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Best Red Eye Removal App for Android

Red Eye Removal App for Android: It is very fun to take our pictures when we are out with friends, visiting a tourist site, in the mountains or on the school tour, but what happens if those photos we make in order to assemble our souvenir album and show them proudly to our friends? Do they come out with red, yellow or white eyes? Obvious, we are disappointed because that gives a “macabre” look to the photos.

Best Red Eye Removal App

The luck is that in the Google Play Store are some applications to help us solve this heavy problem without having to become illustrators, retouchers or maniacs of photoshop. In them we find numerous and fun effects, not only to remove the defect of the photo but to change up to the color or the design.

Best Red Eye Removal App for Android

Of course, we remember that they are applications that help us “improve” our photos, but they will never do what we can do with professional programs for photo retouching. So with this clarification in between do not think that they will have the most realistic effect of all time, but better let’s call this a little pastime. So keep Reading the article regarding Best Red Eye Removal App for Android.

#1. Eye Color Changer – Photo Grid

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Eye-Color-Changer--best red eye remover app

Eye color changer app permits you to alter the color of your eyes! Employing a distinctive compounding technique creates an impact that appears terribly natural on the eyes. It works equally well for each eye in dark and light-weight colors. This application is good for up the color of eyes in photos taken in low light-weight conditions.

You’ll additionally use it to get rid of “red eyes” from flash shots in the dark. Eye color changer is super straightforward to use. Twin resizable controls enable the user to exactly alter the initial eye position wherever the color is to be applied. AN implement tool is provided to chop supernumerary components.


  • Realistic searching for the color of the eyes
  • Works equally well for each eye in dark and light-weight colors
  • Glorious tool for removing “red eyes”
  • Implement for fine touch-ups
  • Export photos to Twitter
  • Export photos to Facebook
  • Save your results to show the camera
  • Share by email
  • Splash button virtually brings the color of your eyes!
  • Share on Instagram.
  • Superior resolution support.
  • Google Drive and Google image support.
  • Enlarge read to alter the choice of the attention easier.

#2. Photo Editor for Android

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Photo Editor for Android Best Red Eye Removal App

Photo Editor for Android may be a fantastic edit image app that may assist you to become a photo editor professional! Edit image and free image redaction with this pro edit image app! Cool photo and photo filter effects allow you to cut photos, draw, write, produce memes, amendment light-weight, color, and brightness or add blur and unsullied to your photos.

Notwithstanding that Android device you own, each image you are taking can have HD quality with this professional image editor app. transfer this free Photo redaction application, use all the photo effects and image cool camera filters and capture each moment what matters! Currently, redaction photos with Photo Editor for Android is easy! Free photo editing!


  •  Best image Effects
  •  Best Photo Frames
  •  Image devise in HD Quality
  •  Produce an acculturation with this free image redaction app
  •  Drawing on image or text insertion
  • Lightening and anti-Red Eye choices
  • Splash, Blur and Spot effects to the tiniest detail
  •  Edit a photograph, retouch the sunshine, color, and sharpness
  • Amendment of focus and orientation, size photos
  • Amendment orientation and orientation, cut photos
  • Inserting totally different overlays, additional thumbnails
  • Share your favorite photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

#3. NiceEyes – Eye Color Changer

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NiceEyes - Eye Color Changer Best Red Eye Removal App

Try lots of various eye colors and therefore the effects of the attention on your own photos. You’ll have blue eyes, green eyes, even cat eyes, the attempt of these effects and lots of a lot of for free of charge with this easy-to-use photo editor. Quite nine million downloads transfer the simplest and most realistic eye color changer. Please additionally attempt NiceEyesLive. Our latest applicati


on for videos of the attention color changer.


  • Many colors of realistic and natural eyes to decide on.
  • Eye color changer that creates your eyes look real.
  • Change the scale of your eyes to create them larger and a lot of stunning.
  • Animal eye, cat eyes, flag eyes and different camera work of sight.
  • Sharingan and Naruto Effects on the eyes. And Bull; Red-eye removal.
  • Try new eye contact color and colored eye lenses.
  • Easy to use photo editor.
  • Send photos to the gallery.
  • Share your photos via Facebook, Instagram, and different social networks

#4. Autodesk Pixlr

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Autodesk Pixlr Best Red Eye Removal App

Unleash your power with Pixlr’s free photo editor and Red Eye Removal App. You’ll be able to capture a flash and beautify it with over two million combos of effects, overlays and free filters. Once your design is complete, share it on all of your favorite social networks. Be part of our Pixlr community on Instagram (@Pixlr) and find galvanized by our weekly photo contest.Use this picture editor.

Follow our diary to find out all the techniques that may cause you to progress. Pixlr may be a photo editor that suits everyone: whether or not you are a beginner or knowledgeable photo editor, Pixlr has all the tools and effects you would like.


Create photo collages with the assistance of an outsized photo editor. The range of choices for the presentation, the Hide your photo with captions or overlay text on your image, employing a wide selection of fonts.

  • Complete the writing method with the proper border: opt for a mode that is right for you. Keep current with our catalog a lot of and a lot of effects, overlays, and extra borders.
  • Follow your favorite effects and overlays with the Favorites button.
  • Quick and simple image resizing once writing. Share your photos directly along with your friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email.

#5. PhotoDirector – Photo Editor

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PhotoDirector Photo Editor Red Eye Removal App

Effects together with Lomo, Artistic, HDR effects and Vignette to line the mood of your photo. Add atmosphere and magnificence to your photo with layers in one click. make a choice from the light-weight leak, grunge, lens flare and a lot of layers Add bokeh, tilt-shift or depth-of-field effects to your photos with the Blur tool produce sharp pictures with a mixer, or use the Mirror tool for remodel your pictures creatively and Portraits dead.


  • Easily retouch your portraits from anyplace with the precise tool Skin sander
  • Remove red dots from the eyes with the Red Eye Removal toolEdit, Retouch and Share Instantly
  • Capture directly from the applying along with your camera, and edit the pictures from your gallery Edit and edit your photos, Flickr and more from photo Retouching Talent – associate In-app choice offered to upgrade to the Premium version
  • Unlimited item deletion
  • Save your pictures to immoderate HD 4K (depending on your device)
  • Delete the PhotoDirector brand of collages and frames
  • Removes advertisements within the application

#6. Adobe Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop Express Red Eye Removal App

Magnetism. Edit. Share. Smile. The magic of photography at your fingertips. Writing photos on the go has ne’er been thus fun, quick and funky. Retouch your photos with automatic corrections and filters. Provide your photos a brand new dimension. Share your photos and amaze your friends. Photoshop specific Photography Red Eye Removal App for android.


  • Basic options: Crop, straighten, rotate, and mirror your photos. Correct red eyes and animal eyes.
  • Auto-correction options: one-touch adjustment of distinction, exposure, and white balance.
  • take away imperfections: in one step, delete the tasks, dirt, and mud.
  • Color: use the slider to regulate the brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, dark tones, temperature, hue, sharpness, and tone.
  • Filters or appearance applied in one go: choose from over twenty gorgeous effects. And management the intensity of appearance.
  • Custom appearance: produce and save your own Looks.
  • Image rendering engine improves performance and permits you to manage massive files, like wide photos.
  • Frames: Add a private bit to your photos with fifteen frames. specific yourself
  • RAW photo Support: Import and edit RAW-size photos – Share: simply share your photos on all of your favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Access premium options once you sign on with associate Adobe ID: o Filters or appearance applied in one go: make a choice from over twenty fun and innovative appearance.

#7. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

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Who same will we not have perfection in our photos for Red Eye Removal App purpose? We tend to believe that each one user should have the most effective editor and filter technology at hand, and AirBrush perpetually updates with new options and effects to remain up to this point with the reduction standards. AirBrush was designed to be the most effective image editor with easy redaction tools, cool filtering choices, and natural, lovely results!


  • Blemish and symptom Remover
  • Say farewell to pimples and blemishes! With our stain remover, you’ll be able to eliminate pimples and unwanted stains with the faucet of a finger. Add a blush to feature sparkle and charm. Brighten teeth and eyes Brighten *
  • Lightening your teeth takes your smile to consecutive level! Our lightening operates permits you to embellish your smile while not an excessive amount of lightning.
  • Our “brighten” operate improves your eyes instantly to lightweight your options. excellent Skin in each image
  • Retouch, edit and even tan your skin to attain excellent, good perfection in mere some shots! Your skin is naturally beamy all told your selfies and photos! For one more bonus, slide on a recent or red blush to administer your cheeks an additional shine.
  • Slim, Reshape and Lying Your Selfie or image Instantly * slim, lengthen or reshape a district of your image with some faucets on your finger.

#8. Artistic Retouching options

  • Additionally, to its HD redaction options, the AirBrush Editor additionally includes tools that enable you to blur, crop, stretch, slim and refine your photos for an inventive, lovely and dramatic bit. Opt to edit your photos mechanically or fix them manually. Add depth and elegance to your photos *
  • Our “Blur” redaction tool permits you to retouch photos to administer it additional depth and keep solely the items that count for the purpose. Your photos and photos can embody the recent perfection seen in skilled photography. Period of time Mounting Technology *
  • Edit your selfie before taking the image of a period of time redaction tools. Read your image on your phone, select your changes and filters, then snap the image for ideal pictures each time! Natural, beamy Filters *
  • AirBrush beauty filters are designed by professionals to any enhance the most effective selfie pictures for an ideal, lovely end. Some filters will add natural-looking makeup to your photos, like blush or mascara! Able to share? *
  • This is often the redaction tool that basically gets your image prepared for sharing. Once you are done redaction, share your photos on fashionable social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat from AirBrush!

#9. Photo and selfies editing

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Red Eye Removal App for Android

Powerful and easy-to-use image redaction computer code. Enhance your portraits and selfies a professional with simply some touches. Reshape photos, beautify faces, edit your photos Giving your photos a rare look has ne’er been easier.


  • Add color to your lip and apply any shade of powder Reformer.
  • Smile excellent, elevate cheekbones, enlarge eyes, redraw nosecone.
  • Hide buttons, take away objects within the background, discipline crazy hair center.
  • create your face stand out by blurring the background eliminated wrinkles with barely of your finger and rejuvenate your skinLip teeth outClear cases below the eyes.
  • Provide the image a throw and wider look POWERFUL computer code image RETOUCHING Resume of a journalistic-level photo unlimited range of cancellations and new actions.
  • Return to any modification ever made full image redaction computer code putting in place your hands the ability of photoshop filter
  • Normal filters for an expert look Lighting.
  • Adding lightweight, improve colors and distinction.


  • A spread of over a hundred stickers, tattoos, labels, and emojisText
  • Over fifty fonts and text effectsDraw on your imagePivot and size the image to incorporate solely the components you need a frame
  • Over thirty frames that add a professional look to any image or portrait Red
  • Eyes – take away red eyes from barely

#10. PhotoDirector – Bundle Version

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PhotoDirector Bundle Version Red Eye Removal App

PhotoDirector could be an easy and easy-to-use image redaction computer code that permits you to add effects to your pictures quickly Red Eye Removal App. Mobile device all essential functions to edit where you are: ✩ choose between over forty planned effects together with Lomo, Artistic, HDR and Vignette effects to line the mood for your image.

Add atmosphere and elegance to your image with one-click layers. Choose between lightweight leak, grunge, lens flare and additional layers.

Add bokeh, tilt-shift or depth of field effects to your photos with the Blur tool. Produce gorgeous liquidizer pictures, or use the tool Mirror to remodel your pictures creatively.Portraits utterly Edit simply your portraits where you’re with the particular tool Skin drum sander.


  • Remove red dots from the eyes with the Red Eye Removal tool.
  • integration of YouCam Makeup makes each portrait taking elegant.
  • Choose from over fifteen image frames to terminate your image.
  • Finalize your image in style! Add it to at least one of the numerous fun scenes.
  • Text Bubbles area unit accessible to form even additional stories through your photos! Edit, Retouch and Share Instantly
  • Capture directly from the app together with your camera, and edit the images from your gallery.
  • Edit your photos, then use them as a background directly from the applying
  • Use PhotoDirector’s powerful redaction tools, then share your photos directly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and plenty of additional.
  • InstaFill permits you to edit your image utterly while not losing one tip once uploading to Instagram.

#11. Photo Editor Pro

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Photo Editor Pro Red Eye Removal App

Want to edit your photos and make mesmeric photos? Professional picture Editor professional Red Eye Removal App can make your dream return true. * options * Let’s flip your picture gallery into a merry Christmas art show.

Use this picture editor and filter impact as a robust picture selfie professional editor to form your selfie a cartoon picture or different inventive forms with picture written material, Christmas picture effects, picture booth, blur and different functions, makeup, delete place. Conjointly to make the same moment.


  • Picture frame, Christma picture editor with filters and effects over Christmas. This picture collage editor supports a range of impeccable slim pic frames for making pic collage.
  • PIP, Blur, Granny, Draw, Mirror, Filter, Sticker, Flip, Text, Crop, Rotate, Frame, Tune, Focus, Glamor
  • Selfie Editor, Insta Size, Shutter, Watermark, Silent electronic equipment, picture superb, lovely picture editor.
  • New updates are currently dynamic sticker!
  • Show watermark, show you, watermark, instasize, 360-degree camera, focus selfie and filter.
  • Video slides flip your Christmas photos into beautiful video stories. Muokkaus, art, video slides permit you to make lovely video stories victimization photos, add music, text, and stickers that you simply like!
  • Produce your own culture, glamor, funny Trump hair movement sticker, movement stickers and stickers with the Christmas theme.
  • Add sticker and text, orientation and filter, art pic
  • Filter effects, beauty and, Christmas picture editor
  • Add MAKE-UP Apply a shade of blush and war paint with selfie
  • Gradient The gradient choice from this collage manufacturer permits the US to feature background for skinny pic collage.
  • lovely image editor, picture editor, Christmas picture collage editor.
  • New Sticker and Effects, Add Watermark. Crystal Pattern Bottle, Series Frames, easy vogue, Cartoon vogue. All picture collages are particularly for you.
  • FACE RESHAPE-Reshape or jawlines Finely twinkle, focus and filter, marvel picture.
  • With picture Grid
  • Picture Collage Editor, you’ll be able to adorn your photos by applying the amazing filter, adding stickers and text.
  • Fantastic face photo montages, Christmas picture frames, animated effects and picture films. Picture Loop: produce your own Collages with cut pictures glued to our custom backgrounds to make photo collages while not Grids to form new skin Freeform Collages.Selfie, lovely picture editor.
  • lovely SKIN-Smooth and rejuvenate your skin, glamorous.How to make-up with InstaBeauty? Faucet the makeup button, choose your favorite makeup. It’s muokkaus; you’ll be able to use InstaBeauty to beautify your selfies conjointly. Such a photograph editor!
  • HAIRDRESS-Put time, beauty and color back on grey hair.Photo Collages: produce your own Collages with cut pictures glued to our custom backgrounds to make photo collages while not Grids to form freeform collages. Beauty.
  • Amazing, everything, Filter Art, beauty and, attractive selfie effects, slim camera, easy, slim, tech, stripper, super look, fashion.
  • Share the distinctive and awe-inspiring Christmas Merry Christmas artworks you focus and filter created with the professional photo editor & filter impact app on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook.

#12. Spark Photo Editor

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Spark Photo Editor Red Eye Removal App

Catch each moment of your life, save recollections of sunny or rainy days and build them superbly with the assistance of our new free picture written a material app and free picture is written material. Apply its multiple tricks to induce superb results on your pictures in only some clicks!

Spark picture Editor is indispensable after you ought to edit prime quality photos effortlessly and while not a dalliance. Don’t limit your fantasy and want to create! Here are some options for this skilled picture editor for a humanoid.


  • A whole picture written material application FREE!
  • Commonplace tools for the skilled picture is written material
  • A lot of picture written material and numerous effects
  • Free picture frame choice
  • Tricks by Adobe for free!
  • A bright style and an easy interface The intensive prospects of this picture editor permit you to form your pictures really original and coddled. Such a good choice of pictures won’t leave you indifferent!

The right image editor with picture filters and tools for wizardly picture montages of all pictures in your gallery! Transfer any miraculous Adobe photo effect for free! You may ne’er realize another free photo app which will provide such a beautiful choice. Free use inland

Raise your picture a shade of sleek disappointment, spirited joy or stylish and beauty. Keep experimenting and share your best works with friends. In this picture editor, you’ll be able to realize the foremost required tools frames, blur, fly correction soon.

There’s nothing higher than the quality tools of the image editor for fast written material. The standard of your photos won’t deteriorate, and their look can even flip for the better! Are you yearning for a trendy and handy picture written material software? Spark picture Editor with stickers, a culture maker, and a free photo filter could be a real treasure for everyone!

#13. RED & Me

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RED & Me red eye removal app

Are you a part of the RED Family? The RED & Me American state app is for you! Follow the daily conso of your mobile set up, or you provide confine one click from your smartphone or tablet! Manage your account and people of your beloved ones with ease after you need.


  • Read or transfer the small print of your last bills
  • Manage your mobile set up and choices in step with your needs
  • Access the RED by SFR 24/7 support:
  • Realize all answers to your queries, even the foremost imperative ones directly with our Team RED advisors

Follow the activation of your box and therefore the delivery of your instrumentality. A breakdown, associate incident? Check the standing of your box 24/24, realize the answer to troubleshoot it or just follow the incident. Therefore don’t wait any further, change your life by downloading the RED & me American state application!

Free use in land France (excluding the value of mobile web association in step with the provide subscribed). RED & American state application accessible to RED by SFR customers with a mobile or box provided.

#14. Red Eye Removal (Free)

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Red Eye Removal (Free) Red Eye Removal App

This app works best on sensible quality pictures. Take away red-eye simply and effortlessly victimisation the foremost powerful red eye removal application on a humanoid. The simplest app to get rid of red eye, green eyes, yellow eyes or the other flash impact from photos. Simply load the picture place underneath the attention of the spot, change the sensitivity, so press save.


  • Works at an identical resolution of the initial picture and (unlike others) doesn’t re-size or cut back your picture once flashing eye effects are removed and therefore the picture recorded.
  • Easy and intuitive program.
  • Keeps all the EXIF data of the initial picture.
  • Tips for brand spanking new users.
  • Unlimited range of cancellations.
  • Gain a new picture.

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