Best Strategy Games for Android: We collect the best strategy games for Android launched throughout 2019, taking place in real time as well as shifts, resource management, and even clickers.

Best Strategy Games for Android
Best Strategy Games for Android

Best Strategy Games for Android

A few years ago no one could imagine that a genre so associated with the PC could lead to such great success in mobile devices. There are Supercell games to show that any mechanics can be adapted to touch control. 2018 is bringing us a good harvest in terms of strategy titles. Whether in real time, in shifts, resource management or more contemplatives than anything else, we compile ten of the best android strategy games launched so far this year.

#1. Sky Kingdoms

Its floating castles flying through skies of fluffy clouds are the perfect cover to sweeten some mechanics at the least, hackneyed, but still working perfectly. You already know, build buildings and wait in real time for the construction to end, in order to ultimately produce troops with which to defend ourselves from enemy kingdoms, controlled by real players. [ Download ]

#2. Brew Town

You no longer ride a balloon or write a book: craft beer is made in your home. But since not everyone has a garage to put several gallons of barley to ferment, Brew Town tries to comfort us with its virtual factory. We can calibrate several parameters of production, in addition to being able to choose the nuances of our brew and even design the label for the bottle. [ Download ]

#3. Warbands: Bushido

Big words. Any title that pretends to be a traditional board game deserves all the respect. Samurais fighting in turns in hexagonal scenarios, dice rolls, the deck of cards to use special abilities and stick figures with bases. If you do not like this, it’s because you do not have a heart. [ Download ]

#4. Cookie Wars

Not everything is going to be a heroic fantasy and strong barbarians striking. This game is about cookies fighting, something that in the beginning, could dissuade the most painted. But of course, then you see that Cookie Run, the previous title of the company had millions of downloads and maybe, MAYBE, deserves to give it a try. In the end you end up playing daily for a month and you ask yourself if you have a problem. [ Download ]

#5. Westworld

HBO has tried with Westworld to have its life insurance for when Game of Thrones no longer over. Although it is not reaching this goal much less, the truth is that the series has enough pull to serve as a hook for an Android game. Bearing in mind management games like Fallout Shelter, we will have to manage our virtual amusement park set in the wild west, avoiding that, as in the series, things go too much to the mother. [ Download ]

#6. Command & Conquer: Rivals

During the last E3 we learned that the long-lived Command & Conquer saga would prove lucky in Android territory. What initially seemed to be the umpteenth Best Strategy Games for Android and elimination of the rival base using cards to invoke units has its own identity, offering fun miniature skirmishes where we must manage troops and control the central point of the scenario to destroy the rival base. [ Download ]

#7. Castle Burn

Again the appearances deceive. Let no one think that this is a Clash Royale because the thing has much more depth. In fact, we could almost talk about a traditional RTS in the line of icons like the Warcraft pre-MMO. The objective is to eliminate the rival base, but here we will have to create units, collect resources from the scenario and unlock superior troops through the usual escalation of power in the genre. Yes, all in miniature and with short games. The best of two worlds. [ Download ]

#8. TerraGenesis

For those who like a harder approach to the management Best Strategy Games for Android, TerraGenesis can be a good option. Menus and more menus to control our expansion through the solar system. Prospecting inhospitable planets, genetic research or terraforming impractical surfaces are the day to day in this title for lovers of the 4X. In this case, maybe we just stay in three X’s, but we’re fine. [ Download ]

#9. Pocket City Free

It is difficult to carry the baroque scale management strategy that made famous titles such as Sin City, but the fact is that Pocket City is very close to getting it. Create a city from scratch and control the balance between industry, commerce, and housing is an art, as well as ensuring the electricity and water supply of the population or the provision of basic services. A miniature jewel that will make you go to bed later than usual. [ Download ]

#10. Mercs of Boom

Another hit of 2018 that drinks from icons of the genre. With just a few minutes in front of the game, we will realize that its creators love the X-COM saga, which is already a guarantee of good work that also has some beautiful graphics and a control system that fits like a glove in the control tactile. [ Download ]

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