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Best Running Apps

Best Running Apps Free [Best Apps to Run]: He approaches the summer and with it, many of us burst out running street facing the famous Operation Bikini. 

Best Running Apps Free

That is why in this article we want to bring you a list of the best free running apps that you can install on your Android device and burn all those calories that you have accumulated this winter.  

best running apps
best running apps

Best Apps to Run with Your Android Phone

Within this selection of apps to run you will find some that will help you to improve your physical background, to prepare a marathon or with routes to run that you can share with other users:

Couch to 5k & 10k

This is a very simple running app. Depending on our level we will select one or the other level of training that is based on race and gait intervals that will increase to the detriment of the other as we acquire.

Couch to 5k & 10k

It is a Premium app, that is, it will leave us part of the free training and the rest we will have to unlock them.

running COACH 

A best free running app very similar to  Start  Running but much more complete and with the support of professional athletes.
The difference is that it integrates more options and data to improve our level, with fully customized training according to our objectives and both physical and training availability possibilities.

5K Runner: 0 to 5K in 8 Weeks. Couch potato to 5K

This running app free for Android follows the structure of the other two, training that interspersed running and walking, increasing the race time to reach the level of running without problems up to 5 kilometers. The big difference is that it is compatible with our best music, has a coach that tells us to accelerate or slow down, a history, etc. 

Freeletics Running

Freeletics Running App

Freeletics Running app is different from the rest because it is not so much training in getting a distance, but in an interval training (HIT) that will increase our physical background regardless of the total distance.

Decathlon Coach

The famous best sports apps on the store also have its app to help us train for our running careers,but also for other sports.

The idea is very similar to previous with customized training according to our level and objectives, with a history of workouts, map,  progress, etc.

Running Trainer: Run Tracker & Training Plans

Like the Decathlon app,  this app allows us to train progressively for the most common distances in the different running tests of today.
We have specific training plans, real-time coaching, maps with the route, etc.



This is one of the most known apps in the world runner. It helps us to save and share our careers to maintain a history and see our progress, as well as calories burned, etc. It also has challenges that will serve to motivate us.

Endomondo – Running & Walking


An app very similar to Runtastic but that adds training plans of different intensities if we want to improve our brands.

Nike Run Club

The Nike running app stands out especially for its social nature, especially being able to compete against your friends or the rest of the users for being the farthest away in less time.

Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming


Strava is the social app for the world of running. With it, apart from having the ability to measure our training, we can download routes from other users, join runners clubs, see news from our friends … a complete social network!

This is the health apps of Google and one of the most recommended to have in our Android. In it we can have synchronized the data of most of the apps that we have recommended, you can measure our daily activity automatically and we can also actively track our careers.

As you can see, there are many best running apps to run that we have available on Android, and these are just a selection of recommendable, but there are many more. Now you just have to install the one that best suits your needs and start the ‘bikini operation’ in the best way possible. 

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