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Best Podcast Apps 2019

Best Podcast Apps: Listening to podcasts on mobile phones is becoming increasingly common, and the content of these radio programs is increasingly varied and complete. We tell you what are the best apps to play the podcast on iOS and Android totally free.

Best Podcast Apps

Podcasts are becoming more popular, and it’s no wonder: they offer a wide variety of content on almost any topic and ready to be consumed anywhere. That’s why, in addition to the variety, the number of podcast listening apps on iPhone and Android is growing every time.

All of them have a more or less extensive selection of programs, although not all are equally complete. In some, it is filtered to guarantee quality, supposedly, while others only offer a podcast of a certain theme.

Best Podcast Apps

What is clear is that they are apps to listen to the free podcast on the mobile. None is paid, although they include ads of different types to finance themselves and generate income to podcasters, just as YouTube does with youtubers.

Several of these apps are also available in the desktop version for PC, although not all. Surely one of them sounds to you or you have used it on previous occasions.

Others, such as Spotify, offer some podcasts but without being their main source of content.


Undoubtedly, the leading app of podcasting in Spain is iVoox, strengthened by the support given by some of the main programs on the national scene.

Sort all available programs by category, and the truth is that there are many available with quality content. Some traditional radio stations, such as the SER, upload their programs to iVoox for all those who want to listen to them.

It also includes a section of audiobooks and stories, although it is by no means the most outstanding.

It allows downloading podcasts apps in your mobile to listen later, a perfect option if you have a more limited data plan.


If you have an iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, listening to Podcast through iTunes is a very important option to consider. Its interface can be perfectly light years away from the others, at least in the aesthetic aspect.

When limited to Apple devices, many content creators prefer to focus on other platforms, although that does not mean that the variety of podcasts in iTunes is quite broad despite this.

As in iVoox, you can subscribe to channels unsubscribe or pause the playback of the programs you prefer. It also has listed with the most listened to podcasts.

Google Podcast

After several years of tumbling, it seems that Google has finally decided to bet on its own app to listen to Android Podcast. It’s called Google Podcast and it’s available in the Play Store.

Virtually all the important podcasts are present here, with a fairly simple and intuitive interface that allows, among other things, to download the programs to listen to them offline.

The advantage is that all data is automatically stored in your Google account, so you take your subscriptions, favorites and download to other devices when you log in.


Yes, in addition to listening to music you can also listen to the podcast on Spotify, although it must be said that the catalog is not as extensive as in other specialized apps in this type of content.

Most of the podcasts are of cultural or musical content, far from politics or current events, as can happen on other platforms.

The obvious advantage is that you do not need another additional app to listen to them. You can play the episodes you want, download them or add them to your Spotify library.


Digital radio begins to impose itself little by little on FM, especially thanks to the fact that many phones have already made the leap. Some countries even consider ending the modulated frequency in the short term.

This wave has been able to ride perfectly to apps such as TuneIN Radio, which offers the largest repertoire of digital stations in the world. In addition, to live radio stations, it also has a complete Podcast section.

What makes it one of the best apps to listen to the podcast is the ability to access content from dozens of countries in several languages, something most of the alternative lacks.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the content unless you are a user of the paid version.

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