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Best Blur Background App

Blur Background App Download: Here are the Five apps to blur the background of your photos on Android.

Best Blur Background App

Nowadays portrait modes and bokeh effects stand out in most Android phones. If your phone does not have that effect, do not worry, because we bring you a selection of Best Blur Background App and imitate the result.

Unfocused Background, Portrait Mode Magic

With the popularization of dual cameras on mobile phones, the portrait or bokeh effect was introduced. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to blur the background so that the subject that is in the foreground stands out more. Although in the first instance it was necessary to have a mobile with a double objective, the fact is that the improvement of the technologies has allowed, through software, to be able to take photos with portrait mode in cameras with a single objective.

Best Blur Background App
Apps to Blur Background

Apps to Blur Background on Android

But for all this, the normal thing is to have a current phone, adapted to the times and that offers these modes in a native way. Therefore, in old mobiles, portrait mode is not usually available. What solution is there then? Edit afterward the photographs we take. Therefore we bring you a selection of apps to blur background in Android.

Blur Image Background Editor (Blur Photo Editor)

Blur Image Background App
Blur Image Background App

This application stands out for its two modes: Blur and Shape Blur. The first allows you to paint the area you want to keep focused; while the second offers you shapes such as circles or triangles whose interior will stay focused and whose exterior will be out of focus. Which one you choose will depend on the artistic or exact thing you want to put on.

Auto Blur Background

In general, you will find the same behavior as in the previous app, including the two ways of performing the blur. You will have to paint the areas you want to focus on.

Auto Blur Background App
Auto Blur Background App

It also stands out for its simplicity and is an option to take into account if the previous one does not convince you.


BLUR takes it in reverse and will force you to paint the areas you want to blur. Its main advantage is that it is a more complete image editing app, so you can also, for example, crop the images.

Blur Background App
Blur App

Includes a camera to take pictures directly and edit them instantly.

Blur Image

Blur Image behaves the same as the first two applications but stands out for offering more shapes to use in Shape Blur mode.

Point Blur

Similar to BLUR, Point Blur includes its own integrated camera. Within the limits of these applications, it will let you determine quite accurately which parts you want to blur; so install it if the rest seems inaccurate.

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