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Dancing Line

Dancing Line, the new musical game from the creators of Piano Tiles

Dancing Line Apk, Dancing Line for Android: Cheetah, the creators of Piano Tiles, brings us a new musical skill game: avoid obstacles to the rhythm of music in Dancing Line.
Dancing Line Apk

Dancing Line

Play the music by driving through narrow labyrinths. If you like skill games, Dancing Line is a new option for you with which you can enjoy this type of apps and spend hours trying to get as far as possible by showing that you are able to fine tune the eye and precision in ways increasingly complex.

The mechanics of the game are very simple; a line will start its way forward, without pause, and you will have to guide it through the paths that are presented to you without crashing into anything. To do this you must press on the screen and you will automatically change the address. As you progress through the level you will have to collect the coins that are scattered on the floor, so that sometimes you can put yourself in a real challenge.

Go completing the level little by little and reach the control points to start again from there if you hit something or fall into the void. On the other hand, Dancing Line apk will be compiling the game so that you face challenges almost impossible to overcome; guide yourself through paths whose path is discovered a few tenths before you make a decision.

Dancing Line Apk for Android

Cheetah, the current creators of Piano Tiles, brings us a new musical skill game. Dodge obstacles to the rhythm of music in Dancing Line.The musical games are the ones that pull the most on mobile devices. It is always fun to play something that requires skill while a good soundtrack accompanies the action. And if the game is exciting and the music is followed by the game, we have a combination that works wonders.

Games like The Impossible Game or Piano Tiles are a good example of how musical games work quite well. And we want to talk about the latter, because the Cheetah Mobile gaming team has released another musical game. Of course, nothing of pianos and press keys in this: in Dancing Line the music is combined with the skill.

Dancing Lines, Music and Action Together in a Game

The operation of Dancing Lines is, in fact, simple. Clicking on the screen causes the line to turn to the other side, 45 degrees. We are finding walls, and the idea is to cross these obstacles to the rhythm of the music. The difficulty increases as we move forward, and, of course, the music accompanies this course at all times.

In each level we have 10 diamonds to collect to complete the level 100%. At the moment we have 8 levels, although they promise that they will arrive more ” very soon “. By the way, it’s pretty obscene to ask for 5 stars if we want to receive updates for free, and it violates the rules of Google Play.

Dancing Line is available on Google Play, and it’s free. Of course, this does not prevent in-app purchases, a classic in this kind of games.

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