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Best Screen Recorder Apps

Best Screen Recorder Apps: Our smartphone has become a vital part of our day today. We currently carry out a multitude of functions with our device. From calling, sending messages, surfing the Internet or using all kinds of Best games and best apps. Therefore, sometimes we need or want to be able to record the screen. Luckily, we have some ideal apps for this.

Best Screen Recorder Apps Android

In the Play Store, we find apps to record the screen on Android and iPhone. In this way, we can record something that we are doing with the device. A good option if we have to send an explanation of how a certain action is done to another person.

Here are the Best Screen Recorder Apps

The selection of apps to record screen in Android and iPhone is the most extensive at present. Therefore, we have made a selection with the best that we can download today. So that the search is much simpler. What have apps been cast in this ranking?

1. Az Screen Recorder – No Root

This app is almost daily with me in action and does their job without complaining. The Best Screen Recorder Apps can be created not only in Full HD but also in QHD, which of course benefits my Galaxy Note 4 with its high-resolution display. Of course, the final format is always Full HD, since others, especially higher resolutions, make no sense on YouTube available for both android .

AZ Screen Recorder

After the start of the Screen Recorder, a small menu is laid out about all contents. Even games in full screen will not displace the menu. If the default settings are not changed, a 3-second countdown will start after recording starts, and recording will start. On request, visual feedback can be displayed in the form of a dot. So later in the video can also be seen at which points with the finger was typed. The recording of the sound can be deactivated.

2. Adv Screen Recorder

The more often I use this screen recorder, the better I like it. In the beginning, I was bothered by the small controls that lay over the status bar. After a few shots, however, I realized that this app is even more comfortable and even more comprehensive than the AZ Screen Recorder.

ADV Screen Recorder APK Download

Functions that need to be purchased there are already integrated here. So with a long finger tap on the clock in the status bar quickly highlight something on display and then delete again. A quick tip on the clock ends the recording. The whole thing works in games that run in full-screen mode. Simply tap in the corner on the top right corner, and the hidden functions will be called up.

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

  • The Mobizen Screen Recorder is available in a generic version and one that is specifically designed for Samsung devices. If you try to start the standard version with a Samsung, there is only one hint that you should use the other app.

Mobizen Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit

Basically, this tool provides everything needed to make good videos from the display. The resolution can be up to 1080p and the frame rate without limit. The operation is via a semi-transparent widget on the edge of the screen. Very unpleasant. However, I noticed the registration compulsion at the beginning.

This can then be used even though a free software on the PC, but I do not like to give an email address if it does not have to be. Also, I do not really want to send my recordings to the Internet, because I edit them locally with an editing program and only upload the finished version on YouTube. So the app is out of the question for me.

4. Du Recorder

Another name that surely many of you already sounds is Du Recorder. It is also an app that has many downloads and is popular in the Play Store. This app allows us to record the screen and also acts as a video editor. So it is a very complete and ideal app to use. It is currently translated into more than 2 different languages. In addition, it allows us to record without time limits in good quality.

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

It is an app that allows us to customize many aspects to our liking. For what stands out as a good option to consider. The download of the app is free, and inside we have no ads or purchases.

This is our selection of the four best apps to record the screen on Android. Each of them provides us with a series of additional functions. So all of them are very complete options, but depending on what you want to do, there may be one that is much more convenient for you.

5. REC. (Screen Recorder)

This app It is necessary to root Android (only if it is a 4.4 KitKat) so that this app allows you to capture screen in the video. If it’s Android 5.0 Lollipop, you will not have to do any root. The interface of the app is very simple and intuitive, and at the same time pleasing to the eye. You can configure and customize it to the maximum, put everything to your liking.

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

You do not have to be connected to your PC while recording (something that happens with other competing apps) and best of all, it allows you to save up to an hour with audio (through the microphone of the phone). As a curiosity, to stop registering simply enough to shake the terminal.

6. Screencast

This app requires Android root in any of its versions and does not work for the Galaxy Nexus or the Tera 2/3. By removing these two details, the app records videos of your screen in high quality, automatically passing them to MPEG4 with audio. You can also take screenshots (still images) while you are recording.


The app includes a gallery with all the recorded videos in which you can see, change the name, delete and share all your videos or screenshots.

7. Recordable

Recordable is free, and you do not need root, and it will let you record the screen of the Android mobile or tablet with the greatest ease in the world. You do not need to root, but a computer that allows you to install the app without root.

FREE screen recorder NO ROOT

The drawback that in its free version shows a watermark with the logo of the app and has a limit of 4fps as image frequency. Record audio and video automatically, with a single touch of your finger on the screen. It is one of the most basic options to get by, not professionals.

8. Screen Recorder

It is essential to have your mobile phone rooted to give you the use that this app offers. The app is presented as the perfect app for developers to record videos for the Play Store and thus be able to show errors and solutions. Or simply for those looking for something simple to record the screen.

Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot

The average score of users is quite low (2.5 out of 5), a fact that makes us rethink its usefulness or functionality, although it is true that when there is root in between, the thing is complicated for the average user. In the free version, we have 2 minutes limit to save. The payment, 10 minutes.

9. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

We are a bit tired of recommending some iPhone apps and having removed them from the App Store. Therefore, today we are going to recommend an external program that will go to capture the screen of our iPhone perfectly. We talk about Apowersoft, a company that has several apps, including the screen recorder.

10. Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot

One of its advantages is its ease of use. All those who have tried it say that the complication with this app is null and that it is great especially as a program to make video tutorials on YouTube (because it also lets you upload it directly from the same app). You record in MP4, and you can convert the videos to other formats without leaving the app.

Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot

Screen Recorder is plentiful in the Play Store. During my research, I got a long list. But after a few tests, I realized that most of them were of modest quality. And that’s cautious. Some were quite passable, but could only be fully used after an in-app purchase. Most convincing was the ADV Screen Recorder. It not only offers most features but is also completely free and ad-free.

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