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Best Cycling Navigation Apps of 2019 – For Android & iPhone

Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone: When I think of apps (best apps for iPhone and Android ) for cyclists, they immediately come to mind: Strava, MapMyRide, Endomondo, and Garmin Connect. These apps, in addition to being classic in the taste of cyclists, for more than one reason, analyze your training, they facilitate you to share your statistics and help improve your performance, but they are not the only good options for Best Apps for cycling.

Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone
Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone

In fact, a Portio Research study reveals that, by the end of 2017, the number of apps for smartphones will reach 4 thousand 400 million and downloads of them, will exceed 200 billion; all of them, with the aim of making life easier for potential users.

Best Cycling Navigation App

And although you are surely immersed in the world of digital technology, you have surely asked yourself: How can I choose the one that suits me best in this universe of software for my Smartphone?

I share some of the best cycling navigation app ranging from: those that serve to draw the safest route or least contaminated, which calculates the best ratio for your speeds, that guide you on how to give first aid until you It says what clothes to use to go to pedal according to the weather.

Best Cycling Apps for Cyclists

#1. Cycle Tracker Pro

Cycle Tracker Pro Best Cycling Apps

This app will convert your smartphone into a computer Best Cycling Apps. It offers real-time maps enabled for GPS, as well as long-term route and storage tracks, interval tracking, calorie burn estimation and a fully customizable reading screen with maps, hours or graphics.

It syncs with Google Maps, so you’ll always shoot in the right direction, and it’s compatible with the Street View feature to see where you’re pedaling. It also synchronizes with your music so you can access your playlists and motivate your shots with a bit of music of your choice (for your safety, remember to be aware of what is happening around you and do not abstract entirely in your music).

It has a native camera function and the possibility of sharing on the most used social networks among netizens.

Compatible with
iOS $ 4.49USD
Android $ 3.94USD

#2. Bike Gear Calculator Best Cycling Apps

Bike Gear Calculator Cycling Apps

If you love analyzing numbers, from the power data to the angles of the frame geometry, the Bike Gear Calculator will blow your mind.

With this app, you can compare the relations between gears, the width of your rim, the length of the cranks, and find out the perfect number of teeth for your opinion or cassette.

All these data may seem overwhelming for the occasional cyclist, but if you are one of those who spend hours thinking about what to use in the next criterium or if you care about the design of your bike, this app will be very useful.

Compatible with
iOS $ 1.99USD
Android Free

#3. MTB Project

MTB Project app Cycling Apps

Have you ever gone mountain biking (MTB) only to realize that, without a local guide or experienced cyclist, you had no idea where to go to pedal? Well, using this app can help you find the best trails – especially if you find yourself -USE- north of the Rio Grande.

Download maps – to use offline – depending on the state you are in, zoom in on it and find out everything about the route you have chosen to pedal on a mountain bike: Mtb elevation, mtb GPS tracking, interactive features, photographs and much more.

Being an app for mountain biking, its offline function will be beneficial when you do not have a cell phone reception.

Compatible with
iOS Free
Android Free

#4. Bike Repair

Bike Repair Cycling Apps

If you have suffered a breakdown: you broke the chain, you have struck the tire, or any other type of breakdown on the road, this app will give you a graphic explanation, step by step how to fix it.

  • 58 tutorials to repair the main and most problematic breakdowns
  • 95 tricks and tips to keep the bike and your physical condition in optimal conditions
  • Option to compare online prices on that bike you want to buy
  • Stay informed through 40 news sources from the world of Best Cycling Apps

Another feature is that it provides you with the weather forecast, giving you suggestions for what clothes to wear to cope with the weather.

Compatible with
iOS $ 2.99USD
Android $ 2.55USD

#5. St John First Aid For Cyclists

ST John First Aid For Cyclists app

This app is a guide to deal with almost any medical emergency that a cyclist may suffer. Created by the organization Saint John Ambulance of the United Kingdom, this graphic guide is divided into: facial and head injuries, bones or muscles, bleeding, and scrapes.

This app is designed especially thinking about providing first aid to cyclists who need them. As an additional note, I want you to know that this app responds to the first aid protocols implemented in the United Kingdom.

But I want you to bear in mind that, the Mexican Red Cross, also has a first-aid app -free- that although is not exclusively for cyclists, if you can be very useful to help any rider in trouble.

Compatible with
iOS Free
Android Free

#6. Google Maps

Google map Cyclists app

The omnipresent Google and its app of geolocation recently integrated bike routes for Mexico City, which were drawn by bicycle users, under the supervision of Google.

It has options that indicate the areas with the most traffic and the safest routes -although I must allow that on some occasions it has indicated that I go in opposite directions in important avenues, and some areas are not yet registered properly.

It also tells you the time you will need to travel the route you have chosen and will offer you more than one option in the same query.

Offline maps to consult, get directions and browse without the Internet, Street View and interior images of restaurants, shops, museums and many more functions – attention that not all functions are available in all countries.

Compatible with
iOS Free
Android Free

#7. MyFitnessPal for Cycling 

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

If you feel overweight or have not taken stock of your nutrition recently, this app can help you improve your daily diet and maintain your ideal weight using the bicycle. Database with more than 6 million foods. 350 exercises from which to choose to perform.

Diet calculator: enter your recipes and calculate their nutritional and caloric content Visualize graphs of your progress and receive a series of reports on your weight, food intake and others daily. Share in your social networks your exercise plans, diets with your contacts.

Compatible with
iOS Free
Android Free

#8. CleanSpace

cleanspace app

With this app – and a portable device sold separately, with an approximate value of $61 USD – cyclists, passers-by, and users in general, can monitor in real-time the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) they breathe. In the area, they walk by bike or simply meet, as their technology allows measurements of air quality even in enclosed places.

The CleanSpace App and the CleanSpace Tag portable device measure the quality of the air you breathe, helping to avoid contaminated air when and where you need to know it. Among its functions is the possibility of keeping a record of the kilometers you travel and, it ranks you.

The device -CleanSpace Tag- mobile, is not bigger than a Smartphone, but if it is much smarter since it can measure air pollution accurately in closed and outdoor places, its weight is only 51gr.

If you do not have the Tag, you can still consult the least contaminated routes thanks to the fact that all this system monitors the air quality in a collaborative way using environmental monitoring stations in the cities where they provide service.

Compatible with
iOS Free
Android Free

Just as a reminder, keep in mind that when making use of apps, developers, and your mobile phone or data service, they will know when you clicked, where and how many times, or where you sailed, as well as the time you spent using the app. So if you are worried about your privacy, before accepting the installation, read the conditions of the services.

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