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Best Mobile Phone Insurance for Mobile 2019

Key aspects when choosing and contracting insurance for your mobile: coverages, policies, modalities, and prices.

Best Mobile Phone Insurance for Mobile: The purchase of a smartphone is always associated with a significant outlay of money. The models of mid-range phones currently exceed the figure of 300 euros of cost, while those considered top of the range, exceed the 1,000 euros.

This is the case of the new Apple iPhone XS and XS Max, or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to name a few, with price configurations that resemble those of any high-end laptop.

Best Mobile Phone Insurance

Based on this, it is convenient to consider contracting an insurance or policy that covers the damages from the initial instants.

How much does mobile insurance cost?

The smartphone with its infinite screens is increasingly sensitive to the possibility of breaking by a simple fall. Manufacturers have eliminated frames by offering a display screen area close to 90%. So, how much does mobile insurance cost?

Many high-end, including the new iPhone, offer IP certification that guarantees resistance to liquids and dust at first. However, the warranty for the screen is not always contemplated. Not even the AppleCare Protection Plan official technical service program for the iPhone contemplates the change of the same in Spain.

Some companies, offer different forms of coverage depending on the interests of each one. This company estimates a cost of 11.99 euros per month with free promotion for the first month for the iPhone X.

It has on its website a price simulator for depending on the brand, model and cost, you can calculate the final price. Its price rises to 15.49 euros per month in case you also want to expand your coverage before the possibility of suffering a robbery, robbery or robbery of it.

How much does it cost to repair the mobile screen?

Repairing the screen of an iPhone XS Max supposes a cost of 361.10 euros; the iPhone X 311.10 euros, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE with five years old about 151.10 euros, all official prices published by Apple.

This gives us an idea of the extra cost involved in repairing the screen of a mobile phone that has been on the market for more than two years, the price of which is comparable to that of the terminal in the second-hand market.

How much does a good mobile insurance cost?

The price of the mobile policy is directly proportional to the value of the terminal, so that the more expensive the telephone, the higher the premium to pay. There are also ways to cover various devices, which allows extending the coverage to other products belonging to family members.

Does insurance cover the theft or theft of the mobile?

This aspect usually generates considerable controversy and it is advisable to read the fine print well before contracting. The robbery with intimidation is the modality that is usually covered by the majority of mobile insurance, attaching the corresponding police report.

In the case of theft, some insurance companies wash their hands when they interpret that robbery or larceny may occur as a result of leaving your mobile phone forgotten at a bar or cafeteria table. It is an aspect that usually increases the total cost of insurance.

What mobile insurance does the operator offer me?

The main telephony operators such as Movistar, Vodafone or Yoigo, among others, offer the possibility of contracting from the first moment of purchase.

The prices of the policies can vary, according to modalities, from 3 euros per month in the case of Vodafone to 18.99 euros (228 euros per year) based on the damages contemplated and their modality.

Some of those offered by operators also include additional aspects such as receiving fraudulent calls. There are also those that protect online purchases made from the terminal itself, something that has proliferated with mobile payment services.

The operators usually require linking or permanence of the policy to retain customers, but it is not mandatory. In fact, you can change the operator and maintain the initial policy of your smartphone.

How and when can I hire the insurance?

Other companies such as Klinc, belonging to the Zurich Group, allow you to carry out the contracting via web in just one minute, with the incentive of being able to cancel it or re-activate it whenever you want without an associated stay.

This type of policy is especially interesting for people who work based on projects, travel or trips. The insurer extends its coverage to other technological products such as computers, tablets, smartwatch watches or GoPro cameras.

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