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Broken Sword Apk Game for Android Free

Broken Sword APK: Director’s Cut on android. Broken Sword APP Apk. The Shadow of the Templars. This is a legend not only for quests, but for the entire game space of the planet. Broken Sword: Director’s Cut v.1.8 on android is among the top ten most loved and download android games in the world! The Broken Sword APK is played by everyone – even those who have never played quests.

Broken Sword apk
Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

Broken Sword APK Game Android FREE

Because the game does not make you an idiot. The tasks in the quest, although difficult, but very logical and interesting. And the plot of Broken Sword: Director’s Cut on android – just a real thriller where the detective, the adventure, the mysticism, and the horrors come together.

Broken Sword APK Apps

In a word – this is the legendary quest Broken sword for android . On his main characters, Nicole and George fell the ominous shadow of the Templars. They were dragged into a mysterious story full of adventures and dangers, which traces its roots back to ancient times. And you just have to help them and upset the intrigues of the secret organization.

  • Version 3.0.02
  • General bug fixes
  • Version 3.0.01
  • Language pack downloader
  • Russian translation
  • Reduced app size
  • Version 2.0.07
  • Improved stability
  • Version 2.0.06
  • Achievements
  • Movie subtitles

Fans of solving ancient, well-guarded secrets are advised to download the Bloody Mary quest for android from our site. Tricks nerves and trains the brain.

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