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Best Messaging Apps 2019

Best Messaging Apps: They are the apps for Best Messaging Apps for Android users. Here you will find complete cross-platform messaging apps, apps to make voice calls and video calls for free anywhere.

Best Messaging Apps for iPhone

Best Messaging Apps for iPhone or IOS & Android

Best of all, they are free and will help you to keep in touch with your friends and family when you are not close to them, thanks to its rich features will allow you to connect expressively and productively.

1. Google Duo

Google Duo Best Messaging Apps for iPhone


These are the last two apps launched by the Internet giant, which wants to enter to compete with Best Messaging Apps for iPhone like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram. With Google Duo, you can make video calls with everyone with a high-quality and straightforward interface. In addition to allowing to see who calls you before answering.

2. Google Allo

Google Allo Best Messaging Apps for iPhone


Google Allo is more a messaging app that aims to make conversations more productive by integrating Google Maps, YouTube, translator and more expressive with Google Assistant to give us quick suggestions for messages and photos. It is complete app: It has Chat in groups, sends images, emojis, stickers, draw on photos and an incognito mode to chat in private.

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Best Messaging Apps for iPhone


It is a messaging app, which uses the internet connection of any kind for its operation, you can call nationally and abroad without extra charge, send voice notes, images, videos, documents, add contacts automatically that have this Best Messaging Apps for iPhone, send and receive messages from your computer, create groups, etc. Its more than 1,000 million downloads make it one of the most widely used app worldwide.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger


Send messages to your contacts using Wi-Fi or recharging mobile data, create groups, send stickers to make the conversation more interactive, voice notes, make calls worldwide and without any additional charge. Check if the message was already read, place nicknames, change the color of chat, also use your chat bubbles, so you do not have to close apps that are in use.

5. Skype



Make long-distance video calls with Best Messaging Apps for iPhone with family and friends for free from any device, whether computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Also, send messages and create groups of up to 300 people, make calls and group video calls with up to 25 people, send photos, location and much more!




Send messages and call all destinations completely free. You just need to be connected to the internet either by wifi or mobile data, create groups of up to 200 people, send voice notes, download and use the stickers, and emojis of your favorite characters and the best everything is that you can also manage it from your computer or computer. They are characteristics that position Line in the number one position of downloads in more than 50 countries.

7. Telegram



With Telegram, you can send messages and make calls free, besides creating groups of up to 5000 people to chat at the same time, program Secret Chats with special encryption. So that only you and the person you are uttering to see the messages and destroy them automatically if you wish, and best of all, it has a capacity of 1GB to send videos.

8. IMO



IMO is a messaging app powered by internet connection, completely free and without the need to pay SMS fees, call and send messages to your friends and family quickly and interact with funny stickers in the chat, share photos and videos occupying only 6, 5M for any device.

9. Hangouts



Use this app to send messages (SMS/MSM) or chats and make video calls to all your family and friends for free; you can also send photos, videos, your location, create a conversation group of up to 150 people, video calls with ten friends and send animated GIFs in your chats.

10. Viber



Create discussion groups of up to 200 people, follow the chats of your favorite celebrities and “like” comments, make calls and video calls with HD quality, play, share photos, links, videos and much more than just Viber he offers you.

11. Wechat



WeChat allows you to make conversation groups, send messages, make calls, voice notes, images, videos, video calls, group calls, use hundreds of decals available for chat, real-time location, improve your privacy and is available in 20 languages, automatically translating to your native language.

12. IM+



For people who are subscribed to different platforms, IM + can be the solution. This app permits you to send and accept instant messages from a wide variety of services. If you have accounts in Google, AIM, Twitter, ICQ, Yahoo, Facebook, Live and more, you can add them all to IM + and chat in a single app to keep everything more organized and without having to be opening so many windows from your device.

13. Kik



Speak without the need to use a phone number, just use an available user number, send animated GIFs, videos, memes and many other things. Start a conversation group for up to 50 people or a private group if you wish, communicate your way with Kik Best Messaging Apps for iPhone, the best option for you to interact with all your friends.

14. Signal



Signal, from Open Whisper System, is one of the most recommended apps if what you need is security in your chat. This app has military-grade encryption for all your voice calls and messages. It supports sending text messages, voice calls, group messages and sending multimedia attachments. Edward Snowden recommended this app, ensuring that it is the best option on the market, for all people whose safety is a priority.

15. Snapchat



Take fun photos with the filters that Snapchat offers you, and that is frequently updating, send private images to friends who have the app or open new chats, you can also see all the photos of your favorite celebrities who have published their story. In addition to a full chat to send snaps, voice notes, calls, video conversions.

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