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Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

[kkstarratings]Best Data Recovery Software for Mac: There is a wide range of software to recover lost data, but not all are reliable. We list the best programs for recovering deleted files on the hard drive or SSD of your Mac or MacBook or on an external device.

It is the worst nightmare of any user of Mac. The loss of data is something that you would not want even your worst enemy. Luckily, there are several things you can do to make such a situation just a little anecdote.

Data Recovery Software for Mac

On the one hand, it is imperative that you make a backup copy of the hard drive or SSD of your Mac or MacBook regularly. Although this will not prevent you from losing information on your Mac, it will allow you to recover it very easily.

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

But surely you got here because you did not make a backup of your data or for some reason, you can not access it. Do not worry, you still have the option of using a data recovery program for Mac.

The great disadvantage of this type of software is its price. Recovering lost files and documents has a high cost. Most applications of this type have a free version, although it is not always useful.

Why use a data recovery software?

All Data Recovery Software for Mac programs works in a similar way. If the directory where the route is saved to know where each deleted file was stored has been preserved, the software has it very easy.

If not, this program will scan all the data and analyze them to find patterns that may correspond to a specific file type. Then, it will be easier for you to find the lost document.

A Best data recovery software can be very useful in many cases and, in addition to keeping in mind that they are not perfect, you should also bear in mind that the process usually takes a long time.

The hard drives with more capacity will be the ones that take longer to analyze. Be patient and, with a little luck, you can recover all those deleted files that have not been overwritten.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

If you need to recover a deleted file, then EaseUS will be a very good option for you, since its free version has a limit of 2 GB, which will be enough to find what you are looking for.

You can also pay for the full license. This will allow you to recover files from a disk that is corrupt or has been formatted. You can also recover data from a deleted partition.

This program is capable of creating a USB boot. This is very useful when you see that your computer or laptop does not start because it is even capable of recovering information when your Mac or MacBook presents startup problems.

EaseUS works with APFS, HFS +, HFS X, FAT (FAT16, FAT32), exFAT and NTFS, and best of all, it is not limited to data recovery from hard drives. You can also retrieve information from SSD, USB and memory cards.

2. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Those who do not want to pay for the best data recovery program for mac will find, in most cases, that the free version is very limited. This is the case of MiniTool, which only offers the possibility of recovering 1 MB of data.

If you finally decide to disburse a little money, you can enjoy benefits to, for example, recover a lost partition. This software will scan the current partition of your disk, as well as the others that could have been formatted.

You will also have functions to delete the recovered data, recover a damaged partition or recover digital media files, which will be very useful to recover deleted photos from a memory card or any storage device.

The function to delete recovered data will also serve to save the data already recovered in a folder, pause the scan and resume it later. Remember that these processes can take several hours.

3. Data Rescue 5

The Prosoft company allows you to use your free Deleted File Finder app to preview those deleted files that can be recovered. To get them, yes, you will have to pay for the Data Rescue 5 program.

You can also try the free version of Data Rescue 5 and decide if it is the ideal app for you. You should know that, when you buy it, you will be limited to five devices, although you can analyze them as many times as you want.

Users of this program can scan your hard drive, transfer data from a damaged disk to another in good condition and also create a boot disk that will help you recover information from a computer that does not start.

Again, keep in mind that scanning files and documents are a long process that can last even weeks depending on the volume of the disk. The software can also scan SD, USB, SSD and much more.

4. Stellar Data Recovery-Mac Professional

The Stellar Data Recovery for Mac program can be downloaded for free, which allows the user to know first hand if it is the data recovery software they were looking for and that will solve their problem.

If you finally decide to buy the full license, you will not only be able to see what the app has been able to recover -something that you can also do with the trial versions, but you will be able to download this recovered data.

Stellar Data Recovery-Mac Professional is able to search for lost files on your internal disk, external storage devices, Time Machine backups, corrupted partitions, and encrypted hard drives.

You will see that it is not as difficult to use as it may seem. You can ask him to scan all the files he can find in a specific location or filter the search by the type of file: documents, emails, videos, music, and photos.

5. Disk Drill

Before paying for the full license of Disk Drill, we recommend that you download its free version, scan that disk where the lost file you want to recover is located and verify that it is indeed recoverable.

It will offer you a preview of those recovered files and you can check if they are corrupt or not. Then, you can go to the paid version, scan the disk more deeply and export the recovered information.

Once you have installed the program, you should make sure that the recovery functions are activated. So, the next time you need to use it, the process will be faster and easier.

Disk Drill is not limited to recovering data from a Mac, but you can also do it from a hard drive connected to your computers, such as a USB or a memory card. You can also retrieve information from an iPhone or iPad.

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