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Best Retro Games for Android (Apk) – Free Download

Best Retro Games for Android: No matter how powerful the processor of your smartphone, sometimes only 8 bits are needed to become the happiest gamer in the world. We present the list of the best classic games available on Android.

Best Retro Games for Android

We can fool all we want, but the reason we download retro games has little to do with its gameplay, design or plot. The reality is that the nostalgia factor is the one that best makes these titles work on Android.

That’s why making a list of the best classic games available on Android is not an easy task. Open any of the ones we propose here and from the first second you will be flooded with family memories, fights with brothers and sleepless nights trying to overcome the same level. All these Best Retro Games for Android titles are associated with personal memories and, for most of us, they played a decisive role in our childhood. Therefore, little objectivity can be had when trying to decide which are the ten best classic games of all time, although many will agree that the next ten titles make up the list of essential retro games for any nostalgic player worth their salt.

1. Sonic Dash

The blue hedgehog of Sega needs few presentations. There are several titles of Sonic available for Android, but if you have to opt for one, we recommend you download this one. Not only is it one of the funniest in the series but also visually is the most spectacular of all Sonic titles.

2. Pac-Man

No list of retro games would be complete without mentioning the classic Pac-Man. Undoubtedly one of the most relevant names in the history of video games that does not need any presentation. As an anecdote, its original title was Puck-Man, but the creators had to change it when exporting it because “Puck” was too much like a less pleasant English word.

3. Dragon’s Lair

How much playability does a video game really contain? This question can be discussed for hours, and those who know how to give reins and enjoy watching a virtual movie, will find a perfect ally in Dragon’s Lair. In this classic game we have the clumsy knight Dirk, who without our help would last very little.

As in the adventure games of Telltale Games (The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones) only specify the general direction, and we will decide what to do from time to time. The aesthetics may not be to everyone’s taste, but I personally find that comic style really good. It’s not free, but it’s worth it.

4. Giana Sisters

The Jump ‘n’ Run Giana Sisters, was considered back in 1987 as the most audacious clone of Super Mario. He came to convince, but could not overcome Mario. This game presents an excellent soundtrack and very good gameplay. In it we will find 80 totally new levels in combination with 32 old ones with an elegant aesthetic.

Since we still have to wait for Android to reach our favorite Italian plumber, this game can take its place.

5. Another World

Since this game came out they have already passed (breathe deep …) 26 years. However, I can not think of any other game that has aged as well as Another World has. The argument presents Lester Knight Chaykin, a physicist who travels to a parallel reality because of a failed experiment.

In this platform game, we have to guide the protagonist through this world full of aliens. Another World has been relaunched on almost every video game platform since its launch, including Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3 and Xbox One. Download it from Play Store. You will not regret.

6. Crossy Road

Another classic. Who has not played the famous Atari frog game? In this version we do not have the amphibian but a chick, a pigeon, the so-called “specimen 115” and a slightly peculiar horse. The objective? Get to the other side of the road, river or whatever you put in front without being run over or drowned … Fun assured.

7. Final Fantasy VI

Trying to choose which is the best title of this saga is practically impossible, but since the Final Fantasy III and IV available in Google Play are the remakes that were made for Nintendo DS, and what we are talking about here are classic games, there is no doubt that the winner is Final Fantasy VI.

No matter how many critics his creator, Square Enix, could have received with his last deliveries, what makes this game so amazing today is the fact that it collects the best of classic and contemporary Final Fantasy: a amazing story, unforgettable characters and a gameplay like few others. To put it simply: if you do not like this game, you are basically dead inside.

8. Chrono Trigger

Another RPG classic that came to Android in 2012 to the delight of many. In this game we must accompany the seven protagonists through several trips in time. To this day few games have managed to overcome the unbeatable history of Chrono Trigger, and now you can relive it on your Android. If the price seems expensive, you should know that this title lasts approximately 25 hours, which makes it, without a doubt, a good investment.

9. Crazy Taxi

The most recent title on this list was also created by Sega’s classic manufacturing machine. Although many will think that Crazy Taxi came out yesterday, fifteen years ago from the arrival of this title to the arcade platforms. Later it would make its appearance in other consoles including Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and GameGube.

The mechanics of Crazy Taxi is based on picking up passengers in the taxi and taking them to their destination as soon as possible. This game represents one of the last great classics of an era in which the arcade genre had already fallen into decline.

10. R-Type

In the eighties, the theme of the alien threat was what sold best, and nothing reflects it better than this shoot ’em up in which we must make our spacecraft defend Earth from an alien force called “Bydo ” The game has several levels that increase the difficulty as we advance in the game. R-Type had a sequel that is also available in the Play Store.

11. Snow Bros

If you ever stepped on a recreational in the early 90’s I’m sure you played the Snow Bros. In this great platform game you have to freeze the monsters that you find on each level by forming a snowball with them. The more you get ahead by throwing the ball more points you can get, but be careful not to touch any because you will lose a life.

12. Snake ’97

If you were born before the smartphone era and by chance you had a Nokia, I’m sure that even killed a lot of time playing mythical Snake that all phones of the Finnish manufacturer brought. This application even emulates the way your old phone had that so many bullies endured. I guess you still remember how to play, just move sideways with 4 and 6, to eat whatever comes up on the screen. But be careful not to eat yourself.

best retro games

13. Space Invaders

There was a time when the games only had a color and shrill sounds to give them a touch of action. But the developers managed to provide a lot of gameplay and difficulty to these games that only took a few kas.

14. Tetris

And of course, could not miss the great classic: Best Retro Games for Android Tetris. This block game is available for free in the Google Play Store and is one of the most popular games. Did you know that the idea of ​​Tetris came up to a Soviet artificial intelligence researcher in 1984? Apparently, Tetris emerged when trying to design a system to test the limits of new hardware. I would love to know what the creator would say today if he saw us playing this game on a device millions of times more powerful than at that time.

What other retro games would you like to see on Google Play?

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