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DesignEvo: Easily Make Logos From Your Mobile

DesignEvo app apk: The logo is one of the key elements to show company performance and identity. It is a visual speaker for your brand. So, Have an excellent logo would Icing on the cake for your brand. Therefore, It is imperative to have a well-suit tool for people who want to create a logo — especially those who are constrained by the expertise to use Photoshop.


DesignEvo Apk

Unlike Photoshop that requires skill or learning in the procedure for its use, for the development of creating a logo with mobile APP requires any designing experience, so everyone is able to design their works easily and quickly on their Smartphone without special drawing skills.

This post will discuss how to create a beautiful, unique and cool logo to your liking with logo maker app on your phone.  So the logo maker app provides a possibility for users to create a logo whenever they need to do the designing task. And today Design Logo Maker is going to introduce to you.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a cross-platform (web-based, Android, iOS, Mac) for creating professional logos in seconds. Free your creativity to create your own distinctive logos from 9000+ templates in minutes.

DesignEvo APP

DesignEvo is an easy and fast APP that lets you create amazing logos in the palm of your hand. With 9000+ customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, lots of graphics and powerful editing tools, you can turn your ideas into an attractive and unique logo just in seconds, even if you don’t have professional design skills.

How Does DesignEvo APP work?

Now don’t worry, here the guideline to use DeisgnEvo which can give you some ideas on how to create logos effortlessly. DeisgnEvo is an application that provides a comprehensive range of logo template from Abstract, Art & Entertainment, Technology& communication, Legal& Politics and much more. Nevertheless, here users are given a lot of logo choices to apply in the business.

After downloading this program from the App Store or Google Play. When everything is prepared, just open your DesignEvo app to begin your logo designing journey. It is dead-easy to make a stunning logo with this app. Start from choosing a well-suit template. As the massive templates available, it would be quite quick to find your favor logo template. Choose the right style based on the Logo category you want to making it more manageable.

Enter the Logo name and slogan

Once you have selected your logo, you will be presented with a reminder-box to enter the Logo name and slogan. At this step, it is optional so you could type information it asked, of course, you can also choose to input nothing and skip it directly:

Customize the logo template

Then you can redesign the Logo you have chosen, from modifying icons, text, shapes to backgrounds. In these three small steps, you will have complete control of all the techniques of DesignEvo logo designing. As it comes, the design of the Logo becomes very simple and easy to use!


In DesignEvo, you can download the Logo logo you just designed for free after registration. In the free version, although only low-quality Logo files can be downloaded, for most people, the free version is quite enough.

If you need higher logo resolution and resolution, or vector graphics (PDF, SVG format), or even a logo claim for your logo, consider purchasing DesignEvo’s basic and premium packages to meet your additional needs.

Well, a brief introduction of DesignEvo is complete. All in all, DesignEvo is very user-friendly for non-designer to create their logo. But, to be honest, it would be awesome to try it online for the big computer screen would check the Logo more clearly.

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