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Best Xiaomi Power Bank 2019

Best Xiaomi Power Bank: Fortunately, the evolution in battery capacity has been upwards, but we are still far from staying several days away from the plug. You can always save your spending by restricting the use of your mobile phone as much as possible, but it also does not make sense: a smartphone is to be enjoyed. So there is only one solution left: carry an external battery or power bank, just in case.

Best Xiaomi Power Bank

The “just in case” is good advice if you’re going to be away from the plug for a while: a good power bank does not bother your backpack or purse and can save your life. Well, maybe not until that extreme (or yes), but I’m sure you’re happy to carry an external battery when the percentage of your smartphone approaches the dreaded 0%.

Best Xiaomi Power Bank

There are many external batteries available, but today we will look at those of a specific brand: Xiaomi. Your power bank is not only high capacity, but they also have excellent quality for the price they have. And they are available in different models and prices. Which to choose? We have selected five of all external batteries manufactured by Xiaomi and its associated companies. All are super recommendable: your choice will depend on the capacity you need.

External Xiaomi power bank with 5000 mAh capacity

Throughout the years that Xiaomi has been selling external batteries, the accessory has evolved to reduce the size without losing performance. It is the case of the Power bank 2 of 5000 mAh, a battery that can accompany you everywhere thanks to its lightness and small dimensions. It will charge once any smartphone and almost twice those with a capacity of 3000 mAh or less.

This battery has a housing in elegant aluminum that does not add more thickness to the accessory: it measures only 9.9 mm. It includes a USB-A port and a micro USB charging port. It has a bright LED indicator and a button to see what load it has left. With this model, you have more than enough for an emergency.

External Xiaomi power bank with 10 000 mAh capacity

We climb a step in autonomy with the Xiaomi Power bank 2S of 10 000 mAh. This battery is big words: it will charge any smartphone at least twice. The good thing is that it keeps its dimensions and weight reduced so that carrying it does not suppose a nuisance: its 228 grams are more than acceptable for its capacity.

In terms of performance, the Best Xiaomi Power bank 2S offers two USB-A charging ports, a micro USB charging port, three LEDs and a button to reveal the remaining range. Provides rapid charging QuickCharge 2.0, maybe a little slow for today ‘s mobile: the maximum output is 15 W . Even so it is more than valid to recharge any compatible electronic device.

Xiaomi power bank with 20,000 mAh capacity

That you do not have enough with the previous capacities? No problem, here is the battery capable of charging up to 5 times the smartphones of higher size. It is significant, full, but also presented in an excellent construction and with particular attention to maintaining small dimensions and weight. Xiaomi knows how to build power banks; it’s something that you notice by holding them in your hand.

In this case, we have opted for the latest generation of Xiaomi, the Power bank 20,000 mAh 2C. It offers two USB-A output ports QuickCharge 3.0 and up to 18 W . It keeps the micro USB connector for charging and has a button with LED indicators.

We topped this compilation with the most potent external battery and all-terrain of all. It is not strictly Xiaomi, but of a company in which it participates: ZMI. The power bank of this manufacturer point to a higher range is something that is noted in the external design and performance. The ZMI of 20 000 mAh is a gem if all your devices have charge through USB-C, including laptops. And is that the output of this power bank amounts to 40 W, more than enough to charge a new MacBook. Also, it also has a fast charge on the included USB C (reversible): in less than 4 hours you have 20 000 mAh full. And it consists of two USB-A compatible with QuickCharge 3.0.

This ZMI battery is harder to get, but it’s worth it: it’s a wonder. You have it on Amazon (not Prime) and also on GearBest.

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