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Best Music Downloading Sites of 2019 – Legally from Online

Best Music Downloading Sites Online: How to download FREE ONLINE MUSIC? The web pages that we will show you here will allow you to listen to your favorite songs without having a premium account in Spotify, Deezer or using YouTube Music.

Best Music Downloading Sites

Download free online music in a safe, legal and uninterrupted way, it’s easy on the internet… If you know how to crawl the right sites. With just one click you can access different sites to listen to your favorite songs, without having to pay a streaming account. If you want to enjoy the themes of the moment and the wide catalog of genres that exist, in mp3 format, WAV (waveform audio format) and mp4 in the best quality, you can do it through these web pages to listen to free music, without interruptions of publicity. Build your own playlist!

Music Downloading Sites

Spotify is the most popular platform to download free music and in recent years it has taken over as the player with more than 30 million songs. On the other hand, youtube music is one of the mobile applications to enjoy music for free depending on genre, playlist, and recommendations. Then, we leave you the 25 best pages of the moment to simplify your life in obtaining songs for your cell phone or computer. What you expected so much, you find here.

However, there is the issue of legality. Sites like Apple Music, Google Play and many other virtual libraries offer the service of downloading music for free online but with a price that varies depending on the artist, the song and the album.

So, how to download free music online legally? In this article, we present some options so you can download thousands of songs completely free and legally. Of course, in some cases, they will only find independent music.

1.  Spotify

It is the most popular streaming platform for listening and downloading music for free online. Spotify Premium is free for 30 days and then you can make a monthly payment whenever you want. It offers good quality premium sound and has a great variety of artists and musical genres to create your Playlists for every occasion.

Do you want to enjoy the best free music online? Then, you have at your disposal a series of web pages to listen to your favorite songs when and where you want safely. In this way, Spotify, which is the most popular streaming music service, will not be the only platform to do so.

2. SoundCloud

In this Music Downloading Site, you can find free music of any kind. The well-known SoundCloud website, which has been operating for more than 10 years, is the first option to download music over the Internet for free, without infringing any law.

In this platform, you can find free music of any kind. The good thing about this website is that, as you search for music and listen to certain tracks or genres, the same SoundCloud will make personalized recommendations to discover new songs.

3. Free Music Archive

Born as an initiative of WFMU radio, this website allows you to download music for free from this Music Downloading Site, legally and without any registration.

Like SoundCloud, you will have an online player while you search and listen to a song that you like. If it convinces you, you will have a download button next to it to store it on your cell phone or your computer.

4. Noise Trade

This website has thousands of artists who are looking for an audience for their music. Besides allowing you to search for songs by genres or words, this platform allows you to upload your own songs, in case you want more people to listen to you.

For this website, it will be necessary to register, but calm. The only condition they have is that you allow them to send you emails from artists. If you accept this, you can download all the music you want.

5. Last.FM

Last.FM is one of the most well-known musical social networks in the world. Since its launch in 2002, the web has been evolving, reproducing the best of current music from YouTube.

In addition to this, it also allows free downloading of songs. Remember that you will not find known artists in this section, but it is a good option if you want to refresh your ears with emerging artists.

6. Live Music Archive

Part of the huge web called Internet Archive, this music library allows you to listen to thousands of songs for free through streaming. In turn, you can also download them if any of them interests you.

This catalog is one of the most supplied on the web, since it has no profit motive, having more than 175 thousand songs divided into the different catalogs that you can find on the page.

7.  Jamendo

Created in 2005, this is one of the best websites to download music for free and legally. If you’ve been looking for free music, you may have run into the Creative Commons. This web feeds on them.

The Creative Commons are types of licenses that allow the use and distribution of music by different authors, with the sole purpose of cultural exchange. In addition, the web allows you to make donations to the artists that you like the most.

8. BeSonic

More than a download site, this portal is used as a music promotion network. (Photo: Capture)

This is another website where you will not find famous artists and recognized songs, but you will find new artists who upload their songs with the hope of finding their ideal audience.

More than a download site, this portal is used as a music promotion network, so you can find different artists to play your favorite genres and download their music for free.

9. Purevolume

PureVolume was born in 2013 with this objective, and since then its work has been recognized by important American media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, LA Times or Chicago Tribune.

10. Epitonic

In Epitonic you can find an infinity of underground songs. The web is composed of a wide selection of music that can be filtered by tags, artists, genres, scenes, and editors.

11. Google Play Music

Google Play Music now requires a subscription. By having a Google account you can access free music online. Be clear that you can only “pass” the song six times a day.

12. Amazon

Amazon has more than 46,000 free tracks in MP3, a figure that will possibly grow with the passage of time. What this page gives you is a simple way to find what you want. Depending on the genre, the web will show you how many free online songs there are. In turn, you can choose songs in the same way you buy other goods at Amazon.

13. Musopen

Musopen is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to preserve and give access to classical music. This website has a large library of songs without copyright restrictions.

14. DatPiff

Some of the clues that you can find on this site are compilations of artists that seek relevance and others are creations based on some famous song.

15. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a site that tends to favor pop, alternative music, and hip-hop. Well-known bands like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons had their start on this website sharing their music for free online.

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