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Best Cleaning Apps for Android

Best Cleaning Apps for Android: An Android device such as a computer or laptop has many different hidden processes always running games of apps in the background, but unlike a computer or a laptop, instant access to the user to these processes is not always possible.

Best Cleaning Apps for Android

Best Cleaning Apps for Android

Android Cleaning apps take care of processes in the background, hidden and end the unoccupied processes that consume memory space. We take a look at the 21 best cleaning apps for Android in the following article.

You can simply download the Best Cleaning Apps for Android to the computer, and then install the apk from your PC to your Android devices via TunesGo.

Best Cleaning Apps for Android

1. Wondershare MobileGo (Cleaner & Optimizer for Android

Wondershare MobileGo is an Android all-in-one administrator with excellent cleaning capabilities as well. It helps you amplify applications, manages APKs, uninstalls apps and free up space by deleting useless files. Available free of charge on Google Play, this application is an impressive undertaking in the regular Android cleaners.


Its additional features such as file transfer, Secure Eraser, and Application Manager make it a great Yes for all those enthusiastic users out there who are looking for an all-in-one solution to all their Android-related problems.

2. Clean Master –  Cleaning Apps for Android

Clean Master is more widely known as an Android cleaning app with a broad user base across the globe.

Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

It is simple to use and allows the user clean the application cache, waste files, history and many other garbage files that come together even after the installation of a Clean Master application itself has a colorful and interactive interface but the best part is that it does not cause battery drainage.

3. Avast Antivirus 2019 for Android

Avast Security is one of the most popular apps to protect your mobile, which will also allow you to optimize its use. The app is responsible for removing viruses from the mobile, as well as spyware or malware. In addition, thanks to its anti-theft option we can use it as an app to locate another person’s mobile in case of loss or extraction.

Avast Antivirus 2018

Avast helps protect our data and privacy thanks to its remote blocking and erasure (remote). You must see the newest version of Kaspersky Antivirus Apk published by our admin before. It is completely free and has other tools such as reports on the flow of data, an app manager to delete the ones you do not need and firewalls (only on rooted devices).

Filters of calls, shield when browsing the Internet, backup of data or privacy reports are other options of this fantastic Android security app. Within the payment functions (premium) we can send remote SMS, delimit the phone geographically, block apps or password verification, among others.

4. APUS Booster – Space Cleaner & Booster – Android Apps

APUS Booster - Space Cleaner & Booster - Android Apps

This app clears more than 50% of memory compared to other applications, by pressing just one button to optimize it and free up the memory of useless files and in this way leave more space for more documents, this app has 3.4M in size and is available for all mobile devices.

5. App Cache Cleaner – Android Apps 2019

App Cache Cleaner leaves you clean cache files saved by applications on your Android, applications save these cache files for a quick start but these files tend to come together over time and take extra memory.

App Cache Cleaner - Android Apps

Cache cleaning application allows the user to identify memory consuming applications based on the size of the garbage files created by the applications. Its best feature is that it establishes a notification to let the user know when the cache files need to be cleaned.

6. AVG Cleaner – Android

With this app you will be capable to eliminate applications that use a lot of mobile data in a quick and easy way, also receive a notification reminding you of the optimization of your device when necessary, increasing the speed of its use.

AVG Cleaner - Android

That’s why we reviewed about Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Mobile 2019 those also have some awesome features for cleaning your android device.

7. DU Speed ​​Booster

DU Speed ​​Booster not only cleans the space on an Android but has a Garbage Cleaner for application cache and garbage file cleaning, one-touch accelerator, managed applications, antivirus, a privacy tutor and integrated internet speed test.

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster

Why don’t you see Why Antivirus Software Is Important for Android?. All these features make it a great all-in-one optimization tool to own.

8. All – In – One Toolbox (Cleaner)

All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner)

This is An excellent application that focuses mainly on Best Cleaning Apps for Android garbaged your device, increase performance by freeing RAM and managing apps that get stuck in the boot and repair some problems of installed apps.

9. 1 Tap Cleaner

1 Tap Cleaner, as indicated by its name, is an application that cleans and optimizes your Android phone at the expense of a single touch. Characterizes a Cache Cleaner, a History Cleaner, and a Text/Call Record Cleaner. Also, too.

1Tap Cleaner Pro

It has a default cleaning option to clean the default actions of an application. Its most marvelous feature is that it allows users to set a cleaning interval. The application can then continue to clean the android itself after this time interval regularly they are bothering the user for permissions.

10. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool Android

SD Maid is a file maintenance application that also acts as a file manager. It tracks the files and folders left behind by applications that have been uninstalled from the Android device and frees space by deleting them from memory.

SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool - Android

It has two versions; the free version can be used as a simple but efficient system maintenance application but the Premium version adds some extra benefits to the application.

11. SuperB Cleaner

SuperB Cleaner - Boost, Clean & APP LOCK

With this app Increase the speed of your mobile by 50% and the performance of your battery by 20%.  Make the CPU of your mobile does not overheat by an excess of stored files in the memory and manage your own files to place them in the ignored list and in this way increase the speed of your device.

12. Cleaner eXtreme

This application is for all those conscientious people who want an optimized phone but are afraid of losing data or having to face unexpected application failures, avoid Android cleaners. Cleaner eXtreme has the ability to handle and eliminates huge files of garbage without moderating any data of the system.

Cleaner eXtreme Pro 2018

It works as a one-touch application that only needs user permissions to choose which one to remove and takes care of the rest.

13. CCleaner


CCleaner has made its name is the absolute favorite for computers and laptops. CCleaner like many other cleaners frees up space by cleaning temporary files, download folders and applications cache, but also has the ability to clean all your call and SMS records. Other additional features also make it a great application to have on your Android phone.

14. GO Speed (Clean Boost Free) – Android

GO Speed (Clean Boost Free) - Android

Increase the speed of your phone up to 60% with Go Speed, the app that helps you free up space in your memory, through functions such as Exterminator of apps pre-installed by the same device, which you can not erase, cleaner of junk files, app manager, storage cleaner, notifications switch.

15. Root Cleaner

The name implies, Root Cleaner requires root rights to an Android device to perform a deep cleaning of the device, it works in two modes; quick cleaning and complete cleaning.

Root Cleaner System Eraser

The quick clean option is like the typical one-touch cleaning tools and does basic cleaning such as freeing up memory and ending idle processes. The complete cleaning, however, goes as far as cleaning the Dalvik cache of the Android device but requires a reboot of the system for this purpose.

16. CPU Tuner

This optimization tool. Free lets you play with your CPU settings to get the desired performance from your Android device. It lets you both accelerate and brake to save battery and improve performance respectively.

CPU Tuner

CPU Tuner requires root permission to run and can be a bit dangerous if used without prior knowledge related to Android hardware tolerance.

17. 3C Toolbox Pro – Android

This application as CPU Tuner allows the user to moderate with the configuration of the Android system but additionally also characterizes a task manager to manage or terminate applications.

3C Toolbox Pro - Android

It provides the user with many options to interfere with system configurations but using it without doing some research can literally result in the complete failure of the device.

18. Device Control

Device Control is a great, system-releasing setting tool. It has a managed application but mostly allows the user to play with system configurations such as CPU and GPU configurations along with many OS configurations as well.

Device Control

As mentioned above, using such applications without knowing the damage they can cause can be very dangerous for an Android device.

19. BetterBatteryStats – Android Apps

This application specifically provides information related to battery status and usage but users with a little knowledge of how to do it can use this data to manage their applications effectively.


Detects applications that prevent the device from entering sleep mode and consumes battery resources

20. Greenify – Android App

Greenify - Android App

Greenify eliminates the use of application elimination tasks by putting resource consumption applications in a hibernation mode so that they are not able to access system resources. Requires root permissions to work.

21. The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean

With an interactive and neat interface, this cleaning tool allows the user to free storage and clean up garbage files. It works like your typical Android cleaning application but it’s free and has over a million downloads.

The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean

We hope that now you have the New Android version mobile much more protected with these Best Cleaning Apps for Android. Thanks to its installation and use you will be able to clean your mobile phone, optimize memory, eliminate junk files, prevent it from getting hot and much more.

Make the Android phone go faster and extend the life of your device with these Best Cleaning Apps for Android. And tell us if you know any other!

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