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Top 7 Best Screen Recorder for Mac, Android & PC of 2019

Best Screen Recorder for Mac, Android & PC: Many of us know how to make a screenshot of our smartphone or PC, but sometimes we need something more because with a simple image we cannot explain anything. Today we present 7 BEST screen recorders, for different systems, that will make this task easier.

Best Screen Recorder for PC

Best Screen Recorder for PC

We will see screen recorders, all with the free version, for Mac, Android, and PC, which adapt to different needs, from creating a tutorial to show the world our skills with gaming.


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the first of the recorders that we propose. It is free software that allows you to record the screen and it will not leave us a watermark nor does it limit the recording time.

Another interesting thing about OBS is that it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS and Linux when few recorders have such wide compatibility.

Download OBS for Windows or macOS

OBS has multiple functions such as:

  • Create videos by capturing the window we want.
  • It allows live and lives broadcasts.
  • Supports full-screen recording.
  • Record from our webcam.
  • It has a game capture mode.
  • You can incorporate audio from different sources.
  • It is capable of capturing at 60 fps.

FonePaw Screen Recorder

Another of the recorders that we present to you is FonePaw Screen Recorder. It has a free and paid version, besides being compatible with Windows and macOS.

The only limitation of the free version is the time you can save from your recording, which is limited to 3 minutes. There is no limitation when it comes to capturing (you can be there for hours) but when it comes to saving it will only leave you those 3 minutes that we tell you about.

InShot Editor, the photo and video editor for Instagram

The paid version is worth 27 euros, is a lifetime license that includes future updates and, of course, removes the 3-minute limitation that we mentioned before in the free version.

Download FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows or macOS

FonePaw Screen Recorder offers us features such as:

  1. Record to full screen of your computer, only one area or an application in particular.
  2. Supports audio from different sources.
  3. It is capable of recording the webcam that we have active.
  4. Allows screen annotations such as texts or arrows.
  5. You can program start and end of a recording.

Windows 10 Game DVR

In Windows 10 a screen recorder is included inside the game bar. If you use Windows 7 or 8 you will not have this function since it is exclusive of the latest version.

Pressing the Windows key at the same time as the letter G, this game bar will appear, where you can record what appears on the screen without a watermark. Filmora Video Editor, a powerful program for editing videos.

You are limited to recording only what you have on screen, without any other option. It is one of the simplest recorders: when it is activated, it assumes that you are going to capture a game since this Windows 10 function was created for that purpose.

Remember that it is only available for Windows 10 users, so if you have any previous version you should opt for other third-party recorders.


QuickTime is a video player for macOS with which we can record our screen for free and without a watermark. Although there is a version for Windows, unfortunately, it does not have this function installed.

To activate the screen recording in QuickTime, just click on “File” and then on “New Screen Recording”.

It is very simple in its functionalities, being able to only record the screen, or a webcam, including the sound of it or a microphone. Unfortunately, it is not able to record the sound of your computer’s system.

Of course, after making your recording QuickTime allows you to cut, split, flip or rotate your resulting video. Being an Apple program, we will not have to download external recorders, as long as its benefits are enough for us.


Monosnap is another program that has a version for PC and Mac, although it is more popular in the Apple platform. The screen recorders are important utilities, and when operating in different systems we will not need new learning if we change equipment.

Download Monosnap for macOS

Download Monosnap for Windows

It has several interesting functions such as:

  • Record in full screen or in windows.
  • Create screenshots.
  • It captures the image of the webcam and even superimposes it on what we are recording.
  • You can add the sound of your webcam, microphone or the system.
  • It is capable of recording at 60 fps.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is another of the recorders of this list but this time for Android, with which you can capture in the video the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Launch a floating button where you can choose several options.

Download AZ Screen Recorder

With this app we can use these features:

  • Record the entire screen.
  • Choose the resolution to which we want to record.
  • Rate of frames per second.
  • Superimposes the front camera during screen recording.
  • Choose if you want sound or not.
  • Stream live to YouTube or Twitch.

Screen Recorder & Music

The last of the recorders of our selection is Screen Recorder & Music, an app very similar to AZ Screen Recorder. It also removes a floating button from which we can interact and control its use, which is common in mobile screen recorders.

Download Screen Recorder & Music for Android

It offers different functions:

  • Record the entire screen.
  • Record a window that we choose.
  • Start a live broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter or RTP.
  • Save the video in GIF format.
  • We can cut the videos already recorded.
  • Add music or subtitles to our finished videos.

From now on, thanks to the 7 screen recorders that we have presented, you can make a video with what shows the screen of your PC, Mac or Android without the slightest problem and with quality functions.

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