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Best Productivity Apps

Best Productivity Apps: Having too many apps can lead you to procrastinate and waste your time. The notifications generate a false sense of urgency and distract us from our true objectives.

Best Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

However, this selection of apps for your smartphone can help you to speed up your work and personal life, save time, manage your tasks and be more effective. Here you have presented the 10 Best Productivity Apps that will help you improve your personal productivity, choose the one that best suits your daily tasks. The best app to be productive is yourself.

1. Wunderlist: The best task management APP


Wunderlist is a free best productivity apps available on all devices: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It will help you manage your daily tasks synchronized with your PC, smartphone or tablet. Although it is not useful for creating lists, you can also use it to set reminders, take notes and share events.

2. Mint: The APP to manage your finances

Mint is used to manage personal finances, but it can also be very useful for professionals, in particular for freelance workers. It is a great way to have a history of business expenses for reimbursement purposes and to list the deductions for the tax season.


3. EvernoteManage your work schedule with Evernote

It is the mobile app for managing your most complete work agenda in the market. It is presented as space to “capture all your experiences” and access them from anywhere since all your annotations will be updated instantly in all the devices in which you have installed the app.


4. RescueTime: Manage your time with RescueTime

It is an app that measures time and sends weekly reports of where “you are wasting your time”. You will have an exact awareness of your time giving you lists with your distractions.

RescueTime app

It is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. On the other hand, it is only available in English and some screens are complicated. In some devices it gives errors.

5. Forest: Stay focused


It is the perfect app for procrastinators based on the Pomodoro Technique. Track time through a stopwatch for each task. It includes a pretty clear panel with the statistics of the time you have dedicated to each task and how you have used your day.

6. Focus@Will: Increase your concentration with Focus@Will

Play background music that will relax you instead of distracting you. This music is recommended by psychologists from all over the world to increase the concentration of people and their productivity. It also includes task timer like the previous app. You have 30 days to try it for free.

7. Coach Me: Your personal Coach on your mobile

Through this free app available for Android and iOS, you access a community of experts that will help you achieve those goals you propose, both personally and professionally.

Coach Me

You will have a personal “coach” for each aspect that you would like to improve: lose weight, learn to meditate, be productive, etc.

8. GoalSonTrack: Meet your goals with GoalSonTrack

GoalsonTrack App

This app is perfect to add your personal and professional goals and keep daily control to achieve them. You can upload motivational images for each objective and set calendars. It’s one of the ones we like the most 😉 Available for Android and iOS with a free version.

9. LifeReminders : Never forget your tasks with LifeReminders

Life Reminders

Life Reminders is a free app for Android and iOS with which you can write down all your tasks in your calendar. It will notify you to remind you of an SMS or email.

10. IFTTT : Automate your tasks with IFTTT

With IFTTT you can automate small daily tasks that you usually perform on the Internet. It is easy to understand and use with a very clear interface. The only downside is that some automatics are a bit long and do not notice if a channel is disabled.

ifttt app

It allows you to create powerful connections with a simple sentence: “if this, then that”. You activate the channels and set the formulas. It has more than 160 channels among which are Facebook, Gmail and Twitter.

We hope you have enjoyed these 10 apps to improve your personal productivity. Did you know any of them? Tell us!

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