for Kodi is specific to find the best relay channels in Colombia. It has different channels and different links to access them in case one fails.

RaceTV Turbo

This other addon for Kodi is indicated for those who wish to see content from Puerto Rico. It has a wide range of channels in Latin, Spanish, and English.

Children’s World

As the name suggests, Mundo infant is an add-on full of content for children, some as well known as Peppa Pig or Sesame Street, Everything is taken from YouTube playlists.

cCloud TV

cCloud is an addon for Kodi that pulls content from a variety of websites. It’s similar to Exodus, Pyramid, Sports Devil and many other popular Best Kodi Addon like the ones we’re seeing. However, cCloud is also unique in that it allows users to post links on their website that are then automatically offered in the Kodi plug-in.


Quantum is a compliment or addon for Kodi that has content of the most varied, from movies to programs through series and sports. Everything it offers is broadcast in its original language.


With tvOne you can access endless international content and also channels from Spain. You can see all kinds of content, many of them in Latin.

Live Hub

A wide variety of content from channels such as Mobdro, Ustreamix, Fluxu and from countries such as the United States, Spain or Pakistan. Live Hub is a really recommended Best Kodi Addon to watch TV from all over the world.

Not Sure

An addon for Kodi that has all its contents in its original language. Among what it offers we have series, children’s series, music, movies, live or sports programs.


The MMA plugin for Kodi searches online for websites that offer mixed martial arts events online. When it finds a source that has what the user is looking for, it plays the content. MMA does not host any content in itself. It only allows the user to transmit from any source it finds.

The Loop

A complement derived from the popular (but now closed) BOB Kodi add-on, The Loop attracts sports broadcasts from various sources.

Fitness Zone

It’s time to get fit! Fitness Zone is an excellent addon for those who do not need more than training videos. You will find videos for cardio, general training, healthy cooking recipes and more.

HD Movies Trailers

For movie lovers, this Kodi addon has plenty of trailers so you can see the progress of upcoming releases as well as movie trailers already released. It has several links in case some fails.


With this Kodi, you can have Spotify Premium Free. Enjoy all the music of Spotify for free, being able to create lists and listen to your albums and artists for free.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

To end this review of the best Addons for Kodi, we want to talk about this other that has been created by Microsoft itself through which to learn more about this program through workshops and guides.

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