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Download Spotydl Free Music Windows 10/7/8/8.1

DOWNLOAD SPOTYDL: If you are a music fan and want to be able to have everything on your Android device, we want to talk to you now about a program with which you will have access to any music file for a completely free download.

Download Spotydl Free Music Windows

Then we will explain how to Download Spotydl to Download Free Music and in this way to continue enjoying hours and hours of free music by storing any file on your computer or device.


You may have been or are a user of Spotify, without doubt, the most used music service for those who want to enjoy hours of music, but the truth is that the free version of the program is somewhat limited, not to mention the ads, in regards to downloading your files so that we can look for alternatives like the one download Spotydl presents us with.

Download Spotydl

Spotted is a free tool quite similar to Download Spotify that has the particularity of making it possible to download Spotify music files for free. In this way, if you download this application you can connect it to your Spotify account and thus be able to download any song or playlist.

In order to use Spotydl, we just have to have the program open at the same time as Spotify but before we see how to download the program, we explain how to use Spotydl.

How to use Spotydl

Spotted works in a very simple way although you may not at first understand very well how to create lists or choose the songs you want to download.

The first thing we have to do is open Spotify where you obviously have to have an account. Once you have opened Spotify, now open Download Spotydl and you will notice how an interface appears in which on the left all the folders in which the files are going to be located, while on the right we see a search engine and a field empty in which soon you will see how the files that you are going to download begin to appear.

Downloading free music through Spotydl basically works by creating playlists of songs from Spotify, so that is precisely what we have to do. Go to Spotify and choose a series of songs to put together in a playlist or if you already have some created you just have to go for it.

If you right-click on the playlist in question, you will see several options appear, one of which is ” copy URL “, you must select this option and now you go to Download Spotydl and copy that URL in the search engine that we have previously mentioned.

Once we have done this, we click on the ” Import Playlist” button and a window will appear in which we can see the playlist passed to Spotydl. Now we just have to “click” on the right button and select the option to paste so that the address of our playlist is copied; Once this is done, we click on Ok.

Only we will see how the list begins to download and save on your computer. Previously to this, in the folders that you see on the left, you must choose which will be the destination in which your music files are stored.

Spotydl does not work What to do? | Solutions

We have already seen how you can make Spotydl work and we will go on to explain to you how you can download the program but what happens if it suddenly does not work? This like any other program is always effective although sometimes it can give the odd bug. Therefore we have some other alternatives such as:

Pay Spotify Premium

The first alternative that occurs to us as no, is to pay a Spotify Premium account through which we can download music without a problem. Think that they have a plan of several users (up to 5) for less than 15 euros per month, so that downloading music or being able to listen to your entire library with millions of songs, would cost you around 3 euros per month, a price that of accounts is not so expensive.

KeepVid Music

You also have the alternative of KeepVid Music, a program similar to Spotydl although in its case it allows you to download videos from platforms such as YouTube and many others, whether DailyMotion or Facebook. It works in a simple way and also offers two plans, one free and one paid. With the free, you have enough limitations but if you want to be able to download a file and nothing else we think it is more than enough. The payment (KeepVid premium) you get for about 19 dollars for one-year licenses or 29 dollars for a license for life. You can also pay about 73 dollars for licenses for life for 5 computers and with it, you will access all its possibilities that really, are many if you are fond of downloading music at all hours.


Finally, we recommend Audacity, an open program that allows you to record songs while listening. It’s free and works really well but maybe it’s a bit more tedious since you have to play the song first, record it and then finally download it.


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